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    I don't get it either. Melania obviously married for love
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    This is my most recent picture of my Max. Don't tell him I posted this picture. He is dealing with inflammatory bowel disease. Luckily the good folks at the Central Victoria Pet hospital have been able to get things working proper again. He came home Saturday night and is recovering well.
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    There are so many exciting storylines going into this season, it's hard to pick just one. I don't think I've been this stoked for a season since our President's Trophy years.
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    Please quote a source for that. Beagle is a well known fitness nut who has led his team in testing pretty much every training camp. I can’t imagine Eriksson beating him out. I couldn’t find a single article online noting Eriksson being near the top of the team’s fitness testing... From last year’s training camp, Beagle blew every other player away in testing by a long shot. https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/ben-kuzma-beagle-shares-canucks-camp-spotlight-with-fab-fitness-stunning-speed https://hockeybuzz.com/blog/Carol-Schram/Vancouver-Canucks-hold-first-scrimmage-as-fitness-is-emphasized-at-camp/194/94775
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    My girl, gone three years now
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    That's pretty unfair considering all that's going on in his life. His character shouldn't be questioned...I can post a few stories to help convince you. Or, better yet, Google them.
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    Today is International Dog Day. I request that you show me your puppers.
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    Here's my buddy, Barney.
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    The one I named after Luongo is on the right
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    People say that every other year.
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    Bored! Projected goalies Columbus 785 Florida 740 Winnipeg 670 Vancouver 660 (3 scoring) Anaheim 635 (3 scoring) Edmonton 600 Philadelphia 590 St. Louis 560 (3 scoring) Chicago 545 Ottawa 545 Dallas 490 New Jersey 485 Arizona 470 NYR 440 (3 scoring) Colorado 430 Boston 425 Calgary 425 Toronto 420 Pittsburgh 415 Montreal 415 Carolina 410 LA 390 NYI 375 Minnesota 355 Washington 340 Buffalo 320 Detroit 310 SJ 285 Tampa 245 Vegas 225 Nashville 160
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    1. Elias showing he has more than we saw last year. Really excited to see what he’s got. 2. Hughes a close second. Been a long time since we’ve had anyone even remotely comparable in skillset. 3. Bo. He’s gonna show what he can do when the rest of the team remains healthy. He is the backbone of this team and will show he can be a true captain. 4. Playoff potential. Finally going into a season expecting to at least make a push at the end. Up to now, we’ve not been expecting it. Now, I think the team is ready for at least competing for that wild card spot. (Also, as an fyi, the proper word is “piqued” interest, not peeked or peaked ).
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    My daughter Ivy and our two mutts....Cheech on the left and Ripley on the right:
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    Happy Dog Day everyone! TESS
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    Well, she does have 2 DUI's on her record, lost one job because she got caught plagiarizing, and lost another because she filed erroneous expense reports. Lying isn't going to be hard for someone of her character.
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    He's also missed a LOT of hockey the last couple years and as @VancouverHabitant noted, will likely need some time to get his feet back under him. He's FAR better off IMO playing lots of minutes, in all situations in Utica than sitting in the press box/limited 3rd pair minutes here. When he's ready later this season, we move (a hopefully healthy) Tanev.
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    I still can’t believe we were gifted the opportunity to draft this kid. Unbelievable potential to be a star player down the line. He’s such a heady player, that nothing he does out there is by chance. He knows what he wants to do and he does it. His defensive work is stellar and his willingness in putting the team before himself is a quality that is worth more than goals. Simply put, Vasily is the type of player you want on your side, the type to go into battle with and Vancouver is lucky to get him.
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    https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/23680-Season-6-Wildcard-Game-1-Dreamverse-The-Mafia-Championship?p=3510509&viewfull=1#post3510509 112 just won her MU Championship Wild Card Game as the final wolf!! The rest of her team was killed about half way through but she was so universally town-read that she made it to the end and won. This is in a game with many high caliber players. There were a lot of classic wolf-112 schemes and tactics. And it was brilliant. No doubt she's getting voted into the finale.
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    you said it. half way through a six year deal and you're asking if he could contribute if he plays like we've seen a few times.
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    1.Elias Pettersson. Potential to be the GOAT of this franchise, and this is barely even pumping the kid's tires. 2. Quinn Hughes. I want to see just how good this kid is. Looked like he owned the ice in his debut. 3. Jacob Markstrom. Can he follow up last season's success? 4. Eriksson, can you please wake up?
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    Watching HFboards implode. As for a serious vote, playoffs, followed by seeing Woo and Podz battle each other in the WJHC and Eriksson being sent to the AHL where he belongs.
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    Easy for me: Petey getting 100 plus points Quinn getting 60 plus points Canucks getting 100 plus points That's what I’m excited to see.
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    Edler was better than Stecher and it wasn't even close imo. But Stecher did play well.
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    Didn't he PTO with us, and then jumped for St Louis?
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    Going for the record for the highest average age a team can have?
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    But other than Jake, he is the most proficient Canuck at dispossessing you of the puck with a takeaway. It's one of those "little things" he does well, that coaches notice but some fans are blind to because he hasn't delivered a bone crunching hit
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    Ok i'm going to chime in since this is my industry and there is a lot of false info being thrown around. If the buyer has signed the documentation, you have pretty much zero options other than to take the vehicle or beg the dealership to unwind. They are in no position legally to unwind the deal unless they are found to have been malicious or false in their selling of the car. If you act with some class and respect the selling dealership will more than likely allow you to unwind the deal if you are buying another car from them unless they really need that car off the books or they have a massive profit margin (which is unlikely in this day and age) The rest of you saying the car is still theirs because it hasn't been driven are grossly misinformed and I encourage you to stop giving "advice" on subjects you know nothing about. Edit: Source: I run one of the largest dealerships in the province.
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    It still irritates me so much when people call the Sedins "soft". They were far from bruisers but they didn't shy away from contact and winning those loose puck battles in the corners. How can these people ignore all the hacking/slashing/crosschecking that these guys continuously endured in the corner for their entire career while they looked to create offense for our team? They brought us 1 win away from a Stanley Cup with their blood, sweat and tears. In hindsight I do wish that Daniel had crosschecked the rat in the face, it wouldn't have made him any tougher but at least it would not have given many of these ingrates the opportunity to look down upon everything the Sedins did for this franchise.
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    This sucks hearing that you had this kind of experience at what is supposed to be a professional dealership. It is absolutely no secret that you pay a premium for anything at a dealership but with that being said there is supposed to be justifiable reasons behind that. You're supposed to have a great and comfortable experience whether that's a really nice waiting area, a free car wash and vacuuming included, maybe a snack..... The sky is really the limit it's just up to the creativity of the dealer and how they truly value you as a client. You also pay for the fact that you are dealing with professional Red Seal mechanics as opposed to some seventeen-year-old at Jiffy Lube who barely knows the difference between spark plugs and glow plugs. I can't really answer your question unbiasedly about sticking with that dealership because you are talking with someone who, whether they sold Ford or not, absolutely despises anything Dodge, Ram, Jeep or Chrysler. I find them to be very subpar products and the company does not have safety in mind when designing their vehicles. I am sure there are some that would strongly disagree with me but those are my beliefs and I feel strongly about them.
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    Update from FLA! I also did fantrax projection adding and it has Florida projected at 6,674.5 and does not include Ben Hutton, Alex Formenton, Max Jones and a couple others. Looks like I'm a buyer as well
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    Speech vs Speech. That is not a mistake. That is just lazy and worthless aides/handlers. Limbaugh was is and always will be about as low as they get in respectable political circles, newt Gingrich looks good by comparison. I don't think anyone is mocking her English speaking skills, most people understand bi-lingual people are actually more intelligent and capable of thinking on their feet than uni lingual ones based on IQ tests based on those specific comparisons. I dearly want to stay impartial. I can see both sides of every debate as being valid because by and large both sides can come to any debate armed with facts and their task is to be more persuasive about which set of facts is more relevant to the argument. But this point in time in political theatre we don't have that anymore. It's purely tribal to the point that facts are utterly and completely ignored in a rush to score political talking points. Case in points. Scheer as speaker of the house had to sign off in ceremonial fashion, money in an omnibus bill that went to SNC Lavalin and their Libyan issues. That ended up being investigated and is resulting in legal issues. But now, the big issue is apparently, "Trudeau tried to pressure someone in to giving them a lighter sentence due to the crimes they committed that we kinda helped them with". Or it's Trudeau saying "we will stop doing this now and we're better" only to commit to the exact same issues as though it's somehow different. To the extent now that the actual voters follow along so forceful that trump can literally say something word for word on video, then a week later claim "no I didn't" and have his voters claim he never said that, oh it's fake, that's doctored, deep fake video. Fake news. We're well past the threshold of common sense now and it's scary
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    I think CDC is past that, we're onto being really mad about who we don't draft in 2021
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    There are a lot of things on that list, that I’m excited for. But for me, I am still most excited to watch the continued development of the Canucks prospects at all levels. But mostly in the A and with the big club. If everyone can stay away from any long term injuries, then this season could be real fun to watch.
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    If Louie shows up and earns his spot no one will be complaining. We all want to see him earn his 6 million.
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    they're taking this 'experience wins cups' thing a little too far.
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    Hoglander is awesome I can’t wait til he’s on the Canucks. Hog plus the Quinn H43 factor, will be dynamite. I see Hoglander and Quinn working extremely well together, watching theses vids of Hog skate around in the Offense zone. I can just imagine Quinn reading the play and jumping in off the point. Its going to be magic. It’ll be Fun times for Canuck fans.
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    The market has been set already. Nylander 7yr x 7M. Meier 4yr x 6M. Boeser contract will be similar to one of these contracts. And no...4yr x 7M is not a good deal for Vancouver. Paying a premium and not buying any UFA years.
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    People live beyond their means... if you can’t afford a 30g vehicle, you shouldn’t be buying it. You should buy something for $10,000 then save for a couple years until you can buy the 30G one.
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    Man if we make the playoffs and have Ferland and Tryamkin.. omg that would be sick.. and you never know how much of a leap Virtanen will take!
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    Oh that's why two teams that play a hard hitting two way game went to the Stanley cup... as a Canuck fan I want a hard hitting team and we all saw what a fast skilled team wins.........go ask a lightening fan ha
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    So I'm guessing Horvat's point totals should then reflect Eriksson's production right...? Your logic is flawless.
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    good work, puts the deal in perspective. Its also a hedged bet. If we miss the playoffs again this year, we keep the pick anyway. If the team is looking at lotto picks 2 drafts from now then the wheels have come off the rebuild and the team has bigger problems. It was pretty obvious that the top 6 needed more size and grit and guys that can score. For Benning to get both Miller and Ferland for the cost of a conditional 1st and just free agency cash is impressive, and why he got the extension imo.
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