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    It still irritates me so much when people call the Sedins "soft". They were far from bruisers but they didn't shy away from contact and winning those loose puck battles in the corners. How can these people ignore all the hacking/slashing/crosschecking that these guys continuously endured in the corner for their entire career while they looked to create offense for our team? They brought us 1 win away from a Stanley Cup with their blood, sweat and tears. In hindsight I do wish that Daniel had crosschecked the rat in the face, it wouldn't have made him any tougher but at least it would not have given many of these ingrates the opportunity to look down upon everything the Sedins did for this franchise.
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    Hoglander is awesome I can’t wait til he’s on the Canucks. Hog plus the Quinn H43 factor, will be dynamite. I see Hoglander and Quinn working extremely well together, watching theses vids of Hog skate around in the Offense zone. I can just imagine Quinn reading the play and jumping in off the point. Its going to be magic. It’ll be Fun times for Canuck fans.
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    Smart...Feisty...Skilled...Agile.....Fast....Determined...Confident...and another case of laking 1" or more in height to have been a lock for the 1st round...3" would have made him a top 11 pick!
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    okay I have seen that one. Thanks! I was thinking it was a video where you can hear Benning and crew at the table like these...
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    This kid needs to play with EP....who would have buried that cross ice feed to EP's one-timer spot shown in one of those highlights... Hog's tenacity and puck skills are looking NHL ready...one more year and I can see him stepping right in to a top 6 role...
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    Clouts was a warrior. The guy competed hard. I would gladly have him on my team any day. A team full of guys like Clouts is a team that is tough to play against.....
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    I blame Nathan Lafayette...we must lift the curse of the post.
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