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    Well, I'm a little outside Wuhan but my daughter went to visit her grandparents in Wuhan. I made the mistake of letting her visit her grandparents for too long before this ban on traveling inside of Wuhan. I have tried every means possible to try to get her back to me but to no avail. So me and my wife are on one far side of the city and my daughter is on the other side and we are not allowed to get her. The only thing I can do it is watch the news pray the virus does not hit my daughter's area and wait. I'm not really worried about the virus, if it means I can get to my kid I'll take that virus and smile. As for the virus, we can only wait it out and order supplies via mobile app.
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    In Frankfurt for a few days visiting some old friends/haunts and have seen three different people in unrelated situations wearing Canuck stuff. NEVER did see that in my past life. The few sporting goods stores I have been in that have hockey gear as many Petterssen jersey's as Crosy or McDavid. Nice!!!
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    I truly hope you're able to get her back soon, smokes. I'm sorry for the pain that must be causing you. Take care and may things get better for you.
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    I haven't seen too much of Rathbone so take this with a grain of salt but from what I've seen his overall skating isn't elite but his straight ahead speed is what shines.
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    I don’t know. Speed looked pretty elite on an end to end rush just now. Just about tucked it in on the wraparound.
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    Not well enough. "If they show signs" isn't good enough....what's the point of quarantining them in Ontario if they let them off the plane in Vancouver first?? Makes no sense at all. Some may not show signs but it doesn't mean they won't at some point and a better safe than sorry approach seems the only responsible thing to do. Mind boggling to consider anything BUT quarantining everyone on board as part of the process if they're destined for...quarantine?
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    I think John was being harsh - David had some normal in him too:
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    Dropping this here too:
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    The organization is in a good place with how the prospects are not too far off. Especially with the defense. Not a lot of u20 guys but the ones we have look like gamers in Pod and Hog. I would love for us to ship Eriksson and maybe someone else (Baer/Sutter) off to ANA(who said they'd take bad contracts) and try to pry a player from there. We can afford to give up more picks right now and at their stage that's what they're probably looking for. I can imagine how much better we'd be with a Rakell on the team. Even Getzlaf for a year if they retain 50%.
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    He had just returned from injury or illness a couple of games ago. Other times I watched him, hi skating was elite - not Quinn Hughes elite, but very, very good. Apparently we drafted him at about 5'10 170 - now he is 5'11 190. He has a very hard shot and great vision, he can make the long pass.
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    Podkolzin will prove to be the best player in his draft just like Petey and Huggy Bear have proven to be the best players in theirs. Not impressed with Kakko or Jack Hughes.
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    Does the league need revenue from the Loser Leafs do bad that they are telling the refs to cheat? Sure looks like it watching the Fla v Loser Leafs tonight. Total bias a cheating by the refs.
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    Haven't seen Rathbone play before. He's pretty slick with the puck. Good hands & a crisp passer. Good IQ. Speed seems to be closer to average than 'elite'. Looked good on the PP.
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    We are. They will be brought to Trenton ON where they will stay at the military base there for a period of 14 days. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/coronavirus-epidemic-nearly-300-returning-canadians-will-be-quarantined-at-trenton-heres-how-that-will-work/ar-BBZC15I?li=AA521o&ocid=ientp Coronavirus epidemic: Nearly 300 returning Canadians will be quarantined at Trenton. Here's how that will work
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    Turns out it WAS in fact China not allowing Canadian residents to leave citing safety issues involving travel and access to airspace and was not necessarily the Canadian government dragging their feet https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/coronavirus-health-canada-china-airlift-1.5449692 Permanent residents of Canada with children will be allowed to leave the coronavirus-affected region in Wuhan, China on a government-chartered flight, says Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne. During a news conference Monday in Ottawa, Champagne said the Chinese government has agreed to allow some permanent residents with kids to take part in the airlift. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, however, Beijing won't allow permanent residents without children to leave the quarantine zone. The decision was China's and is consistent with Chinese protocols to allow repatriation of other countries' citizens, Champagne said. Health Minister Patty Hajdu clarified the rule on CBC News Network's Power & Politics Monday, saying that China will only make an exception to allow non-foreigners to leave if they are the guardian accompanying a child who is a Canadian citizen. "In that case, China has agreed to allow a permanent resident or a Chinese citizen to travel with that child who is a Canadian," she told host Vassy Kapelos. Hajdu said China continues to take a hard line on other cases in an effort to contain the disease. Federal officials are now on the ground in Wuhan to coordinate the evacuation of Canadians trapped in the coronavirus-affected region of the country. Champagne said there are 280 Canadian passport-holders, and 24 others, who want to board the chartered flight. A second chartered plane has been secured to transport people if it is required, he said. There is still no firm timeline yet for the flight, as Canada is still awaiting final approval from China to enter Wuhan's airspace, which is now closed. Formal identification and flight manifest information is still getting final approval. "This is a multiple-step process, which takes time," Champagne said. Staff from the Global Affairs rapid deployment team are already on the ground in Wuhan and in Hanoi, Vietnam, from where the chartered aircraft will leave for Wuhan, he said. Hajdu said steps will be taken to screen all passengers and segregate them if they begin showing symptoms during the flight. To date, she said, no Canadians in the Wuhan area have reported infection — which would disqualify them from leaving the quarantine zone. All staff taking part in the airlift will be wearing protective gear. Canada-China relations "What is the holdup? Is the delay on evacuation due to the disastrous state of Canada-China relations?" she asked. That's "not at all" the case, Champagne replied, saying that the process to assess the needs of Canadians in the outbreak zone, charter a plane and get the required authorizations takes time. "We will be there for Canadians in Wuhan to be repatriated and I will inform Canadians every step of the way on what this government is doing for them," he said. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government is doing all it can to help support stranded Canadians. "We're working hard with Chinese authorities in terms of bringing people home as quickly as we can," he said. "We understand there are many steps, both health and safety steps, that have to be gone through, but we're looking forward to bringing them home soon." China, Canada 'in communication' In a briefing Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that China will make arrangements and provide assistance to countries working to repatriate their citizens "following international customary practices and our epidemic control measures." She did not offer specifics on a potential timeframe. "I understand China and Canada are in communication on this," Hua said, according to a translated transcript of the briefing.
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    IMO, Booth is a good comparable for their skill sets (minus the 'weird dude-ness'). Not ever likely to be a true, top 6 PWF but can make a go of it as a complimentary middle 6 guy, IF he can translate his tools to the NHL level. We'll see....
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    Actually, if you just look at the 'big picture' there are some similarities - not in skill-set mind you but: -both similar age -both similar size -both OHL products that produced at similar levels in that league -both given up on by their draft team -both produced similar numbers in limited NHL appearances -both almost half-way through the 'average' pro-hockey career and still not established in the NHL yet Actually, if you look closely at just their stats from OHL/AHL/NHL, they are eerily similar. Yes, I know stats are just stats and not the whole picture but they tell you something about the player. They're not the same skill-set, but there's some general comparisons there imo even if it's just the fact they're similar ages/pro-experience that have bounced around a few franchises each and never panned-out - yet anyway.
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