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    Is that called "Penison"??
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    I am? good to know. What you've posted are articles that essentially say "vitamins are good for you". Not really a news flash. What you have not done is conclusively linked vitamin d deficiency to covid survival, which seems to be your goal. This kind of conjecture is what fuels Facebook groups and hoarding. Come back to me when you have an actual conclusive study, not just "suggests".
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    Did you hoard up a massive load of Vitamin D like toilet paper and now you’re trying to get rid of your stash? Here are other subjects of interest besides vitamin D. Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B7 Vitamin B9 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin K Major Minerals Calcium Chloride Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium Sodium Sulphur Trace minerals Chromium Copper Fluoride Iodine Iron Manganese Molybdenum Selenium Zinc I pitty the fool that decides to hoard Chromium but whatever... State Vitamin D stuff, people don’t react the way you want, go after them, post more Vitamin D stuff, people still don’t react the way you want, go after them more, post more Vitamin D stuff, people still don’t react the way you want, go after them specifically, so post more Vitamin D stuff, nope, people still don’t react the way you want, so then... post more Vitamin D... Because honestly, I’m overdosing on Vitamin D just by reading your posts.
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    For the most part over the counter supplements and vitamins are just money grab. As long as you have healthy diet you don’t need daily vitamins. When you do, I get vitamin D supplement but since it’s very large dosage I have to get it through my doctor. For the record, I used to take other supplements and vitamins for many years.
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    Vitamin D. Diarrhea Dogma Dreary I am on the Vitamin B suppliment for covid.... BOOZE , BOOZE and more Booze.
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    The key is right there; people are not shutting down your idea. Your idea is fine. It’s that you won’t shut up about it. Do you have aaaaaaaanything else to talk about? Anything really.
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    Looking at local beaches, full on birthday parties with 20+ people locally and I'm thinking, round 2 is gonna be ugly
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    I love this post so much I quoted it just so more people will hopefully read it
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    Natural selection going to work baby
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    I came from the time when package food was not a thing. We all had gardens and ate basic food. Meat ,vegetables. Most everything was home cooked. Our food chain now is so full of chemicals and hormones. I still try to eat the same way. I eat very little meat and close to 0 red meat. I still have a good steak once in a while. I am in my sixties and still don't get sick very often. Forget all the fads and weird diets. Just eat good clean food. What ever your background might be just try to stay away from packaged , processed food. Eat it the way grandma cooked it.
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    Well there yew gonn’ndunn it lol At least a week and a half of Pepcid.
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    My local regional park was packed. People are driving in from other areas ... I mean packed. like more packed than none covid times. I dunno, what the hell? I will have to find another dog walk route in my own neighbourhood.
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    Living a healthy lifestyle is good for you. Shocking. I take Vitamin D supplements in the long winter months. Among other healthy lifestyle choices. Literally no one is saying don't just hide inside and not boost your immunity. We’re simply stating to be cautious about how you interact with the public until this passes or a vaccine is created.
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    This. Capitalism is a very good system in many ways, but when food companies can externalize costs such as negative health impacts to its customers and environmental damage, it will never be an even playing field. Don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but something has to be figured out.
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    I went for blood tests last winter and I was low on Vitamin D. The doctor said something like 70% of Vancouverites are Vitamin D deficient in the winter simply because of the lack of sunshine. He said the best way to get sufficient Vitamin D is 30 minutes of sun on skin. So that being said, Happy Mother's Day and go out and get your Vitamin D (sun). :-)
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    What about Canada? By the way, do any of those Countries on your cherry picked list have a leader that elbows the doctors and scientists off the podium so that he or she can, call themselves perfect, suggest dangerous remedies for the virus, and openly squabble with different governors from their own country? Do any of them boast about their television ratings or show zero empathy for those affected by this pandemic? So yeah, Trump good. How could anyone doubt your Commander in Chief?
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    Grass fed stuff tastes so much better, we get our beef from the farm. Same goes for milk without all the hormones and grass fed. The problem for lot of people is cost vs. mass produced stuff.
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    I was talking to my GP about it a few months ago before the $&!# hit the fan. He was telling me about some studies showing people with higher plant based diets are doing better on B12 than heavy meat eaters, because factory meat is now so low on B12 since they don't eat grass or food off the ground anymore. So just one of many benefits of buying grass fed beef vs. the cheaper US stuff.
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    its the same frustration you feel when people talk about oil development
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    D$%n, and I just spent a bundle on dried deer penis
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    Frankly, I'm just as (if not moreso) concerned with alot of the drugs prescribed for non-physical ailments (eg., mental issues). It has it's place but as a laymen, it seems to be relied upon too much much like how antibiotics are overprescribed.
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    While the studies that have been done on the link between Vitamin D + coronavirus mortality are weak at best, I support your desire to enhance the knowledge regarding Vitamin D supplementation in the general population. There's a good chunk of that populace that an increase in Vitamin D intake could derive some benefit (more for those with high risk of osteoporosis). https://osteoporosis.ca/bone-health-osteoporosis/calcium-and-vitamin-d/vitamin-d/ General recommendations are 400-1000iu for health adults 19-50 years of age. Those at high risk of osteoporosis and >50 years of age, the recommendation is 800-2000iu per day. VITAMIN D FOOD SOURCES Show 102550100 entries Search: Food Serving Size IU's per Serving Swordfish, Baked or Broiled 75 g 761 Salmon, pink, Canned, Drained with solids and bones 75 g 435 Cod Liver Oil 5 mL/1 tsp 426 Salmon (Sockeye), Baked or Broiled 75 g 394 Snapper, Baked or Broiled 75 g 392 Milk (all types) 1 c/250 mL 103-105 Soy Beverage, Enriched 1 c/250 mL 86 Yogurt, Plain, Vitamin D Added 175 g 82-113 Egg Yolk, cooked 2 Large 64 Tuna, canned in water, drained unsalted 75 g 60
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    Where you at @Alflives?? I hope all is well!
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    I'd like to laugh but I can't....
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    You may be overdosing but he sure isn’t. Hard to get sunshine where his head is at. Maybe Donny can help him out with some UV light.
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    Actually.... https://daretodream.typepad.com/weblog/2010/04/vitamin-d-for-dreaming.html
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    No one is saying you’re crazy. In fact, some of us even went to the store to get a Vitamin D supplement because some of what you say makes sense. We also didn’t buy the entire store’s supply of it. Its that you won’t shut up about it. Its in my dreams man. You’re family. We’ve all seen your drawing. Can you draw something else?
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    Coronavirus - Wuhan reports 5 five new COVID-19 cases, the highest since March 11 Mon 11 May 2020 01:36:13 GMT Wuhan was the epicentre of the outbreak in China, but has dropped out of the news as the situation improved. Today though, an uptick, five new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, all in the same residential compound in the city. In total China reported 17 new cases today (for May 10) - the highest since April 28. In a bigger picture sense this indicates there is no room for complacency even in places where iot appears the outbreak is under control. *************** As expected some places where restrictions have been eased have seen a swift rise in infection. South Korea re-opened Night clubs and saw 50 new infections. Same type of stories out of Germany.
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    I was actually trying to be empathetic there aren't many people who are in development jobs in Canada or are closely associated with it. It can be pretty annoying to hear people talk about development in Canada, particularly when they put it in opposition to other things unnecessarily. Like when Mulcair used to brag about no one in his family every having anything but a public service job and use that to slam industry people. I don't see the need to the conflict.
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    the economc model we have isn't capitalism, it's corporate socialism,imo. The government isn't a business and shouldn't be there to take care of business/corporations. The government exists to take care of the people.
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    I even have someone on twitter right now trying to tell me with zero factual evidence that those who tested positive didn’t attended this specific event
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    they just don't comprehend it!!!
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    My kenpo instructor was helping a friend move a spinet piano up the stairs to his apartment. Mid 30s pretty ripped had two guys help him but they were struggling. Another guy comes in, hands as big as paddle, probably in late 60s, carried piano by himself on his back. They said the thing weighed about 400lbs
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    Yeah, most likely. I think for this year’s draft, I’m going to pretend that we kept our first and second. And we picked a point-per-game C/W in the first round, with a playing style perfectly suited for lining up with Pettersson. And in the second round, a top-six quality RW, who slipped to the second because of some risk that he might hold out for free agency, but who can solidify our top-six, if we can manage sign him. And then somehow, through the use of advanced technology, both of these prospects will be age accelerated to reach their primes immediately. I mean, who would say no to that kind of result? That would be an amazing draft, especially for a team like the Canucks. (Oh wait, that’s what we have in Miller and Toffoli ) It just kinda hit me today that that’s what we have to show for those picks. And I would have gladly drafted guys with Miller and Toffoli’s potential. So I’m pretty psyched to have them already here, in their primes, and ready to help this team win (assuming Toffoli is re-signed). Now, if we could just throw Podkolzin, Höglander, McDonough, Lind, Rathbone, Woo, etc into that same age acceleration machine and have them all here and in their primes for next season...
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    I really got a lot out of Shiatsu massage, I think it uses similar pressure points as acupuncture. A Senpai in my martial arts days was a Shiatsu practitioner. It was like physio, hard massage and relaxing techniques. This guy was in his mid 50's, seemed like mid 30's and was easily one of the best martial artists I have met. Very, very healthy person, he was ripped like Bruce Lee.
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    Tbh I have been healthy, never take anything not even tylenol. It's one of the reasons I don't have the best understanding for pharma related conversations because have been fortunate to not need medicines for pains, headaches or anything. If I get the common cold it's halls and water basically and I don't get sick enough to make halls rich haha.
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    I used acupuncture and it works pretty well. Last time I bought Chinese herbal medicine it got recalled for causing liver failure. Shouldn't be surprised since lead in toys, deadly pet food and high levels of melamine in milk.
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    expensive pee aside, I think this kind of jumping on the cure du jour has been a big part of the problem with how many people have viewed the pandemic. There are people out there who really do need vitamin d supplements and the kinds of "studies" Big Vita put out are just going to cause vitamin hoarding. People complain about big pharma, and sometimes rightly so, but for the most part our pharma capabilities have led to millions leading normal lives. Its the excess vitamin and supplement folks that are really cashing in that bother me, much of that stuff has claims no one follows up on.
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    you know what else vitamin d doesn't do? lower your blood pressure. Allow to you live a normal life with HIV. Prevent you from getting a blood clot. And 1000 other things "big pharma" has helped people with. Sure it has its dark side like any industry, but I sure hope this rant your on hasn't been to make this point.
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    Stick with alcohol and cigarettes, it appears to do the trick.
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    Yeah its quite nice here, for a stout. Very creamy taste to it. Dont try to go on a bender with guiness though. If you can manage to choke down enough to get drunk off of, your doodoo is going to be black the next day. Lots of iron in guiness.
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    Ok bud. We’ve been nice to you so far. Don’t mess with Cerridwen. This is the second time you do this. Why don’t you take a break and reset yourself for a little while. Because right now you’re
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    This is just another post with wayyyyy too much wrong in it, being supported by the usuals @Me_ and @Cerridwen good job guys. If it's a water soluble vitamin that you can just urinate in to the toilet you would be even less likely to gain toxicity, but in this case it's not water soluble it's fat soluble and is not excreted through urine. So your knowledge of Vit D is extremely minimal. You would have to take around 60,000 iu of VIT D per day for several months to gain toxicity.. That's a crazy, stupid amount and if someone does something dumb like that they deserve the toxicity from it. The RDA is 400iu so unless tons of people are going out and buying a bottle of pills and then saying to themselves "hmm I think I wanna take 150 times the recommended dose for several months" I think we should be okay. Roughly 30% of Canadians are insufficient in Vit D and a good portion of those are deficient, that's 12 million Canadians who need more Vitamin D, so let's worry about them and not worry about the people who don't need it. Do you know what the side effects of Vit D toxicity are? Nausea, weakness, frequent urination and if it is allowed to progress you may develop kidney stones. Do you know what the treatment for Vit D toxicity is? It's simply just stop taking Vitamin D. Do you know what the possible consequences of being deficient in Vit D and having Covid-19 are? I'll give you a hint, it's a lot worse than nausea. I'm saying get some Vit D, I'm not saying get some Vit D then take 60000iu(150x the RDA) for several months until you start vomiting on yourself. If you're older or have pre-existing conditions you should talk to your doctor before deciding to take high doses, but the problem with that is it's hard to see a doctor right now.
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    About the best summation of these Ineptitude Olympics I have seen. Almost reads like an opening statement in a trial at the Hague. And to think you did not even mention the 5-6 week head start that was completely squandered.
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    so, fyi the link you quoted isn't "scientific research" its one doc's opinion. In a country that ranks far below us in health metrics. I get it, you need to create causality here. Whatever floats your boat man.
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    When you're not testing at maximum capacity, and you refuse to test more people because you don't want to see actual numbers as they might affect your chances at a second term... ...when you question the validity of testing in the first place, and decide you'll will the virus away by Easter and reopen the country by Memorial day like an Evangelist... ...when you refuse to conform to CDC and WHO recommendations and insist that no one else around you wear masks because of "bad optics" and then find out that the dude who serves your food every day has it, and your Vice President’s press secretary has it, and your own daughter’s personal assistant has it, and eleven other secret service members close to you have it, which really means many more people around you have it... ...when you horde the podium for re-election purposes instead of actual Covid-19 information sessions, and you offer your macabre, non-medical expertise of injecting disinfectant and impaling people with light through the "you know what" (we all know what that meant) even though career medical experts are sitting there, frozen with fright because you bully them in the "back stage" of your TV show and you don't listen to them on how to navigate through a pandemic... ...when you fire the vaccine development guy because he wouldn’t “flood New York and New Jersey” with an untested drug, Hydroxycholoquine, which kills more people than helps but you and your son-in-law have a stake for profit in it... ...when a nurse in front of you tells America, live on TV, that PPE is sporadic and you counter with "maybe sporadic for you, but for us we have more PPE than we can handle. We have so much of it we're going to start helping other countries like Russia", and then just bully her into submission... ... when people are dying and you berate reporters who are asking pertinent questions that concern us all, and you don’t wait for their question to be done, insult them, their employer and their ethics and reputations on live TV, especially female reporters who actually have the guts to confront you and your epigenetic stupidity... ...when you don't cooperate with the 50 States and 5 territories under your jurisdiction and in fact instigate civil uprisings in the “liberation” of States by white supremacists with automatic rifles and then call them “good people”... again... ...when you declare the President’s authority as “total”... ...when you threaten to quarantine a whole State; an act of War... ...when you pirate PPE around the world from sovereign airports and prevent other Nations from receiving their paid products to save their citizens, when you horde PPE against your own people, then resell it to the private sector so they (you) can make a profit by selling it back at a higher price to hospitals... ...when you threaten to pull funding from so-called "blue States", further endangering the lives of thousands of police officers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors and teachers... ...when you don’t fund the US post office and threaten to collapse it in order to prevent mail-in ballots because you say it is corrupt even though the corruption amounts to about 5,000 fraudulent votes out of 62 million, but you mail in your own ballot... ...when you pass a bill to help the people and small businesses of America but it works like a first-come-first-serve concert ticket dispenser and the entire two trillion dollars is gone in no time... ...the continuous mega-heist of hard earned taxpayer money in the form of gigantic corporate tax breaks and bailout packages to billionaires and corporations with only crumbs for the general people and small businesses... ...decimating the Investigator General system that is there to oversee your administration, which means the House and the Senate are now blind to your management of money and policy at the Executive level... ...when you order Covid infected people to work alongside non-Covid workers in meat packing plants, endangering their lives, and ours, and protecting those companies against litigation, and then tell the employees that if they quit they won’t be eligible for financial relief which rarely makes it out of banks anyways... ...when you say that the presented CDC re-opening guidelines "will never see the light of day" because it calls for not exchanging Bibles among Bible-thumpers and toys between kids... and because the guidelines are too slow for the re-opening of your precious economy which has seen ten years of gains washed away in two months... ...when you use this pandemic to attempt a covert Coup d'État in Venezuela out of Florida, and your personal “Roy Cohn” Bill Barr quietly drops the Mike Flynn criminal charges in the Russia case impromptu and flouting actual Law... ...when people are dying of a pandemic, and you “take no responsibility” and you're tweeting nonsense at 1am about all the wrongdoings everyone is doing unto you instead of actually doing your job... ...when you are on your way to reaching the same numbers of dead Americans as in World War , then go on to blame everyone else instead of taking responsibility for the carnage a Nation is suffering... ...when all of that in the span of only three months, which doesn’t include all of the other criminal activities you've been part of such as: Your assistance in Russia's 2016 Coup d’État of America that got your so-called “administration” in and the subsequent attempt at securing a back channel with the Russians... ...Puerto Rico’s dead and subsequent attrition of a helpless American territory, caging and trafficking kids like cattle, as well as overzealous ICE raids on immigrants that were either born in America or immigrated long ago and pay their fair share and are just waiting for their technical papers... ...the killing of America’s long time allies, the Kurd, by pulling out of Syria... ..the killing of author Jamal Khashogii... ...the assassination of Qasem Solemani even though America isn't at war with Iran, the decimation of the Iranian nuclear deal and reinstatement of Iranian embargo, tightening those embargo during Covid-19, and so assuring that precious medical equipment never makes it to Iran, thereby killing Iranians... ...lying 18,000 times in 2,000 days to the American people, using the office for personal gains, to name a few... ...when all is said and done, you may one day contemplate the view from the barred window of your prison cell. And that’s if you make it that far. #treason #involuntarymanslaughter #crimesagainsthumanity #thehague
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