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    here's the good news - the off topic section is in this very canucks forum if you click the forum home button scroll down to off topic there are a bunch of active threads
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    yes all lives mater dude but not all lives are looked at as equal and that is the problem. The reason people get pissed off when white people make statements like "white lives matter" is because white people were never treated in a way to insinuate that their lives didn't matter. Meanwhile when it comes to black lives, white people stole them from their native lands and sold them as slaves. They were literally treated like their lives didn't matter. they have since spent so many years scratching and clawing just to have their lives mean something. Their hard work has paid off and now people in the black community actually have a chance at a good life. However even with this progression they are still not treated equally and why? because their skin is a little darker than ours? It is pretty pathetic how society is. It is much worse in the states so as Canadians we do not have it shoved in our face. If you want an equivalent look at indigenous people in Canada. So yes all lives do matter but ffs just let them have this one....
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    this is my 9th GDT of the playoffs, NEVER thought this would happen! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!
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    SERIES TIED 1-1 Vancouver Canucks (8-3-1) vs. Vegas Golden Knights (8-2-0) PROJECTED LINEUPS FORWARDS DEFENSE GOALIES *Subject to change. TIME & PLACE 6:45pm Pacific. Rogers Place, Edmonton. WATCH & LISTEN GAME NEWS GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!! GAME POSTPONED
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    Unbelievably disappointed by the leagues decision. I have been working with disparate minority communities in both Canada and the States and I loath the black lives matter movement. This garbage movement has set back minorities decades and actually doesn’t give a shat about minority we’ll being. Hate police brutality? Let’s talk funding more police training, reforming police unions that protects bad cops, and better recruitment. But nope!!! let’s defund the police, antagonize them and riot. This have hurt and will hurt minority neighborhood. Hate disparity? Let’s talk about culture, valuing education, supportive family structure, and improving community safety... but nope!!! According to BLM website, let’s dissolve the nuclear family, kill capitalism and blame everyone else. tragedy
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    Here's an example someone gave me that kind of highlights where we're at: If a house is on fire, you don't stand back and say "well, all houses in this neighbourhood matter". If a fisherman is drowning at sea: "well, all fishermen matter" We often support (here) the F cancer mantra. What if someone says "ALL DISEASES MATTER"? You see how it can be put into context? Would you crash a funeral and yell "MY GRANDMA MATTERED TOO?" It's not saying black lives matter MORE...it's saying that they should matter EQUALLY. Right now, that is the focus.
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    I listened to an interview with Dumba yesterday, when asked if he felt supported by the league/players, he said that during our series against them the Canucks took the time to let him know, during handshakes, that they were on board with/for him. That they supported him. It seemed to really resonate with him. And that's what a team like that is all about...integrity.
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    "Boys we had one day off between series and blocked 40 shots the other night. We have an opportunity to take a couple of days off" Team: "Give me the damn phone"
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    In all fairness there are issues that aren’t discussed when this is brought up. It’s too easy to blame the police for the disproportionate amount of minority arrests and shootings. Is it that much of a shock that certain minorities commit more crimes? What about the other relevant social issues such as socio economic class? Those in poorer living conditions, those that don’t have both parents or good parents? What about the teachers and family service workers in these neighbourhoods that fail some of these folks? When we have a first word country like Canada with the Indigenous and the blacks in the US that don’t even have running water, many don’t even have a chance. They can’t even fulfill their basic needs. Many of these folks also have extreme difficulties to also provide higher education and have dimmer higher employment opportunities. Yes, more blacks and Indigenous are arrested in each respective country but don’t blame the police. This is a societal problem that goes way beyond.
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    I got a great idea, keep your &^@#ing politics out of the game day thread!
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    “I stand behind our players. There has to be change and taking action is a way to make change. To see our players today, try to make change, makes you proud as a coach.” - Green
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    I'm taking a break for a bit, but want to note that this thread can be used to talk about the game, or human rights issues, totally open. Please keep discussion respectful. Nobody has been given a timeout yet, and I hope we can keep it that way.
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    Game 2: Edler was one of only 2 Canucks who had a higher corsi than their zone starts. Eddie = 45% ozone starts, 50% corsiz. He was +4 in that game. (Beagle was the other). Some folks seem to think this team would have no chance without Hughes or Pettersson....that's only a half truth. Hughes was the only minus player on the roster. 84.6% ozone starts. (11/2) 42.1% corsi. Petey had 92.9% ozone starts - 13/1 - (59% corsi). I don't point this out to underplay the importance of these young super-talents. These young guys are amazing - but their success is also inseparable from players like Edler, Beagle, Tanev, Sutter, Motte..... Sorry - honourable mention to Tony Stecher - who was 50/50, +3, and was 4th on the team in ice time.
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    Yes, everyone knows all lives matter, that's not the point. Black people in the US (and Canada) have VERY mixed results listening to police instructions, and the instructions themselves often change based on race. That's the point.
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    Nobody in the NHL universe players and owners alike wants to shut this down entirely. Think that’s a little over the top don’t you? Sports brings people together. We are minor partner in the US sports scene... one game sends a message, abandoning everything they’ve managed so far in the bubble is just ludicrous.
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    Man some people on this board they’re postponing for a day or two in solidarity with a movement to fight against racism, and people are upset about that? That’s insane. At least they’re trying to do something instead of just ignoring and continuing on like nothing's happening. The fact people are actually upset about postponing for a day or 2 is mind blowing.
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    Brock forces a smile outta him once in a while - but I get what you mean. He is our version of "Captain Serious" Screw that trade Brock talk
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    I don’t think we’ll ever know what goes on in that alien head of his. Post game/ pre game, stone cold. Scores a huge goal, blank expression. Call him names from the bench, humiliates you with three points. Ask him a stupid question, death stare. The only thing I know is that I’m glad whatever space ship he arrived in dropped him off in Vancouver!
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    A gentle reminder..this thread is for game #3 of the Canucks vs Knights. Let’s respect the rules of the forum and stay on topic. Keep the politics out please. Whether the game goes or not, we have to respect the decision made. We’ll be ready to cheer on our boys anytime!
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    Here are a couple of things dumb(a)ed down. No, this one cancellation of a few games won't "CHANGE" the world overnight. But what it is doing is showing solidarity and that the ripple out there can become waves and disrupt moneymakers flow of revenue. It's a bit of an empowerment that forces conversations and those are the beginnings of change. When people have to problem solve and come up with solutions. You can't change things at street level...they have to come from policy makers and those with the power at the top. We can argue about "yeah but that white person was also shot/hurt" but not on a scale that black people face. That indigenous people face. We might get some attitude thrown our way when we're pulled over, but I doubt any of us white people feel the threat of possibly being killed. And EVEN if a black person IS reaching for something...it's likely due to absolute desperation as they fear this could "be it" for them. History has taught them that it likely own't end well. Get them before they get me. So the root of the problem has to be solved...not the one by one cases of someone "perhaps" going for a weapon in defense and the reaction to it that was overkill ( often literally). You have to make them feel that they don't have to resort to desperate measures. This is a big deal and has been for our entire lifetimes. But don't say it won't change because there was a time when people openly had slaves. Baby steps along the way but things ARE changing...just not fast enough. And with a leader of a country forcing a bit of a white agenda down everyone's throats, it's big news right now. Strike while the iron's hot.
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    It isn't about cancelling a hockey game to end racism the next day. It is about players recognizing that they play for wealthy owners. Owners that have the power to make changes that even multi-millionaires cannot institute. The players are leveraging their power to get owners to put pressure on legislators to make change. By postponing games for two days the players are showing owners that they do have the ability to organize and work collectively, and that is enough of a shot across the bow to make owners take their players' actions seriously. For example, the players have already placed pressure on owners to use stadiums to act as polling stations so that attempts at suppressing voter turnout can end in the United States.
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    You don't need to study American history to find racism, and segregation. That picture - in your avatar - applies every bit as much north of the border. Canada has it's Indian Acts. It has the goal of the extinguishment of indigenous rights - right through to the present. And it may have had it's underground railroad, but it also has it's "Africvilles". I grew up in part in a deeply racist Nova Scotia - in the 1970s and 1980s - where the momentum of deeply seated racism was patently obvious to us even as children. I've lived all over this country - and have been in BC for many decades - the ghost of denial is every bit as strong here. Canada still has the trappings of a constitutional monarchy - it is still in it's essence a colonial occupation. Make no mistake - I love my country. It's a young country. It has a lot of growing up still ahead of it - if it ever manages to face it in a real way. It's also all relative - and relatively speaking, Canadians have a whole lot to be thankful for - but also a whole lot to get real about. British Columbia abandoned the treaty process because the Premier at the time felt that you can no more speak of the rights of an Indian to land than you can a panther or a bear. The modern fraudulent treaty process has been a devolved process with one purpose - to extinguish indigenous rights. It's a convenient process - a devolved process - conducted between band councils (Indian Act creations imposed to eliminate indigenous governance) -and the province (not a Nation, and an entity sitting, for the most part, beyond the treaty frontier) - it is/was a fraud - when it should be a process between the federal government (who go underground, into hiding on the matter) and the Nations - whose voice is replaced by Indian Act band councils = internal colonies. We have reservations - as do you. We gave the concept to a visiting delegation from South Africa, who modelled apartheid on our reservation system. The real difference being - that Africa had not be depopulated - in large part because it shared the well travelled land bridge to Europe and shared much of it's immunities. The 'depopulation' - a sanitary word I'll use here as opposed to the more correct political one - wasn't simply an 'accident' here - it was the self-documented germ/biological warfare of the "infested blanket". Duncan Campbell Scott - superintendent of Indian Affairs felt that education should be used as a force to give the "Indians" a correct estimation of their inferiority. We could go on and on and on about history north of the border - every bit as ugly as American history. No, it's not just about 'class' - that much is correct - America fought it's revolutionary war against being a colony. Canada did not. America remained and remains a deeply class society. Canadian 'democracy' is a mutated constitutional monarchy. Most Canadians don't even know who the head of state actually is. Indigenous Nations remain internal colonies of the Canadian state - every bit as much as they are in post-revolutionary America. Canadians can't look down their noses at American racism - even if the present urban conflict south of the border gives the impression that 'we' are in a better place than 'you'. America's should probably stop idealizing their northern neighbors. Yes, I'd agree this is a 'better' place to live, but again, it's all relative. But that's enough of that for now. I loathe politics. Peace - and good health - to you. Go Canucks go! ? !
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    Boycotting sports isnt gonna solve the current issue ( with this jacob shooting ) , all its gonna do is piss off fans...but w/e not much we can do if they decide to. Personally feel its more than just black lives matter, its all lives matter and people need to understand this
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    You can certainly see the intensity in EP's face And he'll make you pay if you (Vegas) piss him off... Go Canucks go, let's win this one.
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    Everyone agrees that racism is wrong, but blindly following the growing political culture as to appear “not racist” is cowardly. And too assume this incident happened out of hate simply because the victim is black.. well it leads into a very toxic power dynamic where people are allowed to do whatever they want based of skin colour and will be celebrated based purely of that.. we need facts we need evidence we need proof that this is a racial motivated crime against civil rights. It cannot simply be - “he was black, they were racist” Find this whole scenario very demeaning and degrading to everyone involved
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    The postponing of tonight's game could be beneficial for the boys because blocking all those shots are going to take their toll. Maybe we can get Myers back with a couple days extra. The only reason I'm in favor of it because skipping a game in protest doesn't actually mean anything other than inconveniencing those who want to watch tonight.
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    If you compare black vs white, you can't deny that it's an absolute disadvantage JUST to be black. Look how many white boys rape, etc. and because they're on the swim team/whatever, get off scot-free. Yet, if a young black man did that?.....we all know by now how that ends. The fact that they get handcuffed and led away (white boys) from the scene offers them a "chance". A black man being shot in the back hardly has one. My kids have helped me to see that those of us who can't see "why" aren't looking hard enough. Because, as a mother, I think of how awful it must be for black mothers every time their kids walk out the door facing the prospect that they could get shot because they get pulled over to be "questioned". That their lives could abruptly be stripped away at that point.
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    December 1 https://imgur.com/a/mBCADy2 December 2 https://imgur.com/a/vwNmRLr December 3 https://imgur.com/a/DUpUVbu December 4 https://imgur.com/a/0Un7rY7 Standings
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    I care. I love hockey and like them, I also don't like being force fed a narrative during sports.
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    If true that's fantastic, and I hope it's something the community here can rally behind and support.
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    Don't you remember the great Race War of 2020 when hockey was cancelled for months due to Covid? What's another day guys. Nobody is saying these (apparent) cancellations will solve racism - that's a ridiculous straw man and over-simplification. This also isn't about a singular incident. It's about bringing attention to a massive issue, showing support, and sparking discussion.
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    Such a divisive issue that inevitably descends into arguing and personal attacks. Exactly why I steer clear of the toxicity that is the Off-Topic Forum. I really wish we could keep social and political issues in their applicable threads and keep the GDT/PGT to Canucks Talk. (This is my opinion in an unofficial capacity)
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    Disappointed and surprised at some of the selfishness in this thread. This is the right thing to do.
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    November 13 https://imgur.com/a/ff7VQE7 November 14 https://imgur.com/a/RqQKFJo November 15 https://imgur.com/a/luCk6Q2 November 16 https://imgur.com/a/jKBIc8w Standings
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