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    It’s sad that we’ve gotten to a point in society where athletes have to not play games to help bring awareness to racism.
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    While I wholeheatedly support the BLM movement, what precedent is set by stopping all sports when an issue like this comes up? There are several other social issues that are just as important. For example, child kidnapping and people trafficking, sexual abuse and related oppression, epidemic levels of drug overdose, local poverty and starvation, and these are just a few local issues. Go international and the number of issues explodes exponentially! Does this mean that sports should boycott games for each and every child abducted? or each person who dies from an overdoes on tainted drugs? for any person who is raped or sexually abused? All of the issues are just as deserving of the support. We would never have professional sports again, in my opinion, if boycotts are to be used with the same level discretion.
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    New Batman trailer goes hard af.
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    I'm fine with Canadians standing in solidarity with people in the US... just wish we showed more of this for our own citizens.
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