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    I like the toughness/character this guy brings to the table. Its gonna be a useful element on the back end. Another big picture thought. The Flames traded a first and 2 second rounders for Hamonic not long ago. First rounder turned out to be Dobson. Hamonic walks and we get him for bargain basement price while Tanev gets signed by Calgary for a premium. JB gets a lot of crap and criticism sometimes..but some of the moves other GMs make look horrible in comparison.
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    When the playoffs kick off and we have Schmidt and Hamonic fighting along the boards for the puck instead of Tanev and Stecher, we will see a big difference in this teams success. I can't wait!!!!!
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    I don't like this signing. You may disagree with me, but GMJB should not have signed him for anything more than $1,249,999 per year.
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    So if he takes a train to salmon arm and I drive his ass the rest of the way it could work
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    We didn't lose Markstrom because of cap. We lost Markstrom because of Demko, the ED and (rightly) not remotely wanting to commit to a 6 year term given the first two things. Markstrom was never coming back.
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    I tip my cap once again to GMJB and the Canucks management. It would appear that our team is stronger and more skilled than last season once again. I've seen growth and improvement year over year for a few seasons now. For all the angst, hand wringing and teeth knashing that occurs in the media, on CDC and probably anywhere more than one Canuck fan communicates, it would seem that they know what they are doing and they have a plan. Cap issues - appear to be dealt with. Defense - improved. Forwards - improved. Goaltending - maybe slight decline or holding steady. Should be an entertaining season - buckle up everyone!
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    New team, new organization, and half of this membership doesn’t even know what you are talking about...
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    Okay guys, I'm off to work. Likely won't make it back in time for puck drop, but anything posted will be backdated. Don't forget to post your starting roster, and make sure you are cap compliant in BOTH active and minors roster, or your club won't collect points! I'll be on via mobile when I get there and try to get as much done as I can from there as well.
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    As Pittsburgh GM @Keslerific as not been on CDC since November, the league has assumed control of the Penguins for now in order to get a compliant roster submitted. The league will review all options for this Penguins position. In the meantime, the following transactions have been made: Signings: Jonathan Quick - 1 year, $5.000M Calvin De Haan - 1 year, $3.000M Brendan Smith - 1 year, $2.000M Re-Signings: Travis Konecny - 2 years, $5.000M per year ELCs: Tim Stutzle - 3 years, $3.775M per year Callups: Callup Dillon Dube IR: Place Jonathan Toews on IR Waivers: Place Jordan Weal on waivers The following is the official Penguins opening night roster: Brady Tkachuk - Ryan Johansen - Travis Konecny Jonathan Drouin - Drake Batherson - Mikael Granlund Joel Farabee - Dillon Dube - Troy Terry Tim Stutzle - Adam Lowry - Sam Steel Henrik Borgstrom - Nick Cousins Brent Burns - Calvin De Haan Trevor van Riemsdyk - Brendan Smith Marc Methot - Oliver Kylington Jonathan Quick Ilya Sorokin
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    Nice. What a deal. On one hand and Luongo recapture aside, this management is responsible for (most) of the cap situation they find themselves in this offseason. That’s fair. We’ll need to restructure the bottom 6 in particular as Petey and Hughes get new deals. On the other, it’s been a pretty amazing two year run for JB capped off by about as well played offseason as we could have hoped for, at least on paper so far. Between signings, trades and rookies graduating into spots he’s completely rebuilt the top 6 and D in 2 years adding: Pettersson, Miller, Pearson, Hughes, Myers, Schmidt and Hamonic. With Juolevi and Hoglander too. Thats a pretty solid mix of trades, draft picks and UFA Myers and Hamonic in there.
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    I agree, so many called him a bust and it p'd me off, he just had to fight through injuries, can't call him a bust when he hadn't even been given a shot in the big leagues yet, I can see him being an important player here for our team. Very happy for him.
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    Tampa literally has to play without their best player in order to be cap compliant... The Islanders were barely able to sign their best player for the beginning of the season, and were forced to give away their long-term leverage in the deal. And in Vancouver; we just have to do some logistical shuffling... Every team is going through this, yet some of these media types act like its only us.
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    What a &^@#ing wet blanket. Yes, people are celebrating that Jim improved the team yet again with the deepest, best defense this team has had in a decade. And despite a pandemic and horse $&!# Luongo cap re-crapture that were both entirely out of his hands, managed to do all that under the cap. Forgive us for being happy and excited Thomas!
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    Super happy for him. (A good read at the Province)
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    Top 30 G Top 10 LD Top 10 RD Top 10 LW Top 10 C Top 10 RW
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    Yet people gripe about Jake.
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    I see Nate Schmidt as the upgrade.. Hamonic as the Tanev replacement. I see any of our worthy prospects as the Stetcher replacement. just sayin.. I’m counting apples now, not beans.. and when Tryamkin gets here, I’m going bananas.
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    The defense is so clearly ahead of last years. Faster, more mobile, and tougher. Benning is the man
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    No he was old school, like a throw back from 4 years ago. He knew things but had no sources. Called everyone child, kid, son. Was kinda... fun, fun, fun until Stealthy took our chew toy away.
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    We needed to sign a Flame after they took so many Canucks.
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    I'm looking forward to the quote from Cindy McCain..... "I like Presidents who don't get Impeached".....
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    My son is home from Vienna where he is working on his Doctorate in Computer Science and Pure Math. He loves hockey and I love watching games with him because he gets so excited. He heads back on Friday so we get the 2 games in Edmonton to watch together. Going to really miss him when he's gone. Glade we get 2 game to watch with Nachos and Guinness. Canucks take both games.
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    At least it was radio. Seeing that skeletal mug on TV would have haunted my waking moments.
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    Update of who's left at training camp: Forwards (Invited: 25 | Remaining: 15) Jay Beagle Brock Boeser Adam Gaudette Jayce Hawryluk Nils Hoglander Bo Horvat Zack MacEwen Marc Michaelis J.T. Miller Tyler Motte Tanner Pearson Elias Pettersson Antoine Roussel Brandon Sutter Jake Virtanen Defencemen (Invited: 15 | Remaining: 10) Jordie Benn Jalen Chatfield Alexander Edler Travis Hamonic Quinn Hughes Olli Juolevi Tyler Myers Brogan Rafferty Jack Rathbone Nate Schmidt Goaltenders (Invited: 4 | Remaining:3) Thatcher Demko Michael DiPietro Braden Holtby
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    That the Canucks are cap compliant and all the fear mongering that Rick and Co at that station worked so hard to scream and shout this off season was all for not. And now being compliant and WRONG he is being condescending on Jim for doing his job and being under the cap. The media never apologies for their mistakes and always double down or find something else to worry about. The problem being TSN1040 pitty party of not broadcasting Canucks games because we are a good team and those boys are salty AF
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    I think this story somewhat undercuts the theory that all Trump supporters are uneducated: https://www.foxnews.com/us/cleveland-therapist-accused-capitol-riot-fbi I think the bolded sentence says it all. A Q-Anon supporter and Anti-vaxxer, yet with a level of education that allowed her to be employed as an Occupational Therapist. Even smart (or educated) people can fall down the rabbit hole.....
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    Drance is trying to fill the spot left open when Tony Gallagher retired.
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    While Evander may have made some bad decisions with money, he’s proven to be a solid person at times, especially in his hometown. Not only has he supported people in the downtown east side by buying pizza and water for hundreds (and handed it out personally), I also witnessed the guy buy lunch for a destitute man who sits in front of a local grocery store in my neighborhood. No cameras or reporters were present. It was just a thoughtful man helping out someone less fortunate. I hope Evander gets things back on track for himself and his wife and daughter. Hopefully his extended family help by not leaning so heavily on him too.
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    Welcome back to the Predict The Score Contest. This is a game. I believe this is this game's 4th season on CDC. Here's how it works: Every Canucks game I will post a thread where you can predict the outcome of the game, and who scores the game winning goal. If you correctly predict the score you get three points. If you get the score wrong, but correctly predict the winning team, you get one point. If you correctly predict the game winning goal socrer, you get one point. Points will be tallied for the entire season, with a champion declared once the regular season ends or the Canucks are eliminated from the playoffs or the once the Canucks hoist the Stanley Cup, whichever comes last. Congrats again to @Chickenspear and @FijianCanuck for winning our pre and post COVID seasons last year. Points for correctly predicting the outcome will increase as the season progresses. There may also be bonus questions from time to time. The key to doing well in this game is participation. The more you play, the more points you will likely accumulate. Please leave game discussion to the GDT. These threads are for the game prediction game, please do not derail the threads. Let's get started. Predict the winner and the score - (3pts for both, 1pt for just the winner) Bonus question - Who scores the Game Winning Goal? (1pt) My predictions: Canucks win 5 - 2 Horvat with the winner Good luck, and Go Go!
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    It's that wonderful time of the year when getting information is like getting blood out of a stone. Nope. My guess is a Motte slewfoot in the parking lot? ("Just practicin'...getting ready for the season") In all seriousness...hope he's ok...we NEEEEED him.
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    Hi guys! Sorry to say, but I'm stepping away as GM from the Dallas Stars. Even though I was here for only 2 years it was fun and was able to see my Dallas Stars compete hard for the Covid cup. I may be here spectating the league as a fan of the Dallas Stars or maybe just be a AGM to the new GM if he wants, but unfortunately I don't currently have the time to focus on the best moves for the team Thanks all and good luck in the future seasons!
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    And Jim didn't have to sell off the key prospects and/or picks they were doomsday'ing on about to do so either They so mad!
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    I was really hoping someone would take a chance on Loui. I was damn sure no one would, but I was really, really hoping.
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    Hamonic for 1M, 1 year, or Tanev for 4.5M until he's 35 playing around 50-80% of the games? Props to JB.
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