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    A great week...got offered 2 F/T jobs this week. Future is now secure again...LOVE where I'm at and am thrilled to be staying on after my contract ends. Big sigh of relief. Sometimes things just line up as they should...if COVID hadn't happened, I'd have stayed where I was despite not being very happy there.
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    It's my five year CDC anniversary.
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    Nucks just need to win 15 of their next 10 to get back in the race.
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    if tyler motte isnt a canuck for life, i'm going to be upset
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    Kinda cool can go around the world and listen to different radio stations, also before you click it turn down your volume i didnt realize it would auto play lol. http://radio.garden/visit/talkeetna-ak/OAC6uq4G
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    Marky got lit up, eh
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    One positive is that Boeser looks to be on his game this year, and he's demonstrated that he's not the one dimensional player some folks make him out to be
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    Haven't had pizza in ages...going to pick up a small Panago for the game tonight. Treat yo'self.
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    Why was the Loui react removed without the Confusey re-added?
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    Kirk's perspective on being in net for Waynes 802nd goal:
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    so apparently Lind, Lockwood and Gadjovich are looking good down in Utica. That's nice to hear. Especially JG-nycks could definitely use a guy like him down the road. Focht too. Probably future third line C if he can keep it up.
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    LMAO Francesco A. dropping bombs on the negative nellie's!
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    Just another manic Monday...
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    binnington getting pulled gave us this tweet LOL
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    Reportedly it's na-na, na-na-na-na, heyyy, good-bye to Amber Heard #iykyk
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    Jordie Benn playing over Juolevi is a war crime.
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    Shawn Thornton was such a scumbag. Right up there with guys like Avery and Marchand. Piece of garbage. People talk about how hated the Canucks 2011 team was, the Bruins 2011 team was filled to the brim with rats and punks who played meathead hockey.
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    firebenning for godsake
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    On the + side, Calgary possibly missing the playoffs is hilarious
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    RIP Daft Punk. What a career
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    Bieksa's got a pic of Fiddler doing his impression in the back.. lol, funny guy.
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    [Rumour] CDC shutting down
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    My housemates say the house is haunted. I've lived here for 274 years, and I haven't noticed anything strange....
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    I remember when I used to be happy on game days...
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    Wise Horvat of the CDC forum what is your daily wisdom
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    First time that the Oilers won a game in 4 years, where neither McJesus or Draisaitl recorded a point (their record was 0-26-2). Goes to show how much depth the team accumulated over there. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2106942/amp
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    Of all the seasons to be crap, surely a 56 game season w/o fans is the best one to be crap in.
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    Absolutely no point to firing Benning just to replace him with one of the few executives with a more dinosaur approach to the game. I don’t think I’ve met a single fan on any side of the fanbase who would prefer we fire Benning if it meant bringing Tallon in. Yikes to that rumor
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    So this “musician” embedded 20m diamond in his forehead. Just when you think you have seen it all story like this one pops. https://www.gq.com/story/how-to-embed-a-diamond-in-your-forehead
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    dan o'tool lighting it up and im here for it
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    make more chicken tendies please
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    make more PS5s please
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    What's the last thing that made you smile CDC?
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    I miss the Gaming sub forum.
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    Would you drink a pilsner
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    Would you take Gillis over Benning?
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    Having break at work and apparently an old school BC Lions guy is here visiting some people he knows of our crew..Lefty Hendrickson
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    Will we win two games in a row before the season ends or
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    This is my favourite video on YouTube. How good was this guy?
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    Good to see you back.
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    Remember when we were falling from 2011 grace and our top prospects were Jensen, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Horvat, Corrado, Subban, Lack, McNally, Labate, and Tommernes (in no particular order)
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    We need a facepalm emoji.
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    lol Boston Media us suggesting a Virtanen for Debrust trade lol. Have they seen Jake play
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    Demoting hoglander to third and juolevi to squad why he was our second best dman. Roussel Eriksson Sutter in over jake mac and gaudette is a goddamn joke. Coach grasping at straws leafs are gonna bury us tonight perfect if it gets coaching staff fired #wiilieplaychaputonpp is #greenputserikssonintop6
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    He'd turn 57 today...and is missed a great deal.
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