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  1. At long last, a “Dark mode” CDC theme finally exists! Props to @SNuck. Our retinas thank you sir!
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  2. Whoever runs the NJD Twitter account is savage lol
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  5. I really like how we don't see an entire quote anymore. If there are more changes, please keep that function, it makes things much more readable.
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  6. Don't Fear the Parrot....
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  8. Canucks just need to extend Sutter than we are set.
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  10. JB says 2 more years. in 2 years we will be out from under louie, beagle, roussel, sutter. edler, hamonic, holtby, spooner, luongo,baertchi and likely virtanen. our 4th line might be motte, boyd and highmore. new players may be lind, podkolzin, focht. woo, rathbone + any new draftees or from trades. i think by then, petey and hughes will have mastered their crafts and become dominant players.
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  11. I would elect Alain GM at this point holy geez.
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  12. The good news is, the Canucks haven't lost a game in a long time!
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  13. I wonder if our coaching staff drinks tea? a funny interaction between Fred Sheero and Terry Crisp "I said: 'Freddie, now that I'm officially an assistant coach in the league, I want the book.' 'What book?' asks Freddie. I say: 'The book – the book of quotes. I now am entitled to them because I'm an assistant coach.' He says: 'There's no book.' I say: 'What do you mean there's no book? There has to be a book.' "He looks at me and says, 'Crispy, do you drink tea?' 'Tea? Sure, sometimes I drink tea.' He says: 'What kind? Red Rose tea?' He says: 'If you drink Red Rose tea, you'll
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  15. ummm... just noticed that the dark mod uses the colors red and yellow... does this mean the organization goes back to the flying skate next season?
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  17. Ahh, so much white. My eyes hate it.
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  18. I'm hungry but I have no food in my house and keep putting off going to get groceries because I'm terrified (and have no means to order them online). Expired Ichiban here I come!
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  19. Does anybody actually have confidence in Benning as a GM?
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  20. I’ve always supported Benning, this is a sh*t signing in Pearson. Way too much. He’s probably better at AGM.
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