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    The knee-jerk panic on this board after a few losses never ceases to amaze me. Pure comedy
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    lol The threads on here after a bad stretch is amazing. "TRADE PETTERSSON" "TRADE HUGHES" "BLOW IT ALL UP". Jeez guys, calm down lol. I have grown to love these threads though, they give me quite the laugh.
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    show me GRIT. show me PASSION. show me some freaking EMOTION. i'm SICK and TIRED of watching these minimal effort games. get some players in the lineup with HEART and at least make these games ENJOYABLE.
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    Lit is an American rock band formed in Orange County, California, United States, in 1988. They have released six studio albums and are best known for their songs "My Own Worst Enemy" and "Miserable".
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    RIP Hank Aaron https://twitter.com/cbs46/status/1352636966882463744
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    Let's solve two issues at once and replace Baumer with Erkisson. Eriksson still gets to collect a paycheck, and he can't possibly be worse than Baumer considering he's considered "responsible" despite being a lazy floater. We get rid of an idiot of a coach and a useless hockey player.
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    Which secrets of the universe are safeguarded by our captain
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    time to fire up the ignore list....made it 5 games in
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    Your the best. Thanks for setting me up with that stream site. Was so pissed thinking i was going to miss this game.
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    i'm back. computer was locked for several days. thank god for grandsons.
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    Tyler Myers - 6MLoui Eriksson - 6MBrandon Sutter - 4.375MMicheal Ferland - 3.5MRoberto Luongo 3MAntoine Roussel - 3MJay Beagle - 3MJordie Benn - 2MSven Baertschi 2.291MRyan Spooner - 1.033M
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    do u think our PP is bad because it only ever practices against our PK?
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    “Take Canada Back” is Canada’s version of “Make America Great Again”
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    Knowledgeable Bo of the CDC forum, what is your daily wisdom?
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    Why do Calgary Fans obsess over the Canucks. Over on Calgary Schmuck. com their most active thread right now is about the Canucks, it has 600k views. LOL.
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    What’s the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? People in Dubai don't like the Flintstones but people in Abu Dhabi doooooo!
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    @debluvscanucks, did you hear? Dale and Claire have called it quits!
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    The coconut nut is a giant nut, if you eat too much you'll get very fat
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    Tyler Myers - 6M Loui Eriksson - 6M Brandon Sutter - 4.375M Micheal Ferland - 3.5M Roberto Luongo 3M Antoine Roussel - 3M Jay Beagle - 3M Jordie Benn - 2M Sven Baertschi 2.291M Ryan Spooner - 1.033M
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    Since my Seahawks are out is there really any other team to cheer for than the BILLS!!!!!!
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    Milsy's back tomorrow!
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    Kris Letang will always remain one of my favourite (non Canuck) players.
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    Who would you pick for the next ROH?..I got Juice.
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    confuse face gone ... cdc will never recover ,,, brutal
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    how does one become a professional Luger or Ski Jumper?
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    yo boyz we shuld trade sedinz 2 chicago cubs for rizzo and bryant. gona b hectiiiiccccc buddaaayyyyyyyyyyy
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    Please welcome the newest member of the Vancouver defense.... Loui Eriksson it’s just crazy enough to work
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    man roussel needs to be waived guys doing nothing except costing us time in the box lazy not hitting time to cut bait with him hell even eriksson might try harder as for benning he needs to fire brown and baumer we need new systems even if they have to fire green as well id look at gallant stabilizing ourship. Benning needs to trade sutter anywhere even if he retains 1/2 cap it frees up 2.12 mill in cap give bailey or jasek a look
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    I wish you could give more than -1 per day. There are so many stupid comments out there...
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    I sent Nicklas Jensen a friend request on Facebook the summer he was drafted. Today he accepts it, wtf?
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