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    Our Twins were born this morning. A Boy and a Girl. Both happy and healthy!
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    smithers joe is out of the hospital and things are getting better. was bleeding inside. doctor thought i had leukemia but clear of that.
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    Resurfacing just to say that for the first time in a very long time, I'm proud to be an American.
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    The knee-jerk panic on this board after a few losses never ceases to amaze me. Pure comedy
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    Evander Kane playing like a man (re)possessed.
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    Well I guess it's fitting for this year....my Auntie just died today. Dad's younger sister. 2020 has been horrible...I'm going to sleep until 2021 and hope things get better.
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    Resort on the Island throwing some shade at Flames fans
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    Give this post rep to help with my hangover?
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    Benning supporters don't necessarily support everything he does. But the ones who think Benning has done no good, are the irrational ones.
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    I thought CDC was a public forum where all are welcome. Didn't realize that some threads are only for those with the same ideals. In other words, unless you're a bully and loathe Trump, do NOT post in that thread.
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    Got the news Dad's little brother passed away suddenly last night...very unexpectedly. Enjoy every second of this life because you just never know when it's time. Rest well, Uncle Bill.
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    So my Aunt Betty died on Tuesday. Had advanced lung cancer. Never even knew she smoked, and quit only a few years ago. Refused biopsies, and treatments, saying save them for younger folk. Took care of her house and dogs. Lived on her own terms, feisty, and no one was more loving. Thanks Aunt Betty.
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    Probably already been posted, but people are awesome.
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    This is awesome. Schneids giving a post-game interview for a simmed game.
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    Luongo made his choice. Lets leave the rafter space for someone who's heart is here.
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    you guys can tear the team down, i’m going to take a break and cheer my team on now, to the end of the season. i might be back in the summer. GCG.
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    At times like these, think back to last year. We're still in it. This is supposed to be fun.
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    Canucks have over $10M in salary cap with Ferland on IR. It is not a salary cap issue. Benning is being limited by management in how much money he can spend. He also did not want to hand out 4-6 year deals because it does not align with the rebuild plan. Most of the potential targets for Canucks wanted term. As far as Stecher goes, there was simply no room for him here. It's time to see if the prospects can do better. I don't believe the Canucks are going to take as far a step back as you all think.
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    Lookfing forward to what Benning and Company does with our D over the next couple years Its obviously the priority now.
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    Thank you to -Vintage- for all his hard work keeping us up to date in near real time. What a fantastic job he does here.
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    I don't care if you love or hate - but being happy someone is sick and could die - you are the worst of humanity.
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    confused react drama is probably the most hilarious cdc drama I’ve seen since johnny hockey is 99 posted about getting a fly in his ear in india
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    When my GF took her driving test, She crashed into a bus,she failed the test and now she takes that same bus to get around.
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    It takes a special kind of person to yell and swear at the 15 year old cashier at the grocery store because she's the only one working, as if it's her fault.
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    Burkie has TG in his Jack Adams candidates. I trust his judgement.
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    Free tix for tonight’s game in Ottawa? I bought some awesome tickets in the 100s off stub hub last week but now I am sick as a dog. Would rather they go to a fellow Canucks fan. If you are interested message me. Make sure you have a safe way to get there with the snowstorm and if the game is delayed I would still plan to go to the rematch. I will changer nothing but ask that, if you are gainfully employed and able, you consider making a donation to charity.
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    There are only two NHL players with 60+ points & 100+ hits this season (take a guess, it’s incredible): 1- J.T. Miller - 63 pts, 105 hits 2 - Alexander Ovechkin - 60 pts, 167 hits
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    Nucks just need to win 15 of their next 10 to get back in the race.
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    if tyler motte isnt a canuck for life, i'm going to be upset
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    Kinda cool can go around the world and listen to different radio stations, also before you click it turn down your volume i didnt realize it would auto play lol. http://radio.garden/visit/talkeetna-ak/OAC6uq4G
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    lol The threads on here after a bad stretch is amazing. "TRADE PETTERSSON" "TRADE HUGHES" "BLOW IT ALL UP". Jeez guys, calm down lol. I have grown to love these threads though, they give me quite the laugh.
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    Had a weird Canucks-related dream... I dreamt that in the upcoming 82-game season, Holtby was going to go 6-35 despite an elite level 2.37 GAA, and Demko went 1-5. So who played the remaining 35 games you might ask? DANIEL FRICKIN' RADCLIFFE, who would go 30-5.
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    waiting for vintage to tell us that the canucks have made decisions on marky, oel, toff, tan, louie and jake. getting ansy.
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    Okay, gotta admit commissioner Bettman did it right this time. The bubble playoffs was nothing short of outstanding, all things considered. And interestingly I found myself watching more games this year.
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    a hah. chon derry from rupert dropped by and said my site problem, wasn’t the sight, but my computer needed an enema. now i can enjoy the site again. my thanks to the derryman.
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    "Keep politics out of sports! Boycott sports!" If I had a dollar for every idiot that said this I'd be richer than Bezos
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    "I definitely didn't go around giving each player a pat on the back, that's for sure." Travis Green Aug 23, 2020
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    Pandemic mindset- when you just buy another bottle vodka instead of pouring out clamato juice.
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    You alive bud? My scotch supply is dangerously high.
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    As I pray for the planet during this pandemic, I can truly say that I've never been more proud to call myself a Canadian. I truly believe Canada is the best place on earth and this pandemic has further proven it. I hope we can all stay positive during this time and count our blessings. There are countless countries in far worse situations than us. Trudeau and our government have really had our backs through these times. They aren't finished yet. There's more measures coming to help Canadians all across the country. I look around the world... I see USA... Spain... Italy... England... Iran... China... the list goes on... of countries struggling far more than we are. Stay home, Stay safe, Stay Positive. We will be stronger than ever once we get through this. Thank you Justin for taking care of Canada's most vulnerable during these harsh times.
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