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    So you’ll fire a GM for ONE bad signing worth 6 Mill in the start of his tenure? Despite him being the reason, we have been filled with optimism for the future? Could understand if the team still showed no sign of improvements, but that is not really the case is it?
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    Whatever it is, it's increasingly clear the Trumpists have made sure that Hunter Biden has no chance of being elected.
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    Players are required to submit their lists on the first day of free agency for the upcoming season. It's not up to a GM to ask. If the player doesn't submit, then the team has the power to trade them to anyone. https://vegashockeynow.com/2020/09/15/marc-andre-fleury-must-submit-10-team-no-trade-list-nhl-trade-rumors/
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    Trump won the Gold medal for scandals..... ....he was so proud, he went out and had it bronzed....
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    He plays a big role in Ottawa. His points aren't significantly higher, but he's second on the team and their offense isn't as potent as ours. The main thing though is he's a top PK forward for them and plays 20 minutes a night. Not a chance Jake gets anywhere close to 3.6. I still Jake will get under 2.5 from this contract.
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    Convicted felon that got 4 years in prison and was pardoned by Trump. Yeah, I am really surprised that he accompanied Rudy to deliver the evidence!
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    The child separation tactic is simply barbaric. Serial killers lack empathy, apparently so does the GOP. They have weaponized immigration to keep people from coming. Many asylum seekers spends years in incarceration because it's better/safer than where they came from. Many eventually give up and go back to die. Could you imagine voluntarily going to jail for years to escape the horrors of where you live?
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    Oh, Lord. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/22/trump-twitter-hacked-dutch-researcher-password Donald Trump’s Twitter account was hacked last week, after a Dutch researcher correctly guessed the president’s password: “maga2020!”, Dutch media reported.
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    Jake Allen - 1 year, $2m Steven Lorentz - 2 years, $900k Mikko Koivu - 1 year, $1.5m Sam Gagner - 1 year, $900k Alexei Melnichuk - 3 years, $2.5m Oscar Fantenberg - 2 years, $1.5m Kevan Miller - 3 years, $1.75m Kodie Curran - 1 year, $1.75m John Leonard - 2 years, $900k Josh Maniscalco - 3 years, $800k
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    In about a year, Drumpf could end up with a sentence, hopefully of between 10-20 years.
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    it feels like a decade since they had one that could spell sentence
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    How are both sides not outraged by this? The left and Biden due to how they are pushing through the nomination at the end of a presidential term. And the right because ACB could really be deep state and this spot on the SCOTUS should have been for Ivanka, Don Jr. or Eric...
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    How anyone can arrive at the conclusion that Calgary will be better than Vancouver next year is quite confusing. How does anyone even know how Demko and Holtby will play? Demko literally destroyed Vegas all by himself and the Vegas players even admitted it. They couldn't recover and lost against Dallas because of it. I'm pretty sure this weighed into Benning's decision to not give Marky his 6 year deal that he wanted. As for Holtby, he had an off year. Prior to last year he was a top end goalie who won a Stanley Cup. He has a much better resume than Markstrom does. The combination of Demko and Holtby under the guidance of Ian Clark may turn out to be much better than if we kept Markstrom and traded Demko. We will see next year but no one as of right now can conclude otherwise. As for Calgary's defense, what's going to happen to them if Tanev gets his yearly injury? It happens every year does it not? And now that he is on the wrong side of 30 it may happen more frequently. Giordano is 37. Guys do regress as they get older. Who's to say Giordano doesn't take a step back next year? Nobody knows for sure but it is conceivable that his age will finally catch up to him like every other player in history. If you are relying on a 37 year old defenceman to take you to the promised land then that is a big risk in my opinion. I'll take Schmidt over Tanev any day of the week right now, so in my opinion the Canucks upgraded on D. As for the forwards, Lucic is a complete waste of space, even worse than Eriksson. Little Johnny seems to be getting smaller every year. Monahan is a good player but I will take Horvat over him any day of the week. Horvat actually had a better year last year than Monahan and that's with Horvat playing more of a defensive shutdown role with Petey taking up more of the offensive minutes. If you take Calgary's top five forwards and compare them to Vancouver's top 5 forwards I would take the Canucks top 5 forwards any day of the week. As for Nordstrom, I'll take Motte, Roussel and Hawryluk over him any day. Yes Roussel is making $3 million and so is Beagle, but they were very useful in the playoffs and will be again next year. I would put my money on Vancouver having a better year than Calgary next year. People who think we have downgraded at every position are going to be in for a big surprise.
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    keep dreaming, no player is going to walk away from 5 MILLION Dollars...it is ultra rare, but Buff and Bogo did it! Sure would be nice if he did but when a GM makes a piss poor signing like LE and structures it in a way to be totally buyout proof that falls on 1 person...the Effin GM who offered the deal! GM's all do it tho, they have a job and try to sign anyone they can who they think will improve the team, leading to the GM having a job for longer...but when it back fires badly they should be fired.
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    For the record, are we still requiring Mafia players to be anonymous when posting?
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    Hey guys! You can expect replies and signings come Thursday, few busy days in real life land. Thanks for your patience!
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    In the midst of all the stupidity about the phony Hunter Biden story and Bone Spurs being a crybaby because Leslie Stahl asked him some real questions, there is one story that seems to be flying under the radar. I remember arguing with several Trump supporters when the Administration instituted their "Zero Tolerance" border policy. One of the common refrains was that "They want legal immigration".....of course we know now that this was not the case. In fact, Jeff Sessions put the family separation policy in place to deter immigration, legal or otherwise. It was quite some time ago that a judge told the administration to reunite the separated children with their parents. Now these scumbags are telling the judges that they can't find many of those parents: https://www.npr.org/2020/10/21/926031426/parents-of-545-children-separated-at-u-s-mexico-border-still-cant-be-found Not long ago, one of the local Trump supporters was telling me how as a father, he was "disturbed" by a Rudy Giuliani claim that a laptop supposedly owned by Hunter Biden contained photos of "underage children". So I'll ask, "As a father, how do you feel about an administration that separates children from their parents as a punishment and doesn't GAF if they ever get reunited?"
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    European actually, but living in the U.S. Card carrying member of the Democratic Party.
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    I wasn't talking about that kind of taco. Yes, Vegas is a fun town for 3 days at a time.
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    No. I have put cash inside a taco however. Vegas is a fun town.
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    Anyone ever used cash as taco shells?
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    SIGNING: The Philadelphia Flyers have signed free agent defenceman Mark Borowiecki to a three year contract. Mark Borowiecki - 3 year, $7.5 million dollar contract. ($2.5 million per season)
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    I can actually see the NDP winning a majority and just shutting everything back down without fear of a non confidence vote
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    Re the Sedins coming back in a depth role, aside from concerns about their foot speed which was always a knock on them, I always thought that the combination of their strength, smarts and their strong cycle game would make them the best grinders. Even if they might not produce as much, they could anchor an incredible possession driving 4th line.
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    maybe its time to point this out, there's less than 2 weeks until the election. Even if everything you want to be true is on that laptop, there's no time to actually do anything about it and no one already committed to voting Trump out will care.
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    All of the above.... ....super sleuths Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and a blind computer tech have cracked this case wide open.......
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    There isn’t many teams in the league who wouldn’t want to sign JT at 700k to be a depth C or even a regular in their bottom six. Like Recchi and other guys who loved hockey so much they never wanted to stop, he will be a good leader for their team and help them keep an even keel if they end up 3-2 against a contender like Boston again. He’s getting more flak on here then he deserves, and most kids growing up when and where they did dreamed of playing for the Leafs, the same way I’m sure BC kids do as well (hi Benn, hi Myers). And take discounts to do so depending on circumstances. The Sedins retiring was a gift to us. Post Sedin 2 and look how far we went. I’m glad for that for sure - wouldn’t want to watch their skills deteriorate, but on the flip side if they signed for us at the league minimum right now how could we not give that a go?
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    Like I said... some just can’t help but suck.
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    Here we go again...I said “some”...you know it’s similar to “nearly”.
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    And one of the absolute best strategists in the business. Khabib has never had to adapt his strategy. Gaethje definitely did when he fought Ferguson. Whitman will have a plan and Gaethje will be willing to execute it. I still think Khabib will win, and I don't dislike him, but I really hope Gaethje takes it. The more selfish part of me hopes that Khabib wins to set up a fight with GSP.
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    Sorry don't understand what your saying..None of these prospect were exciting a few had good junior careers but none of those guy were exciting to me at the time??? Kassian was one guy I liked he was tough with size but he aso played on stack Junior team.. Benning had very little, Markstrom just got good in last 2 yrs remember Markstrom would always let in 1 bad bad goal.... Benning worked to developed Markstrom into the goalie he is now...Ian Clark is awesome with the goalies ... Gillis and Nonis were awful,...Previous GM'S here were just terrible except Pat Quinn... 1. Pat Quinn 2 .Jim Benning...No questions asked.... Benning had nothing Twins were older not producing like they did Burrows and Kessler, Then Kessler wanted out right after Benning took over... You said 6 yrs is long time for rebuild????? What are you smoking...We had no prospect except Horvat????? Draft kids that are 18 some take 2-4 yrs to develop so 6 year is not a long time if you look at this team 6 years ago?? From bottom of league and no prospect from poor poor drafting with Gillis...Trading future away for playoff runs...Only 1 good playoff run....
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    Kris Russell might end up being the best player the Oilers expose to Seattle, so they might actually take him. The fact that he might be the best player available should tell you how bad Edmonton's depth and drafting has been over the years.
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    So your examples show teams that took 6 year to be consistent playoff teams. Well we just made the playoffs. Even if we are a wildcard team, we would still be in the playoffs (since consistent playoff seems to be the benchmark). With our core, I don't see this team stepping back which is another factor you've ignored in that there is room for growth amongst the young core still as well. Just because there were managerial change there doesn't mean it's a must. I'd argue there was a shift in the plans from try to get to the playoffs with the Sedins to starting a full on rebuild during those 6 years and that's basically a "managerial change" with Benning being able to make the transition rather than looking elsewhere. The off-season isn't finished and all signs point to Benning not being done yet. We will see what we add on top of Schmidt on defense, but we know that the top 4 got a significant boost. Holtby isn't an upgrade on Markstrom, but he's an upgrade on Demko as backup last season and Demko is being primed to take over. I see this signing like when we added Ryan Miller to help Markstrom transition to being the starter that he was (development plan), while not tying up term to an aging goalie with recent injury issues and pretty much solving a conundrum that we would've faced when expansion hit. As for Toffoli, he came in as a replacement for Boeser and wasn't much of a difference in the playoffs for us. He didn't need to be "replaced". Our offense was quite good last season and our young players are a year older and our prospects will have a big window of opportunity to step in and take over the secondary offense (Gaudette is already priming himself to try and take the spot, with Virtanen, Lind, Hoglander, Podkolzin hungry for it as well, long shot Hawryluk as well who has 7 points in 11 games most recently with Ottawa).
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    He's an interesting player to spitball acquiring imo - particularly if he finds the Sens offer a bit 'offputting' lol. I would go a similar but slightly different way about an offer including Brown. First - the reason I would want to add him (aside from my assessment of him earlier in this thread which I think reflects positively on his production in context, his versatility, etc - but the particular reason I would target him would be due to the kind of fit he could provide on Horvat's line. I think he's actually a better fit than Toffoli = Horvat's line fills a dual purpose for Green that kind of gravitates according to the health and needs of the team at any given time, weighted around both matchup and secondary scoring... Horvat on any given night can find himself playing shutdown against an opposition top line, or as the bottom six is able to provide, an 'opportune' scoring 2nd line. In the latter it can tend to depend on the health and shutdown effectiveness of Sutter and Beagle lines...when the 3rd is a (sheltered) Gaudette line, the conditions for Horvat's line change considerably in general. So - Brown - who is a leading 5 on 5 scorer for the Sens - but also plays their hardest minutes - and is their primary penalty killer - is somewhat cut out of an ideal mold - that should fit exceptionally well with Horvat - and be able to complement his own game in dual ways. Miller was/is ideal for EP imo because he enabled EP to move to wing, avoid the center's defensive role in his own zone, take advantage of a very high faceoff % with EP and his line starting the play with the puck at a high rate, also able to provide the heaviness and play in the hard areas, forecheck - such a good complement at this stage for EP. Brown might represent a really good naturally fitting - perhaps even better than Pearson - as a winger for Horvat....the three of them, in spite of not having Toffoli's ability to finish, might still make a better unit than with Toffoli....And unlike re-signing Toffoli, the Canucks may be able to move cap in the process of adding Brown. Where I'd want to go with it - is not a Brown vs Virtanen option, but Brown on the 2nd line, with Virtanen remaining on the 3rd. I would look to move a winger as opposed to Sutter - and I'd look to add another player out of the 'Hawryluk' mold to the deal...The Sens also still need (at least) another defenseman imo... To Van: Connor Brown 3.5 Nick Paul 1.35 - gives us another (good target) potential LHC that could become a bottom six center here. 4.85 cap To Ottawa Gaudette .95 Roussel 3.0 Benn 2.0 sweetener (aggressive enough to make it happen, within of course 'reasonable' limits) 5.95 cap EP Miller Boeser Pearson Horvat Brown Paul/Leivo Sutter Virtanen Motte Beagle MacEwen./Hawryluk (Ferland?) The million they spent to move in Benn...towards a deflated Hainsey lol - and we are the Senators West...with Brown, Hawryluk, Paul and Hainsey... Edler Schmidt Hughes Myers Juolevi Hainsey Fantenburg
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    Not a bad signing. Wonder if he can play C?
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    Lol wtf is this thread right now? FFS, do we need to bring in Bill Peters and Bruce Cassidy to explain that Nordstrom is a winger?
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    Dude/Dudette just admit you don't know anything about Joakim Nordstrom to claim he's mediocre. NORDSTROM - 7 FACEOFFS TAKEN / 48GP BOESER - 30 FACEOFFS TAKEN / 57GP I guess Boeser is a center too :}
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    Alexander Ruuttu isn't even a kid either. He's 27 years old - and a former draft pick (selected in the 2nd round by the Coyotes in 2011). Never made it to NA, but he's no slouch. This happened in the men's league folks. No kidding around anymore.
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    "Dude" 23% offensive zone starts 2nd highest on ice sv% of all forwards (Sutter was #1). 59.1% faceoff guy - one of, if not the best in the NHL (taking dzone draws into consideration, he is the best). 19 Canucks gave up more on ice goals against per 60 (5on5) - not one of them played as hard minutes as he did. #1 penalty killing forward (3:02/game). Even better in the playoffs - where his line outscored the opposition 5on5, in ridiculously hard minutes against teams like St Louis and Vegas.... What sucks is your one-liner take - with literally zero context.....
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    Going to gamble a bit and go with Oskar Lindblom @Monty
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    He’s the captain of playoff choke jobs.
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    Hard to argue with his stats but I’d never describe him as a character guy. Should have never been captain in San Jose.
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