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    Congrats to Cozzy on his first NHL goal.
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    Good points - JB has never chosen higher than fifth despite the standings and in a cap world you cant keep/pay everyone. The team is playing sloppy, perhaps we lost too much of our glue guys in the locker room with Tanev and JM but at those contracts it was the right move to let them walk. Imo, it is on the coaches to prep the team to battle since the nature of pro sports is very structured and it is about strategy and adjusments. Bright side: this is probably the best season to regress since it is only 50+ games of misery rather than 82..
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    I don't think the problem is Myers having to fight anyone. The problem is if they decide to throw that kinda hit on EP or QH. Hockey might be the easiest sport to injure someone if you want to.
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    I have a problem with a player that scores 18 goals but costs 30 goals against when he is on the ice and disappears for weeks at a time when he decides he doesn't feel like playing. If Jake would be Kassian I would be happy... he is nothing like that though. He is a less offensively prolific and less physical Taylor Pyatt. Not good enough offensively for a top 6 role and not good enough or a two way player for the bottom of the lineup.
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    All the talk about the hit being a “full body” check in the DOPS explanation video has me craving a nice Cabernet or maybe some good mountain grown coffee. Glad they got one right. Legal check and correct decision to not discipline Myers.
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    It's a bit aged by now, but I think this video largely has the same parameters for defining what's legal:
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    Updated lineup for the Anaheim Ducks Hall-Couturier - Palmieri Calvert - Lindblom - Byron Zucarello - Grant - Raffl PE Bellemare - Nash - Bastian Gaetan Haas Doughty - Murray Severson - Carlo Schultz - Greene Dennis Gilbert Dubnyk Stalock Fear the Waddle
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    U ok? do you have a emergency contact you want us to contact?
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    I'm surprisingly postive today. Marky was a beautiful mask on a wart filled face that needed to be ripped off. Here we stand, one ugly face in the mirror with potential. This team with it's up and coming stars will take a step back this year but it's not all bad. We are perfectly set up for the expansion draft with at worst, JV being the sacrificial lamb. We have our first. We have lots of cap space next season with contacts for EP and Hughes looking more affordable, if not bridge deals. We have some trade chips at the deadline in Pearson, Sutter, maybe Hamonic if he can find some resemblance of his former self. LE is done after this year as his contract is at very worst, buyout friendly at two million over two years. F you LE. Pods and Hogs will be here next year. Chatfield and OJ looking like players. There will be opportunities to pick up another veteran D next year from a cap strapped team, maybe even Tryamkin is back. This year is a like a bandaid that had to be ripped off. It hurts as fans because we all pumped our chest a little after the playoffs and this stings. I am more postive in our future than ever but this year is going to be God awfull painful. EP and Hughes will be entering their prime at a perfect time.
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    Besides us having uncertainty about cap/having unsigned pending UFA's to fill etc, there was also concern at the time, of if there was even going to be an NHL season and when it would start. All parties felt it better to have him playing in the KHL than potentially not playing hockey for near a year (or more of the season was cancelled). It wasn't just about cap uncertainty (or the ED, or other Russians etc). There were numerous reasons he stayed in Russia one more year. He actually ended up taking less than he was originally offered in Russia due to trying to come back. Which hardly sounds like a guy that doesn't want to come back to the Canucks at all. It was just an unfortunate set of circumstances brought on largely by a global pandemic. $&!# happens.
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    Okay so it goes without saying that we also have to fire Green, Benning, and all the other coaches and probably the training staff too. Might as well fire the zamboni driver while we are at it as well, just to make sure we have a clean slate going forward. That said, I have the basis for two huge deals that could really right the sinking ship for the Canucks, and I am here to offer them for free to whoever our new incoming GM would be! Trade #1: To Calgary: Demko, Hughes To Vancouver: Markstrom, Tanev, 3rd round pick Why Vancouver does this: It's time to jettison our overrated prospects who are clearly busts, before Calgary is any the wiser. Also we recoup the 3rd round pick that JB WASTED in the Schmidt trade. Why Calgary does this: It's basically a free acquisition for them as they paid nothing to acquire Marky and Tanev, and they save some money off the salary cap from their over-expensive contracts. This trade is a classic example of buy low, sell high. Demko and Hughes are at their peak value now but soon will be considered damaged goods when the Canucks continue on their 50-ish game losing streak this season. Trade #2: To Montreal: Boeser, Petterson, 2021 first rd pick, 2022 first rd pick To Vancouver: Toffoli Why Vancouver does this: We get a clear upgrade on offense in the HAT TRICK MACHINE Tyler Toffoli, and again we are selling players while value is high. Pettersson was widely regarded as a top up and coming rookie in this league up until about 10 days ago, but now it's clear that somehow he's lost all his talent like in Space Jam. Boeser and the two firsts are sweeteners as obviously Montreal doesn't give up a guy that scores 5 goals in 2 games for cheap. Why Montreal does this: They get Pettersson as kind of a reclamation project, there's probably around a 2-3% chance that Petey returns to anything more than a shadow of his former self, but even at those odds MTL would be crazy not to take a flyer on Elias. Boeser is good for their AHL depth and the two first rounders can be used to draft whoever has the most french-sounding last name at the drafts. I think if we quickly pull the trigger on these two deals and firing our entire coaching and training staff, hell, even fire the lady that makes copies in the office and bring in someone with more grit like Dan Hamhuis or Ryan Kesler to replace her - then we will be right back on track for a huge winning streak and a subsequent Stanley Cup Parade after this season. Thoughts?
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