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    Putting aside the game result, which I won't comment on... it looks to me that Olli Juolevi is finding his skates in this league. Kinda reminds me of Dan Hamhuis with his offensive vision... he has an understanding of the pass in the offensive zone and when to jump up... handles the puck with a calmness which is promising. He isn't putting up the points yet, but I predict he will... he is just starting to get his head wrapped around what he needs to do to contribute. Defensive play is better too... after the mixed results early on in the season. His weak point is to get to far into the O-Zone and get caught, but that is improving. He shows his calmness in the D-Zone too... I think he will be a solid #3 or #4 D if he can put some meat on his bones, get up close to 200 lbs and get some more confidence.
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    I really hope we don't scratch Juolevi. We're at the point where this season doesn't matter anymore and it would make sense to play our younger players and see their overall progression by seeing them in game action and learning from their mistakes.
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    Yeah, I disagree. I actually have quite liked his game this year. He has had some rough games, some bad plays, but overall he has been good. Would love if he took a few less penalities, but I also like that he has some bite so wouldn't want him to change to much.
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    Scratching OJ for Benn is dumb. OJ has great numbers and can actually advance the puck.
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    Jack’s boxscore sure is a thing of beauty. Jersey#3 with 3 assists, 3 points, +3, and 3 shots on goal.
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    Juolevi should be in the lineup, we need him playing. I think he could be a top 4 guy for us as quickly as sometime next season.
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    It is time for a change, I mean the rink is empty and the fans have stopped coming to games.
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    Rathbone had been flipping sides with his right shooting partner, Woo or Elliot in both of these games. He plays equally well on either side, both Woo is a very good skater able to take excellent body position no matter on which side he plays and is very assertive physically. Rathbone is an extra-ordinary skater, that as far as I can tell, gives up nothing in either end of the rink. Who did Cull (or maybe Agnew) have out there in the last minute of a game with a one goal lead? Woo and Rathbone with Lind, Jasek and Baertschi. The result? Out of their own end, slick as a whistle - Lind makes a generous play to Baertschi for the empty netter. So, I played back the game, isolating on Rathbone. After two games, of course, nobody has a read on him, so it is admittedly early, but there were three times in this game where Rathbone anticipated a pass to the winger on his side of the ice and stepped up in the neutral zone. The first guy he took out with a strong physical play - no flies on Jack. The other two times he stepped up and made the winger turn over the puck. It is an auspicious beginning for both of these rookie defenders. Rathbone also runs a pretty good power play. It is amazing to think that he hadn’t played a game in the better part of a year before these two. He is not flashy like Hughes, at least not so far, but based on two games where he has snuck up on the opposition, he has been remarkable. The announcer remarked the coach Cull, commenting on Rathbone’s first game, noted that he had played well, but that they did not expect him to get three assists every game. When told that, Rathbone remarked that he would have to try and get four in this one. He didn’t, but he and Woo were outstanding enough that Cull had them out there in the last minute o& a game where they were nursing a one goal lead. That is not common for Cull. Two years ago, when a Juolevi was a highly touted AHL rookie, he did not get that kind of responsibility and last year it took Cull a couple of weeks to warm to Rafferty running the power play, and half a season before Rafferty saw the PK - and only a Brisebois had a better +/- than Rafferty. But the coaches have warmed to these two kids immediately, and the team leads the North division at 5-1-0-1 with a game in hand. This is without Goldobin and Boucher (both now in Russia), and (Sautner, Rafferty, Brisebois, Juolevi, Chatfield, Bailey, MacEwen, and DiPietro) who were all standouts last year with Utica, and Graovac who is outstanding this year with the Moose. Granted they have the St Louis farm team sharing, but for the most part they are not the players who are outstanding on this team. I was looking forward to seeing Sam Anas play, and he did not disappoint, lining up with Cole Lind early, but Anas has missed the past two games (injured?). The two Stevens brother have been very good for the team, but John is a Utica property, while Nolan belongs to the Blues. I have to confess to not being as focussed on the Sat Louis properties as I have on our own prospects, so there is stuff I may have missed on them.
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    Just want to UPDATE!!! on my sister and her hubby, i am so excited they took her off the ventilator today and she is able to breathe on her own.. after so many days of not good news, this is such wonderful news for her and our family, i think i am finally able to feel good about life again
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    I haven't chimed in too much because......well, it's too painful. I do this for fun and entertainment, not punishment or stress. It's about keeping that in perspective in a grand scale of it all way. I'm happy to have hockey back...even if some of it's been a let down. I feel like many are looking for "an" answer when it's much more complex than that. I feel like an "all of the above" likely covers the gamut and some focus on "one" thing when there's a combination of things not working right now. And because we don't really know the behind the scenes of it all, it's hard to pinpoint from our vantage point. We're all experts except...we're really not. Remove X or Y and it may not solve the problem. We've been handcuffed by Benning, our coaches have failed to be creative or address things as moving targets, the players have slumped and some have mailed in at least partial games, etc. Plus, our gruelling schedule that some just completely overlook (although, some of it is warranted as these struggles have surfaced prior to this). Things tends to snowball when they're bad...the clutching of the stick is often a result of tension and pressure to perform. Things start being more forced and the natural flow and tendencies become "overthinking" and putting the team a step behind. There's something bigger than this and it's likely....frustration. This is how it upsets the balance when it sets in. Have there been glaring issues that have been covered up by goaltending? Yep. But all teams will have to be 'saved' by their goaltenders at different periods of time. It's how this game works. I'm not opposed to getting rid of any of the coaching/management staff. At all. Change is often a reset and so I'm open to any of it. I just don't know that it will have an immediate "add water and stir" result that some expect. The age of instant gratification. This is a young team learning how to win and lose. The losing does something to the confidence and that can have a domino effect. Especially under a glaring spotlight in this fishbowl market. Imagine at work if you've been off and people stand over you, screaming for your job. It's not a great motivator or recipe to succeed Maybe initially canning someone will turn things around....sometimes change infuses a sense of hope and renews energy. And you can build off that. But it's not a given. We always scream for someone's head .... how's that worked for us so far? It gets tiring over time. It's always someone's "fault" but maybe it's more of a combined thing and looking for a target in a bullseye way misses the mark. I feel like patience is required in figuring this out - more so than reactionary moves that may or may not solve issues. I've written off this year (even though I still hold hope - homer in me is stubborn) - but I'm ok with that. "Accept the things I cannot change" is life saving for me at times. Fix it - but take time and don't do knee jerk moves that put us even further in the hole in a long term way. To appease the screaming masses. Especially as it relates to the roster because their ideas count in all of this (see: how they felt about losing pieces like Marky, Tanev, TT and Stecher). The player's opinions matter (most of all). Not much fun around here lately....a lot of frustration that also upsets this balance. People have a right to be .... unhappy. But that's a personal choice we all make and we don't have to take it out on others. Even if they maintain a positive outlook...it's how some of us choose to do life, that's all. We're no better or worse for it. Prodding and poking at people is a vicious circle around here at times. This is a whole lot of nothing in this post but I don't even care. This is my team, I support them, the trolls are annoying as hell (which is not to say everyone who's throwing ideas out there is a troll....just those who get enjoyment out of seeing others reactions...especially during difficult times). We're down right now...don't kick us. I, for one, kick back and that's not cool either.
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    There are 2 organizations Alex would absolutely love to be a part of. Montreal and Vancouver. I say let him learn and make mistakes in Montreal, then sign him in Vancouver later in his career when he's got some experience under his belt. Best of luck Burr!!!
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    I don't think the reason we are losing is due to the on-ice performance of the FA's we signed to our bottom 6 (Beagle, Sutter, Roussel) and to a lesser extent, even Louie. I believe the largest issues with our team is 5 on 5 performance and our PP. Our PK has been better than league average (currently sitting at 12th) after its atrocious start which is mostly manned by our overpaid bottom six guys. The PP is the responsibility of our top 6 which is at an atrocious 23rd place. The worst +/- on our team is by a long shot the players on our top 6. Our worst +/- forwards are: Horvat -9 Gaudette -6 Miller -6 Pearson -6 Hoglander -4 Boeser -4 Virtanen -3 Our best +/- players are: Antoine Roussel +3 Olli Joulevi +3 Benn +2 Macewan +1 It's also worth noting on defense that Hughes is by a long shot the worst with a -14. My takeaway from these numbers while also watching every game is that: 1. Our worst line 5 on 5 is actually Horvat's line. They have done an atrocious job of containing other team's top lines. The best player defensively on that line is Hoglander. There needs to be more of a shake-up on this line or a serious re-evaluation on whether we want to move long-term with Horvat/Pearson. Horvat is simply not this defensive stalwart he is advertised as. 2. The worst parts of our bottom 6 is Gaudette. The guy only averages 10 minutes a game, only produced 2 points, and he is second worst for +/-. He is simply not playing at an NHL level. 3. Macewan should be playing in over Gaudette and he should have a permanent role on our team. 4. Sutter, Beagle, and Eriksson all hover around 0 to -2. For a team that is as a whole a -17, that's not bad. They may not score but they aren't getting scored on either. EDIT: As another poster pointed out, Sutter is actualy 2nd/3rd on the team for even strength points. 5. Tanev was not a player this team was equipped to lose. It's clear now Tanev masked a lot of problems in Hughes game. Of the players who left in free agency, I believe this one had the biggest impact. Demko has been at worst a small downgrade from Markstrom and the same for Hoglander for Toffoli. But more importantly we had internal replacements who needed more ice time to develop, we had nothing to replace Tanev. Tanev was absolutely affordable if we had just not signed Virtanen and signed a cheaper back-up than Holtby. It would also relieve the need to get Hamonic. Look, end of the day if our top players aren't performing against other teams top players, there is an issue at our core. It is possible that the issue with our forwards is the weak D pairing with Hughes as well.
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    The fact that we’ve lost as much as we have and they still haven’t tried something bold like that is actually baffling. Theres a certain level arrogance with this coaching staff. Like it couldn’t possibly be their perfect line combos, it must be the young players not executing. Right now they should be trying absolutely everything to spark the team.
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    The Seattle Kraken are going to give Vancouver a 1st rounder in order to not take any of their players.
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    My dad killed himself when I was 5. I kept it secret for almost 3/4 of my life. I’m glad that this stuff is being taken seriously cause back in the 80’s when my dad passed, there was a lot of shame attached to it. Before, and after.
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    Brock Boeser turns 24 today. Happy Birthday, BRAWK BEH-suhr!
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    Chicago has stocked up prospects significantly... Projected organizational rankings... Bold drafted this year. Name Age Pos Type Height Weight Comp Projection Taylor Moyle 18 RW Finesse 5' 10 156 Patrick Kane Franchise Mathis Bernard 19 RD Standard 6' 3 165 Christian Argento Elite Marcus Jespersen 22 G Butterfly style 6' 4 185 Dmitris Athanasiou Starter Oscar Astrom 20 RW/LW Finesse 5' 9 178 Grigori Denisenko 1st line Dallas Adams 18 RW Sniper (Finesse) 5' 10 157 Alex Debrincat 1st line Victor Sundly 18 C/LW/RW Playmaker 6' 3 220 Ryan Johansen 1st line Gehrett Meyer 21 RD Offensive 6' 0 183 Justin Faulk Top pairing Adrian Paclik 18 RW/LW Playmaker 6' 0 165 Martin Necas 1st line Perry Darrar 21 C/LW Sniper (Finesse) 6' 3 180 Alex Galchenyuk Top 6 Tomas Ikonen 18 LW/C Playmaker 5' 10 169 Maxime Comtois Top 6 Ned Fasching 23 RD Pointman (Physical) 6' 4 189 Jeff Sweetman #2 Housnein Soderholm 20 RW/LW Sniper (Finesse) 5' 11 152 Kasperi Kapanen Top 6 Edward Gustafson 18 C/LW/RW Finesse 5'11 202 Henrik Borgstrom Top 6 Marko Andreasson 21 C/RW/LW Playmaker (Finesse) 5' 11 169 Marcus Davidsson Top 6 Niko Benson 18 LW Sniper 5' 10 167 Kailer Yamamoto Top 6 Rocco Robillard 18 C/LW All around 5' 11 169 DIllon Dube Top 6 Jared Duininck 22 C Playmaker (Finesse) 6' 0 176 Colin White Top 6 Koby Watson 18 LD Playmaker (Finesse) 5'10 183 Samuel Girard #3 Alexey Yartsev 18 RW Finesse 6' 1 202 Sven Baertschi Top 9 Keaton Braun 20 RW/LW All around 6' 4 167 Wyatt Newpower Top 9 Ruslan Ivanov 18 RD Offensive 5' 9 196 Mirza Alund Smedlund #4
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    Montreal has the balls to change coaches because they can't stand having a season go down the drain. Even though they are playing well better than us too, but they still fired the coach. Us? Oh another year of crap? Sure.
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    Not sure if you've seen Myers skate but he is far from slow.
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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C9KWWtNicIjcWCdsu1vftVDPs0SjoswV_tlWCdThUrk/edit#gid=25712731 Thank you all for this ride <3
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    sorry maybe that was a little harsh. Begin by looking at his minutes and deployment - he takes some of the hardest minutes for a reason. He's not perfect but he's far from a giveaway machine and provides a physical presence we'd really miss.
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    RETIREMENTS Victor Hedman Tyson Jost Jacob Trouba Kirill Kaprizov Casey Mittelstadt Logan Brown Linus Gidbark Michael DiPietro Tomas Vomacka
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    I really want to see Patrick Roy be their coach. I think it would be so entertaining.
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    I just finished watching last night's game. Play OJ on PK over Benn, he showed to be quite good at it during Edler's injury stint. Also, is there a need for Miller to be doing both PK and PP1?? If he needs to be on the PK, then shift him to PP2 have Pearson or Hog on PP1. Last game he was out there for all 2min of PP then followed immediately being on the ice for the PK. Wtf was that? who deploys the PK? one of your PKers was just on the ice for a full 2 min and you put him right back out there to PK??? Absolutely mind boggling.
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    This poll is dumb. Why have a poll when you can’t see the opposing side?
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    Serious question: Is there a team in the NHL that doesn't want a top 9 forward under 25?
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    Why are you a fan then? How long have you been following this team - as a fan i mean because your certainly aren't acting like one.... - is your life so miserable you just have to spam the CDC GDT/PGT with so much covert and overt invalidation? Are you really a Canucks fan or a Leafs fan? Or a Flames one? Part of me could respect that - it would make more sense and actually some of your spam would even be a little funny too. When you say things like this i want to punch you in the face. That's creating an emotional response because your invalidating the Linden era - our best one to date - pretty much an automatic bye to the second round when he was in the lineup. Hiding behind this persona that we shouldn't celebrate anything but "pure excellence" in our history is complete nonsense. Original six teams...odds one every six years win a cup. Then for a couple years one every 12 (well not really - didn't get the same players as the original six did they)... Then WHA added - soon 21 teams ... now 31 soon to be 32. It all re-sets each time after a few years. It comes across as whiny uber spoiled kid who keeps acting up because he didn't get what he wanted for his birthday. And won't shut up about it. Even some that agree with you - must be feeling a little ashamed for enabling you at this point. My suggestion- either come clean and tell us all what team you really cheer for (TB would be a good choice) or cut it out. The ignore button is on pretty heavy by now i'm sure. Maybe reflect, pay some penance or just start a new account altogether. In the meantime please refrain from words like garbage etc. There was a time before Messier that anyone putting on our jersey - folks identified with them and bought it. Respect matters - as does credibility and yours is minuscule right now in that catagory - don't mistake a few enablers as making you right. As a Canucks fans your a compete embarrassment, maybe even "most inept in the history of all pro sports " .
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    I am absolutely 100% behind moving to self contained and preferably on shore farms. So for me this is great news.
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    OJ was totally awesome on the power play back in the day. I’d like to see him snuck into the second unit and move Schmidt onto the PP1 in favour of Miller. Schmidt actually has a fairly decent shot, it’s not hard but he gets it off and through traffic. We need to open up the middle on the PP. Another threat on the blue line will force the PK out. And give the forwards more room down low, it will also give Hughes more freedom for wizardry. It’s time to start looking ahead here. Juolevi is an extremely smart player who would probably help with zone entry. Get him seasoned on the second unit and then maybe gradually toss him into PP1. He was awesome at holding the line and zipping it in back in the day and that’s what we need.
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    I hope more countries grow a set and speak up against the vile CCP and their disgusting leader Xi Jinping. The silence from G7 countries is pathetic. I may not like Trump, Pompeo or any of those folks but at least they called what was happening to the Uighurs for what it is, a genocide. That doesn't even speak to how the CCP government treats any Chinese citizen who wants to speak out against their government. Folks like Li Wenliang, who attempted to warn the world of the Wuhan virus back in the fall/winter of 2019, were silenced. The sooner the world deals with this despotic government, the better.
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    March 16 https://imgur.com/a/2czlPj0 March 17 https://imgur.com/a/d0QZVzA March 18 https://imgur.com/a/TQmIWAQ March 19 https://imgur.com/a/JtWYmZR March 20 https://imgur.com/a/sKjMy7V March 21 https://imgur.com/a/LRe5RHN March 22 https://imgur.com/a/wkS5CDh March 23 https://imgur.com/a/Ri4n7he March 24 https://imgur.com/a/dq2dua7 March 25 https://imgur.com/a/0E6hz91 March 26 https://imgur.com/a/JbgNtRm March 27 https://imgur.com/a/QNBXUja March 28 https://imgur.com/a/w0Y9SSh March 29 https://imgur.com/a/B0UWoJP March 30 https://imgur.com/a/ZqpmOAa March 31 https://imgur.com/a/IdEvgHF Standings
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    This post is dog Pooh. Myers has been far from our worst dman.
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