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    Bell Let's Not Talk. What a garbage company.
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    I've been following this forum since 2008 and it's always great to read different perspectives about this team that we all love. Although I've hardly posted over the years, I feel compelled to now because I think we have a team that is unlike any other we've had before; at least within the time frame that I've been following the Canucks (the 02-03 season, the glorious WCE days). The person at the crux of moulding this roster is the ever polarizing Jim Benning. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that his run as GM, from what he inherited to what he is building up, has been unprecedented. The following is my personal perspective on what his run has been like, and why we must be a little more patient and let him see his vision through. The end of the Gillis era was one of the most frustrating times for me as a fan. The team had no clear direction, random trades were made on a whim, the embarrassing goalie "controversy" & how that was handled, on top of the fact that we all knew the Sedins had a few more good years in them that were being completely wasted had all of us pretty exhausted. When Benning came in as GM in 2014, it was clear through interviews with him & Linden that the team was still aiming to compete, and moves made in the subsequent couple of years were a clear indication of that objective. Good or bad, it's pretty accurate to ascertain that ownership believed that the team could still be competitive, and moved steadily in that direction. I see every move made in this era as an attempt at a long shot playoff run, whether it's the Loui signing, the various trades, and all else. But things just did not work out, and finally during the 2017-2018 it became clear that we were undergoing a full fledged rebuild. This is where my assessment of Benning's tenure truly starts. If you guys recall, the 2017-2018 season started off quite strong until injuries decimated us. But Boes & Bo had solid seasons and there was this guy named Pettersson that was tearing it up and breaking records in the SHL. I remember feeling optimistic having 3 legitimate young players on the come up, right as the Sedins played their final season. When was the last time we had something like that? Keep in mind this was just about three years ago, which is not that long of a time span at all. We have witnessed a team that lost its two faces of franchise, was going through misguided hopes of playoff runs, and a guaranteed basement dweller go into its deepest run since 2011 and legitimately in talks of being a long term contender within the span of three years. I think a lot of fans would benefit to broaden their perspective on what is going on here. Everything seems to be evaluated on such black & white terms, whereas we have a team in hand that is so ahead of schedule and the envy of many fan bases around the league (whether they want to admit it or not). I look at Detroit, Colorado, Carolina, Toronto, Arizona, Buffalo, Minnesota, Edmonton, even Calgary & Montreal, and how long it took some of them to become competitive. I can't help but feel that some of us really take our situation for granted. On a few critiques that Benning gets, especially pertaining to this off season: There is no way I would be comfortable in having Marky & Tanev to those contracts long term. The only guy we lost that would make sense to still have is Tofolli, but you can't overlook the flat cap & the shady Lou recapture situation that blind sided us. Regardless, I have immense faith in Hog & it wouldn't surprise me if he ends the season with more points than Tofolli. His overall 200 foot game has so much potential as well. On the topic of the bottom six contracts, I agree they might be a bit overpaid, but look at where we were when we signed those guys, that veteran presence was essential. And there is no way we make a playoff run last summer without the likes of Sutter & Beagle. That's another aspect you cannot look at in black and white terms because the value of these guys is what teams like Edmonton, Buffalo, Arizona, and currently Ottawa have all lacked. It is entirely unreasonable to believe that this season or last would be seasons we'd be competing for the cup; the time frame when these contracts hold their greatest weight on the cap overall. When it's said & done, especially with majority of those contracts coming off the books as soon as this off season, I think our team long term in context of creating a team culture and helping our young players develop, has been better off with those guys being around than without them. I want to close by again underscoring the fact that we are in an unprecedented situation. The WCE era and the Sedin era are the two most prolific times our team has had in the past 20 years. But both eras had a 3-4 year window, as those players peaked a bit later in their careers. With the team we have now, we have already gone further than the WCE ever did, and this is a team that has truly only been assembled and taken direction in the last 3 years. The window here to be legitimate contenders seems to be open for several years to come. Our core is young, and they are coming into their own in a positive and competitive team culture & environment, that many other rebuilding teams lacked. And the man at the helm of this has had his ups & downs but he's done something in the last three years that majority of teams around the league would take in a heart beat. So let's keep our perspective focused on the long term, understand the gray areas that challenged our team, and ultimately enjoy this era. I will openly admit I was wrong if management takes a blatant wrong turn, but with the hand that was dealt turning into what we have now, I am greatly looking forward ahead to being a Canucks fan. Cheers & take care guys
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    keep in mind he's only 18, lots of room to grow
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    LOL @ Vancouver media and their "sources". I applaud Aquilini for having a backbone. If this season is a write-off, the decisions on management can made after this season. As much as I question Travis' coaching, along with his assistants, I do believe this is the right move to keep things intact. Fans who don't want to watch the Canucks can watch the Sens or Sabres. I honestly think our fanbase is too toxic. We are basically BEGGING the media to make up news to support what fans want to hear. LOL. The result? Journalism without accountability.
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    Well, I liked Mark but now I am glad he's gone if he's an anti-masker.
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    Boston, Vegas, How many teams have pushed us around when it matters...and now we have turned a gentle giant into a tough SOB who will punch a rat in the face for barely slighting our goalie, and will take liberties on one of our opponents players, in a mini series where they've bullied our undersized stars. This is exactly what ownership, management, and coaching wants. Out fanbase needs to immediately, stfu, about Myers. He is exactly what this team needs and has adapted his game and demeanor PERFECTLY.
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    Holtby throwing his Hat for Sutter’s Hatrick because he’s the only one in the building wearing a hat is the most wholesome thing I have ever seen
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    The logic behind letting Tanev, Markstrom, and Toffoli walk: By choosing to move forward with guys like Holtby, Schmidt, and Virtanen over Markstrom, Tanev, and Toffoli, Benning is thinking long term and not short term. Yes, we only saved 1.8 million in overall cap but those terms that Markstrom and Tanev got would have hurt us long term. As far as Toffoli goes, the Canucks were reportedly trying to move one of Boeser and Virtanen to clear space so that they could accommodate Toffoli’s salary but received low ball offers. Had Benning accepted those low ball offers for either of Boeser or Virtanen, he would have been ridiculed around the league. In fielding offers for Virtanen, the Canucks were looking to recoup the low first that was lost in the Miller deal, while looking to recoup both the first and good prospect lost in the Miller and Toffoli deals as it related to Boeser (NOTE - Canucks were looking to move ONE of Boeser or Virtanen in the summer, not both). At the start of the 2022/2023 season, we will have the following: 1) All of our bad “rebuild/transitional” contracts will be off the books. 2) Horvat, Schmidt, and Miller will still be on cap friendly deals while Boeser will still be a cost controlled asset as an RFA. 3) Guys like Pettersson, Hughes, Demko, Hoglander, Podkolzin, etc., will be closer to their peak. The next two seasons could be our version of the 2007-2008 season (I.e a regression after having made an unexpected 2nd round appearance a year prior, which is then followed by a window of elite hood), but our cap structure fully indicates that we will likely enter a window of elitehood starting in 2022-2023. My suggestion for my fellow Canucks fans is as follows: 1) The future is still bright. 2022/2023 is when our real "window" will start. This season and maybe even next season is our 2007/2008. 2) Be patient and enjoy the ride.
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    If Holtby’s mask is a problem then this is a problem. where is the line between honouring the local heritage and cultural appropriation? Do I have to be Spanish or French to paint in a cubist style? If I make tacos for dinner have I done something wrong? I don’t know where the line is anymore.
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    Putting aside the game result, which I won't comment on... it looks to me that Olli Juolevi is finding his skates in this league. Kinda reminds me of Dan Hamhuis with his offensive vision... he has an understanding of the pass in the offensive zone and when to jump up... handles the puck with a calmness which is promising. He isn't putting up the points yet, but I predict he will... he is just starting to get his head wrapped around what he needs to do to contribute. Defensive play is better too... after the mixed results early on in the season. His weak point is to get to far into the O-Zone and get caught, but that is improving. He shows his calmness in the D-Zone too... I think he will be a solid #3 or #4 D if he can put some meat on his bones, get up close to 200 lbs and get some more confidence.
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    I really hope we don't scratch Juolevi. We're at the point where this season doesn't matter anymore and it would make sense to play our younger players and see their overall progression by seeing them in game action and learning from their mistakes.
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    Hope they can build off that win with no letdowns. Keep on rollin' And did anyone else hear the banter on 650 today?? I generally love the station but shut it off, was so ticked off. Do we always have to whine about something? The topic being discussed was JT Miller's "outburst" last night....like why is this even a thing? Why the hell are we going there when there was a good win last night that could be the focus? They were slamming him .... this is a damned if you do/don't market and I won't tune in for that crap. I LOVE that he was so emotionally invested and intense. Even with them way ahead...it shows that he was not yet satisfied and that's a good thing. Social media fuels a lot of this stuff and I wish they'd stop always LOOKING for controversy. Can we just have a win and a reprieve for a night? 650 will lose me if they start being a bunch of whiny drama kings and queens. JT swore and broke a stick. OMG It's hockey, get over it.
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    If MacEwen is only going to play four minutes, then might as well not play him at all and play with seven defencemen instead. Green has mentioned that the team looks tired due to the schedule, but he hasn't been managing the minutes very well.
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    Given how challenging the last year has been for all of us, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Canucks ownership group for their commitment to the team and the fans. Having hockey to watch again during the pandemic is a blessing. Estimates are it may be costing our owners a loss of about 40m to have our team play this year. So thank you Francesco and family for your commitment to Vancouver, the Canucks and the fans. It would be a long winter without hockey to watch. Sometimes we forget when somebody does something above and beyond. Ya I get the fact that it is a business blah blah. But it needs to be recognized when people in our community step up like this and put their money on the line to preserve a team we dearly love and provide a reason to cheer or smile (or a reason to complain lol) for all of us 3 or 4 nights a week at time when we all need it. Well done! Fanfor42.
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    I like it. Hamonic fills Tanev's role stylistically. Tanev & Stecher ---> Schmidt & Hamonic Not so bad after all.
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    I'm going to keep on posting this picture until we lose. It may be our good luck charm.
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    They do have that right....they just can't visit public places, that's all. The part you're missing is that business owners have rights too. The evidence is more leaned toward masks helping...it's common sense. Ever notice that doctors and nurses have been wearing them long before covid? It's not a new thing. You don't spew as many droplets when wearing a mask (duh). Sneeze when you're driving and check your windshield. Then do it again wearing a mask. It isn't rocket science. People have to: wear seatbelts, not smoke near others, refrain from drinking and driving, etc. There are many things that are "controlled" because, in society, it's not just about ourselves. We have to also think of others as responsible citizens of the world. I don't get the whining over masks...they're not "tough" to wear.
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    Lol at our media and the panicky fans The best organizations have stability. That doesn't mean there can't or won't be changes, or that there isn't room for improvement. But knee jerk, reactionary, panicky moves out of desperation that the fans and media have been clamoring for, are not how good organizations are run. Glad to see him make this statement.
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    A lot of jobs now have stipulations about behaviour that reflects poorly on the organization. Even outside of work. It's not about "opinions"....it's about blatantly ignoring Public Health orders that result in fines. These are regulations that are in place and he's defying them. They have every right to cut ties based on this. They likely have a contract in place (yes some do work on a contractual basis) that goes over things like this.
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    Yeah, I disagree. I actually have quite liked his game this year. He has had some rough games, some bad plays, but overall he has been good. Would love if he took a few less penalities, but I also like that he has some bite so wouldn't want him to change to much.
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    I like the toughness/character this guy brings to the table. Its gonna be a useful element on the back end. Another big picture thought. The Flames traded a first and 2 second rounders for Hamonic not long ago. First rounder turned out to be Dobson. Hamonic walks and we get him for bargain basement price while Tanev gets signed by Calgary for a premium. JB gets a lot of crap and criticism sometimes..but some of the moves other GMs make look horrible in comparison.
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    So I have been thinking of applying to become a moderator for CDC. I have 4 warning points which gives me the edge on the "Do's: and 'Don'ts" of CDC. I haven't any real friends on CDC...so there would be no favoritism or nepotism... AND lastly...I would Moderate in GIFs...like: or or or Soooo.... Reply in GIFS Look forward for your support....
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    D | 6'4" | 190 lbs Shoots | Left Born | 2002-04-19 Draft | 2020 Round 3 #82 Overall by Vancouver Canucks The Draft Analyst: A no-nonsense puck mover who apparently has played more error-free games than any draft-eligible defenseman I’ve watched this season, Jurmo has to be considered one of Europe’s top two-way rearguards. He plays for a superpower in Jokerit, which relies on him to eat big minutes, play on special teams, and match up against opposing top lines. Jurmo has everything you would want in a potential top-pairing defenseman. He is an effortless skater with a long, clean stride , and he doesn’t buckle under the first sign of pressure. When it comes to the breakout, Jurmo utilizes quick thinking and a series of deceptive moves to either peel away from a forechecker or trap him with a bank pass. At 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, Jurmo can be an intimidating presence as he powers through the zone at top speed. His decision making with the puck is more clean than it is creative, but he has excellent vision and will delay in the offensive zone to open up a line for either a hard shot or an on-the-tape seam pass. And good luck trying to dance around him in a one-on-one scenario — Jurmo closes on rushing forwards in a hurry and will neutralize an entry attempt with either a strong body check or well-timed stick-on-puck. “Jurmo loves to take the puck from his own end and carry it all the way to the other end. And because of his puck-handling skills and skating ability, he can often be successful at that. But sometimes, he loves carrying the puck way too much and doesn’t even consider other options. He tries to force himself through traffic and if that fails, that usually means a breakaway or an odd-man rush against. He is capable of making good breakout passes, so it’s just a matter of making better decisions with the puck.” – Jokke Nevalainen, Dobber Prospects “Jurmo is now my top European defenceman and the more I watch him, the more I’m convinced he is a first-round talent. I believe he has top-pairing potential based on his skating ability and his offensive instincts. There is refining and developing to be done, but the raw upside warrants this ranking. Jurmo reminds me a lot of fellow Finn Rasmus Ristolainen, who went eighth overall in 2013, but Jurmo hasn’t gotten as much exposure to date. He is still very underrated and could be labelled a sleeper based on other rankings and mock drafts. Jurmo is often labelled a project — thus the conservative rankings — but I’m ready to call him the real deal.” – Larry Fisher, The Hockey Writers Last Word On Sports: Jurmo combines his skating with effective puck-handling skills. He can avoid forecheckers when retrieving loose pucks and make a quick move to get past them and start the transition game. From there, Jurmo can either rush the puck up the ice or make a smart pass to a forward to lead the rush. His stickhandling and skating allow him to avoid defenders and make successful zone entries. He can quarterback the play from the point, finding passing lanes and exploiting them to set up teammates. His movement in the offensive zone creates opportunities and he can feather passes through tight areas. He also has excellent vision and almost always makes the smart pass. Jurmo's projectable 6-foot-4 frame and smooth-skating lend itself to covering large swaths of ice and carrying the puck from one zone to the next sometimes effortlessly. His speed makes him one of the best puck-rushers in the Finnish U20 league. He accelerates well when he's already in motion and is a deceptive skater in the neutral zone with crossovers and changes of pace. -EliteProspects 2020 NHL Draft Guide
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    Maybe the Canucks will play in Calgary? Half the team is already there anyways.
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    Is he fired for that? His job is to sing the anthem. I don't give an F what he thinks about masks or anything else. And did he say he wants people to not wear them or he just wants people to have a choice? Fauci told everyone to not wear a mask at the start. I figure he ought to be held to a higher standard if indeed opinions about masks are relevant to employment and there is no discussion to be had about it.
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    Good. Guy didn't even sing the entire anthem anyways. ALWAYS got the crowd to help him out. Lazy. Good he is gone.
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    You've gotta wonder about a guy who's against wearing a little piece of cloth to try to help save lives but will inject himself with a pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, to look and feel better about himself. All about me stuff. What about embarrassing the team? I always thought he was kinda weird. Those defending him don't understand that we've BEEN ORDERED BY PUBLIC HEALTH to take some measures. It's not "opinion" based, it's science based. Anti maskers are a joke to me...they'd likely wear: a hallowe'en mask to a party; a balaclava skiing; a full face motorcycle helmet; etc.. But this cotton piece????....don't make me do it.
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