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  1. They can have Holtby with 100% salary retained, if I can punch Marchand in the face. Final offer.
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  2. If Gadjovich gets claimed, it's not going to be fun moderating this place...
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  3. Thanks for posting this, @Bertuzzipunch, here's my takeaways on it: Benning is the most open guy that I think we've ever had as a GM in Vancouver, but BOY is he boring to listen to! #1. They are waiting to see if the police charge Virtanen so that they could just terminate his contract instead of having to pay him anything further through a buyout. #2. Juolevi will be a full time guy next year, provided he regains the weight and conditioning that he had before Covid #3. Sedins will be at our table at the draft (assuming that there is a open floor draft this summer). #4. He's really hedging his bets on resigning Edler and doesn't want to commit to the idea as they may walk away from him. #5. Podkolzin will be signed before the middle of June #6. Ian Clark will be staying and doesn't want to go anywhere, its just a matter of finalizing whether there will be other changes in the coaching staff. #7. Tryamkin didn't have a wife to keep happy, when he told the Canucks at the draft, that he wanted to be in the NHL and has likely decided to play his whole career in the KHL. #8. NO ONE has asked for a trade, the media is doing what it always does, its making $&!# up to generate clicks and readers. Personally, I still believe in Benning, I believe that the team is heading the right way and that this season was an anomaly and that we will be in much better shape next season.
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  4. With the Leafs loss to the Habs, guys like Rick Dhaliwal, Thomas Drance, JD Burke, 650 Sportsnet, and HF Canucks have received VERY huge blows It wasn’t supposed to be this way. “We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs, under “Shanaplan” were rebuilding the correct way and that the Canucks way was absurd. ”We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs model was a model of excellence and that it would only be a matter of time before the Leafs took the torch from the Pens, Hawks, and Kings. ”We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs signing Tavares was a move that would place them closer to the cup, and that signing Tavares to an 11 million dollar cap hit wouldn’t have unforeseen negative circumstances......because the cap always goes up! Just like real estate and the stock market! “How is signing an elite franchise center a bad move, lol, omg” was the response. Although a small portion of Canuck fans tried to warn “the pundits” that signing high ticket superstar UFA’s to premium contracts BEFORE re-upping your RFA core to cap friendly bridge deals would discourage long term “buy in” (ie taking less money to serve the greater good), and instead, would foster a “he got paid and so I want to get paid too!” mindset, “the pundits” laughed and instead, pointed to the fact that the Canucks had terrible contracts of their own (Sutter, Eriksson, Baertschi, Ferland, Roussel, Beagle, etc.). Were the pundits right?........yes, but only half right. The other half of the equation, is that 1) Despite the “horridity” of these contracts, the highest paid player on our team is still 6 million dollars.....meaning that an internal cap and/or “buy in” (ie taking less money and term short term to “serve the greater good”) was still a possibility. 2) Almost all of our bad/transitional contracts that aided us through the rebuild, would be off the books before the start of the 22-23 season......which would be the exact time when our window of elitehood would begin, with our core players and supporting players at very good cap hits (Boeser still a cost controlled asset + Horvat/Miller/Schmidt/Demko all making less than 6 million + Podz/Hog on ELC’s, etc.). “We” were laughed at by ”The pundits when they claimed that burning a year off of Hughes and Boeser’s ELC’s for such a small amount of games made absolutely no sense, because according to them, “all cup winning teams have their best players on ELC’s” (in actuality, Pittsburgh 2009 was really the last team to do this......all other cups winning teams since then had their top players on relatively cap friendly deals and/or low AAV% relative to the teams’ salary cap + a stronger investment in depth players). ”We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs actually had built their team correctly and that the only reason why they didn’t have Better results, was because they were playing in the toughest division in the league. Safe to say that this wasn’t the case this year eh? “We” were told by “the pundits” that the Canucks haven’t had a plan since 2014, and that we are now into year 7 of our rebuild. “The pundits” neglected to mention that the Canucks made the playoffs during Benning’s first year (thanks to bringing in Ryan Miller, Vrbata, and Bonino), missed the playoffs for 4 seasons after that, and then made the 2nd round in 2020, and have now positioned themselves for a very BIG 2022-2023. It really does make you wonder though eh? If the Canucks are supposedly into year 7 of their rebuild “without a plan,” then what does that make Toronto? Year 17? Because the aforementioned “pundits” can brag all they want about Toronto’s deep team, but they still haven’t won a round since 2004! Meanwhile, teams like Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver have all made the 2nd round Atleast once. While Edmonton and Calgary have yet to build on their 2nd round appearances, the jury is still out on Vancouver. Despite this however, the important point I want to illuminate here is that “the pundits” shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that the Canucks missed the playoffs this year, but rather, recognize the simple truth that progression is almost never a linear thing. How did Philadelphia and Dallas do this year by the way? Remember a few years back when Jason Botchford (RIP) and Trevor Linden praised “The Winnipeg model?” Winnipeg also serves as proof that progression isn’t linear. After making the 3rd round in 2018, they lost in the first round a year later and then technically missed the playoffs last season. So the main points I’m making is this: 1) Anyone who praised “Shanaplan” should take this time to apologize for the error of their ways (We forgive you). 2) Given all of the other elite teams in the league, and how their progression hasn’t always been linear, fans and pundits should realize that Benning’s rebuild since 2014 is on par with most of the other teams that had to rebuild. While progression hasn’t always been linear, the moving average has trended upwards. All rebuilding teams have to eat turds for approximately 6-9 years and the Canucks are of no exception. Sincerely. Patel Bure.
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  5. Many thanks to the Canucks organization for bringing AHL hockey back to both Utica and Syracuse, two former EHL rivals when Slap Shot was real, not just a movie. When the Devils left Utica many years ago it wasn't long after that NJ captured it's first Stanley Cup with former Utica Devil Martin Brodeur anchoring the net. May Thatcher Demko be your Brodeur and lead you to your first cup.
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  6. WARNING: THIS IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF READING...like...a lot...But it will be worth it Alright Canuck fans, I want to start off by saying I wanted to get this post done in time for the NHL Entry Draft and was also hoping that we would have kept the 9th overall pick to really hype this up another notch... I hope that midway through this post, fans will come to an understanding as to why it has "taken" Benning "so long" to "rebuild" this team. Benning's strong suit is definitely drafting and many people are going to freak out and say "well why the hell is he trading draft picks if he is so strong at drafting?!" I believe with the core we have that we are able to actually ship out draft picks at this point, so long as it returns a player of first round value and not just a Patty Marleau cap dump kinda deal. In the past I've compared Benning's drafting to previous regime's drafting and shown just how much this organization has lacked drafting for an unbelievably long time. In this post, the first segment will be our history of draft failure from 2005 onward up to the Horvat draft, this may open some "fans" eye's and help them understand just how bad our drafting has been prior to Benning taking over and how it led to the early struggles in the Benning era where we had nearly zero prospects in the pipes to build around. It's why when the Sedin's retired, that the true rebuild began, not when Benning took over in 2014, but 4 years later when the Sedin's retired. Which in my next post I will break down the choices, contracts and trades made by Benning and the timing of them, compared to his moves now and how the culture of the team is changing from a quick turn around rebuild to our eyes being set on being competitive. The second segment in this post will be comparing our drafting to the entire NHL from 2014 to 2020, as the 2021 picks were not eligible to play in the NHL. There will be each team's drafting breakdown since JB took over the GM position in Vancouver. Total games played, goals, assists, points, number of 1st round picks along with their position, total draft picks and total number of games played The third and final segment will be about Benning's time in Boston and the lead up to the 2014 draft and Benning's arrival in Vancouver. Now keep in mind this first segment's drafting ran the entire course of the Sedin's career's and what we added after that '99 draft.... And how little we added after '04 to extend the window. PART 1: Benning vs Nonis+Gillis regime's drafting history and Burke's Dave Nonis: Vancouver Canucks General Manager May 6, 2004 - Apr 14, 2008 Nonis's Drafts: 2004 - Cory Schneider (26th overall), Alex Edler (91st overall), Jannik Hansen (287th overall) 2005 - Luc Bourdon (RIP 10th overall), Mason Raymond (51st overall) 2006 - Michael Grabner (14th overall) 2007 - 0/6 draft picks played a single NHL shift Total picks: 24 Total games played: 3606 Total goals: 521 Total assists: 720 Total Points: 1241 Span of 15 seasons ('05/'06 season to today) .34 point % Mike Gillis: Vancouver Canucks General Manager Apr 23, 2008 - Apr 8, 2014 Gillis's Drafts: 2008 - Cody Hodgson (10th overall) 2009 - Jordan Schroeder (22nd overall) Kevin Connauton (83rd overall) - Neither are all that notable, but there was hype about Schroeder, and Connauton played 300+ games 2010 - Alex Friesen (172nd overall) 1 GP 1/5 picks played a shift in the show - Absolutely nothing notable about this draft 2011 - Nicklas Jensen (29th overall) Frankie Corrado (150th overall) 2012 - Brendan Gaunce (26th overall) Ben Hutton (147th overall) 2013 - Bo Horvat (9th overall) Hunter Shinkaruk (24th overall) Total picks: 37 Total games played: 1954 Total goals: 278 Total assists: 423 Total points: 701 Span of 12 Seasons ('08/'09 season to today) .36 point % From 2004 to 2013 we had a total of 61 draft picks and of those 61 picks, the only players we were able to add to the core of the Sedin era was Edler and Horvat (Horvat came near the end of their careers). Schneider didn't last long, neither did Hodgson. Hansen was a great supporting character, but not a player who could be a top 6 guy. Horvat was still just a rookie and took couple years to develop in the NHL. That is a HUGE hit to the future when we relied heavily upon the Sedins, Burrows and Kesler, yet we were unable to add any players to that top 6 through drafting. 8 years of failed drafting plus developmental years puts us 10-11 years behind on the future. Which is where we were when Jim Benning stepped foot in the door. We had a declining and aged core, the only shiny toy we had was Bo Horvat, which has turned out to be great (and I always believed in him). So if we were to run it back and look at the Brian Burke era, we would see how he laid the entire foundation and future down for us. Nonis helped cement the core by acquiring Luongo and Gillis added the final touches, but ultimately between Gillis and Nonis, the future was surrendered by poor drafting. Jim Benning Vancouver Canucks General Manager May 21, 2014 - Present Draft picks who have a lot of potential and they still have a chance to become and NHLer as it is in their careers will have an asterisk next to them. Benning's Drafts: 2014 - Jake Virtanen (6th overall), Jared McCann (24th overall), Thatcher Demko (36th overall) 2015 - Brock Boeser (23rd overall), Adam Gaudette (149th overall) 2016 - Olli Juolevi* (5th overall), Will Lockwood* (64th overall) 2017 - Elias Pettersson (5th overall), Kole Lind* (33rd overall), Jonah Gadjovich* (55th overall), Michael DiPietro* (64th overall), Jack Rathbone* (95th overall) 2018 - Quinn Hughes (7th overall), Jett Woo* (37th overall) 2019 - Vasili Podkolzin* (10th overall), Nils Hoglander (40th overall) 2020 - Joni Jurmo* (82nd overall), Jackson Kunz* (114th overall) 2021 - Danila Klimovich* (41st overall) Some of these drafts are a little too recent to determine the outcomes of these players, but they still have some years of development to become a potential NHLer. But despite that, lets dive into how Benning's drafting has done up to this point with success in the NHL Total picks: 48 Total games played: 1801 Total goals scored: 349 Total assists: 511 Total points: 860 Span of 7 seasons ('14-'15 to current) .48 point % In 7 Seasons, Benning has nearly caught Nonis' drafted players in goals, assists and points in half the amount of games, with a much higher point %. Next season he will surpass all of Nonis's drafting. He has also surpassed Gillis' draft picks in goals, assists and points. That is quite remarkable, considering some of these players from previous regime's have been drafted for 10+ years and have carved out decent careers. Now lets run it back to the Burke era, I'm not going to get into full detail of his entire tenure, but just to put the pieces together as to what made our 2010-11 team so successful. As I'm sure all of you know..... Burke's notable draftee's: '99 - Daniel Sedin (2nd overall) '99 - Henrik Sedin (3rd overall) '01 - Kevin Bieksa (151st overall) '03 - Ryan Kesler (23rd overall) The first 4 core members of the 2010-11 team. Without them, we would have never had a sniff of the cup finals, they were ALL draft picks. Burke also moved Schaefer to Ottawa for Sami Salo. So far 4/5 guys that were critical in our 2010-11 run were drafted and developed by our own organization. Now for Nonis's contributions. He was the man who gave Alex Burrows a chance and Burrow's surprised everyone and became the best line mate the Sedin's ever had. He also drafted Edler, Schneider and Hansen to add to the team. He also made the most critical move which was getting a #1 goalie and one of the best in the league. So far we now have 7 players on that 2010-11 roster that were drafted. I really want to emphasize on how important drafting is versus signings and trades. Drafting is the best strong suit to have as a GM. So now I'm going to list each player from the 2010-11 run and next to them will be how they were acquired, what 2 categories (traded, signed or drafted) could you build a team around? Which team would give you the best chance at winning a cup with the other 2 categories being untouched. For example I will remove 2 categories on a 9 man roster and I'm going to try to assemble a pretty strong selection and it will all be from the 2010-11 team. Daniel Sedin- drafted Henrik Sedin - drafted Schneider - drafted Roberto Luongo - traded for Christian Erhoff - traded for Maximie Lapierre - traded for Dan Hamhuis - signed Manny Malhotra - signed Alex Burrows - signed For me, personally, I would remove the signed and traded for players and build my team around my draft picks. Now lets do a 23 man roster and next to the category will be a N for Nonis, B for Burke and G for Gillis. Who had the bigger effect and who's moves had the highest impact on the best Canuck team we have ever seen? Drafted Traded for Signed Daniel Sedin - B Roberto Luongo - N Alexandre Burrows - N Henrik Sedin - B Sami Salo - B Dan Hamhuis - G Kevin Bieksa - B Christian Erhoff - G Tanner Glass - G Ryan Kesler - B Victor Oreskovich - G Raffi Torres - G Cory Schneider - N Maxim Lapierre - G Chris Higgins - G Alex Edler - N Chris Higgins - G Aaron Rome - G Jannik Hansen - N Mikael Samuelsson - G Mason Raymond - N Chris Tanev - G Cody Hodgson - G Gillis may have had the most "additions" but in comparison to the core, he really did not contribute anything major. Hamhuis was big, but who doesn't want to sign with a contending team and your hometown team? I'd say Gillis made the smaller moves of everyone, but he did make many small moves that added up to a big season and a great run. I think this is a no-brainer....... I would bet my chances on the players we drafted over the players we signed and traded for combined. So of that 2010-11 team 9 players were drafted from '99-2010. Our starting goalie was acquired via trade however. Now why am I bringing this up? Look at the draftee's above.... Now look at the draftee's below Benning's core draft picks Elias Pettersson Brock Boeser Quinn Hughes Thatcher Demko Nils Hoglander Olli Juolevi Jack Rathbone Vasili Podkolzin Michael DiPietro It took 3 GM's to build the 2010-11 core It took Benning a span of 6 drafts to draft the same type of core it took 3 GMs and 11 years. Benning has drafted his #1 C and #1 RW, similar to how Burke drafted his #1 C and #1 LW. 3 GM's prior drafted 6 FWDs, 2 D and 1 G Benning has drafted 4 FWDs, 3 D and 2 G Benning found his starting and back up goalie through drafting, whereas it took 2 GM's to draft/acquire their #1 and #2 goalies Benning has drafted 2 high skilled defensemen compared to the the other 3 GM's had to find them via trade or FA. We have drafted Hoglander who looks to be a legit 2LW and Podkolzin who if his work ethic pays off like Hoglander's, will be a 2RW. Our 2nd Line had to be built through Trade and Free Agency Now that Juolevi is healthy and showing NHL promise, along with the hype and excitement from the same draft, Benning may have a successful NHLer in each and every single draft from 2014 to 2020. 6 consecutive drafts of landing a minimum of one NHL player. You look back at how many completely failed drafts we had from '98-'13 2000 NHL entry draft 5 picks, 39 GP 2G 4A 6PTS 2002 NHL entry draft 11 picks, 12 GP 0G 0A 0PTS 2007 NHL entry draft 6 picks, 0 GP 2010 NHL entry draft 5 picks, 1 GP 0G 0A 0PTS 2011 NHL entry draft 8 picks, 129GP 6G 8A 14PTS Thats 5 years of drafting with 35 picks and only getting 181 NHL games, 8 goals and 12 assists... 20 points.... Do you understand how much this hurts the future of an organization when you COMPLETELY fail in 5 drafts in 20 years, thats without mentioning the Gaunce and Hodgson drafts. The future was grim from 2004 onward to the Horvat draft... Since 2014 the future has finally looked bright. And yes, I AM talking about the Virtanen draft, its the same draft we snagged Thatcher Demko, so yes the 2014 draft was not a complete loss. Ultimately we had 8 consecutive failed drafts from 2005 to 2012 where we didnt and anything of significance.... Mason mother f***ing Raymond was our most successful draft pick in that span of time... And his a$$ was always in a Raymond, Ballard and a 2nd package. Burke's drafting produced 6985 games played, 1260 goals, 2463 assists and a total of 3723 points. His drafting which led to some of the greatest seasons for Vancouver had a .53 point %......Thats pretty damn close to Benning's .48 point % so I would say that the future looks quite bright. Part 2: Benning's drafting versus the League 2014-2020 2021 Is not being used as these draft picks are not eligible to play until the 2021-22 campaign Below is a table of each teams total picks, 1st round picks plus the spot they were selected, games played etc etc.. I'm sure you can read it and understand it. Team Total # of picks 1st Round Picks 1st round pick ranks Draft picks to play 1 NHL game Games played Goals Assists Points COL 48 8 (23,10,10,4,16,4,16,25) 13 (27%) 913 192 338 530 CAR 59 7 (7,5,13,21,2,28,13) 16 (27%) 2138 366 591 957 FLA 50 7 (1,11,23,10,15,13,12) 13 (26%) 1392 120 279 399 PIT 35 2 (22,21) 7 (20%) 688 111 146 257 TOR 60 6 (8,4,1,17,29,15) 15 (25%) 1567 453 647 1100 WSH 37 6 (13,22,28,31,25,22) 10 (27%) 521 89 100 189 TBL 55 4 (19,27,14,27) 12 (22%) 1358 281 400 681 MIN 46 6 (18,20,15,24,12,9) 7 (15%) 988 190 254 444 CHI 56 6 (20,29,8,27,3,17) 12 (21%) 1111 215 344 559 CGY 43 5 (4,6,16,26,24) 9 (21%) 1572 277 458 735 BUF 48 7 (2,2,8,8,1,7,8) 17 (35%) 1862 415 547 962 ANA 45 6 (10,27,24,23,9,6) 13 (29%) 1878 231 416 647 CBJ 42 6 (16,8,29,3,18,21) 17 (40%) 1592 226 397 623 DAL 44 7 (14,25,3,26,13,18,30) 11 (25%) 774 128 198 326 DET 64 8 (15,19,20,9,6,30,6,4) 12 (19%) 1130 182 318 500 EDM 45 7 (3,1,4,22,10,8,14) 12 (27%) 1583 459 824 1283 MON 53 7 (26,26,9,25,3,15,16) 14 (26%) 967 80 205 285 NSH 47 5 (11,17,30,24,11) 12 (26%) 1322 266 370 636 NJD 56 7 (30,6,12,1,17,1,7) 22 (39%) 1529 236 291 527 NYI 36 6 (5,16,19,11,12,23) 11 (31%) 1169 215 368 583 NYR 54 8 (7,21,9,22,28,2,1,19) 15 (28%) 595 78 91 169 OTT 46 10 (18,21,11,28,4,26,19,3,5,28) 15 (33%) 1057 188 341 529 PHI 54 10 (17,7,24,22,2,27,14,19,14,23) 21 (39%) 1855 289 438 727 ARZ 55 8 (12,3,30,7,16,23,5,11) 19 (35%) 1975 380 496 876 SJS 47 5 (27,9,19,21,31) 13 (28%) 1291 226 334 560 WPG 44 8 (9,17,25,2,18,24,20,10) 14 (32%) 1657 483 517 1000 LAK 52 6 (29,11,20,5,22,2) 16 (31%) 1230 133 226 359 STL 48 6 (21,26,20,31,25,26) 14 (29%) 1414 210 313 523 BOS 41 8 (25,13,14,15,14,29,18,30) 19 (46%) 2242 418 636 1054 VAN 48 7 (6,24,23,5,5,7,10) 17 (35%) 1801 349 511 860 NOW BEFORE I REALLY GET DEEP INTO IT..... I just want to start by saying I FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE and understand that these draft picks have been moved around the league over the course of time..... The point is a about an organizations ability to DRAFT and DEVELOP NHL talent..... Picks that actually turn into NHL players, not just with the team that they are drafted by, but that they continue to be an NHL player. Anyways... Onwards we go. Now I know a lot of people might look at this chart and think "why the hell wouldn't we keep our pick?!?!"... At this point right now, we already have our core and its one hell of a core. So we can afford to actually move picks, so long as it returns a 1st round type of player and an impact player. We can sacrifice a year or two of high drafting due to the core we have and the trajectory it is on, its not like we are still in a full on rebuild. We have Wingers, we have Centres, Defensemen AND Goalies, all from our own organizations drafting. A lot of these teams that have drafted high and are producing a lot, dont have the other necessities like D or goaltending. Instead they are loaded up with offence. In a few years we can add a couple more 1st round selections into the roster while we are in the "win now mode" to help extend the window and add skill on a very cheap contract that may help give the team the edge in the playoffs in a best of 7. Since Jim Benning took over the reigns, only 6 NHL franchises draft picks have put up more points than JB's scouting department. Edmonton and Toronto are two of the 7 teams, the other five being Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina, Boston and Winnipeg. Now what do a lot of these franchises have in common? 1st overalls or the runner up prize. Vancouver has not drafted higher than the top 5 in drafting. Edmonton and Toronto are teams that won the McDavid and Matthews sweepstakes. They also took home the consolation prizes of Marner and Draisaitl in the top 5. Buffalo also took home the runner up of the McDavid draft and landed Jack Eichel, but lets not forget that they also won the second coming of Bobby Orr, Rasmus Dahlin. A player that was head and shoulders above anyone else in his draft and was talked about like he was the next EK65 on steroids. Carolina took home a runner up prize in 2018 with Svechnikov. The Winterpigs lost out on Matthews, but took home Laine..... However along with Arizona the Jets and Yotes have drafted fairly well. They have landed some good players deeper in the 1st rounds. Boston did not have the same sort of high drafting as every other team listed above and I will dive into the Boston drafting later... But lets just see how much these teams relied on their sweepstakes or runner-up prizes to makeup for there drafting.... And lets just remind ourselves that a team drafting at the top is drafting borderline 1st, 2nd and 3rd line players in the rounds following... They should be the first to get a chance to uncover a missed gem. This is only considering draft picks from 2014 onward, there is no discussion about 2013 and prior. It is to compare Jim Benning and co. drafting, to the rest of the league over the last 7 years. Toronto I just couldn't wait to sh*t all over them. They have had the most draft picks in the last 7 years, yet of their league leading 60 picks, only 15 of them would go on to take a shift or two in the NHL. 25% of them, with a few years of high drafting, resulted in Matthews, Marner and Nylander..... Nothing else. So Matthews and Marner are no doubt, excellent players and combine to be one of the best 2 players together, next to McDavid and Draisaitl (when they are put together) Toronto's drafting 453 goals, 647 assists and 1100 points Matthews and Marner.... combined for 302 goals (67%).....407 assists (63%) and 709pts (64%) Without their top 2 producing players, they drop significantly and their ability to draft and produce an NHL player outside of those 2 falls off dramatically. Edmonton Edmonton had 459 goals, 824 assists and 1283pts from their draft picks the last 7 years.... Of that was 394 goals between McDavid and Draisaitl (86%) the assists?? 686...(83%) the overall? 1080pts (84%) Like how the f*** has Edmonton sucked for so long.... They have had 11 f***ing top 10 picks between 2007-2019...... Not to mention the 6 top 5 picks and oh ya know the 3 consecutive 1st overalls and then to top their drafting failure off with the f***ing saviour McJesus. All in the last 11 years of drafting, yet they got absolutely dusted by Winnipeg in the playoffs and Edmonton has never really sold anyone on their contender status... Everyone has just been sold on McDavid being the best player on the planet and Draisaitl. Those are 2 teams that won 100% generational players... The new Sid and Ovi of the league. Yet outside of those guys and their consolation prizes in another year... They have only managed to find a water boy. How do you draft so bloody high yet only come up with a 2 man team for the last 5 years? Look at how WPG shut down the top line and Edmonton was absolutely f***ed and played McDavid til the wheels fell off. Matthews and Marner couldn't close out a f***ing 3-1 series lead!!! like seriously!!! WTF!! Carolina Their top 2 producing draft picks are a Aho and Hanifin... Aho was a hell of a steal, and without him their drafting would look even worse. Aho has 320 of Carolina's 957 points, Hanifin has 153 ponts, so of their 473 points its nearly 50%. Luckily enough Carolina is a pretty good team. Winnipeg They lost out on Matthews but still snagged one of the highest goal scorers in the last 5 years, Patrik Laine.... despite his success in the NHL (and this terrible season) right on his tail and not talked enough about is Kyle Connor. They have made some good use of their 1st round picks. However... They have not taken a single D-man in the top 10 since 2012 Vancouver has taken 2.... OJ has had some bad luck with back and knee surgeries, had he not had those set backs at the start of his career, he'd have 4 years of NHL experience under his belt. But outside of Ehlers and Connor, what do they have? Laine is gone so I can't include him in their future, they havent found a #1 dman or a goalie... Arizona Despite what everyone thinks of them, has actually done a decent job of drafting and producing NHL players. 35% of their draft picks will play in the NHL at some point, just like Vancouver's drafting (Which is tied for 3rd highest percentage) And funny enough, they actually seem to score at the same rate. Arizona never had a runner up prize and franchise altering player like McDavid, Matthews, Eichel, Draisaitl etc. Their best "prize" was Strome, who kinda seems to be a let down. Despite their 3rd overall pick not turning out to be a stud and getting shipped off, they have still managed to find some decent NHL talent, but outside of Chychrun and Keller. 7 of their draftee's have gone on to play over 100 games in the NHL 6 of them playing over 200 games. Not too bad. Buffalo Now for Buffalo....what...in....the....F*** is going on in that organization??!??!?!?!?!? How do you have 7 TOP 10 PICKS.... sorry.... SEV...IN.....TOP...PUH... 10...PIX! A 1st, 2 2nds a 7th and 3 8th overall picks and wind up as brutally sh*tty as they are.... Without Eichel and Reinhart..... their ability to draft a f***ing NHL or AHL player is pretty much zero. Just like Deadmonton and the Maple Laughs.. 650 points between Eichel and Reinhart of the total 957 points for Buffalo's drafting.... And thats with 13 players drafted in the top 40!! So if you didnt count Eichel, Dahlin and Reinhart, they have 10 more picks in the top 40..... They havent drafted a good OR sh*t quality NHL player.... Its pretty much non-existent outside of the 3 guys they drafted and now they just got rid of one of the guys who puts up a fair chunk of their points and ontop of that Eichel wants out and has some sort of neck issues and they do not have any draft picks to help overcome these obstacles. That place is a f***ing disaster. Vancouver, without our top 2 producers from JB's drafting (Petey and Boeser) we would lose 43% of our point production from our drafted players.... Which is a far f***ing cry from 60%+ from Edmonton, Toronto and Buffalo... Who have all drafted in the very top for multiple years. Only 6 organizations to have produced more NHL games from their drafting than Vancouver. Those teams being Carolina, Buffalo, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Arizona and Boston. Boston and Carolina both broke the 2k+ games played by draft picks since 2014. Which is very impressive. But with a healthy Juolevi, Boeser and Pettersson, we would have also broke that 2k games played without a doubt. As for the newly mentioned teams (in the last few paragraphs) Anaheim and Philadelphia, they have more games played, but less goals, assists, points etc.....Philly has had 10 1st round picks since 2014, Anaheim has had 9, compared to Vancouver's 7. Kinda odd how Edmonton and Toronto who have drafted so high for several years aren't mentioned in this paragraph eh? Now lets bring a few teams who have drafted very high and have not been mentioned yet. NJD, NYR, LAK, OTT, DET and MON.... These teams have all had top 5 picks, some have had 1st overall's, runner-ups or some of these teams have had a boatload of 1st round picks, upwards of 10 1st round picks in the last 7 years. Yet if you look at their ability to 1) draft and develop an NHL player, 2) draft anything outside the 1st round and 3) get production out of their draft picks, its quite alarming if I was a fan of those franchises. The futures do not look bright for anyone other than Ottawa in that pile of sh*t drafting. The rest are looking quite grim in terms of the future youth. I believe I have mentioned over 15 teams at this point..... And yet most of them are for bad reasons, only a couple for good reasons in terms of their future. The rest are unmentioned because they dont need to be mentioned and thats not a good thing either. A lot of them are of course winning franchises right now, but their windows are either over, coming to an end and they are soon to be like the Mike Gillis wastelands.... empty and barren... If our youth is better than almost half the youth around the league that has been mentioned.... And the other half of the league has not even been mentioned, I would like to think that our future is very bright and very promising. Anyways, I've said enough about our drafting compared to other teams around the league, you guys can see the charts and see for yourself just how far ahead of almost every team in the league we are in terms of drafting and developing. We are very fortunate that our 1st round picks turn out to be impact players instantaneously. We haven't had to rely on the big sweepstake consensus 1st and 2nd overall picks to produce NHL quality players, we've snagged some real gems in pretty much every draft. Sure the Virtanen draft didn't quite pan out as we hoped, but we still snagged Demko and that makes up for the first round failure. Part 3: Drafting: Benning's departure from Boston and his arrival in Vancouver Benning departed Boston in mid Spring of 2014. He was hired in Vancouver and the announcement was made official in May 21st, 2014. Staff History Jim Benning Boston Bruins Assistant General Manager Jul 14, 2007 - May 20, 2014 44 - 51 6 Years, 10 Months, 6 Days Vancouver Canucks General Manager May 21, 2014 - Present 51 - 7 Years, 2 Months, 13 Days Important to note about a few dates and timelines May 20th 2014, Jim Benning departs Boston May 21st 2014, Jim Benning is hired by Vancouver June 27th 2014 the first round of the NHL Entry Draft takes place (This is 5 weeks after hiring Benning) 2008-2015 Eric Crawford was the head of scouting and Director of Player Personnel with the Vancouver Canucks So just to touch on this quickly, the 2014 draft, known in Vancouver as the "Virtanen" and "McCann" draft was the Benning's 1st draft as we all know and that he had just joined the club in 2014. Benning's first draft was ultimately big letdown. But in the long run we found our #1 Goalie in Demko when we look back at it. But lets look at the events leading up to the draft and the eventual outcomes since that day. Now prior to joining Vancouver, Jim Benning was working with Boston and the upcoming draft. Boston was drafting near the bottom of the first round and they had their eyes and expectations on players much later in the round. Benning jumped ship May 21st 2014 and joined Vancouver, where he and his team had 5 weeks to come up with a game plan for the draft. 5 weeks is not much time and after hiring Benning, no other changes were really made to the organization. Still.... intact was the scouting department and who they had their eyes and sights set on their guy. Virtanen was ranked in the top 10 by many experts in the final stretch, he had all the tools and had exceptional potential to be the player coaches dreamed about. A highly skilled power forward with speed, size, hands and shot..... Just not the IQ level. Even Craig Button had JV at #6 in his final draft rankings. https://mapleleafshotstove.com/2014/06/24/tsn-2014-nhl-mock-draft-with-craig-button/ How much say did Benning have and how much studying was he able to do in 5 weeks, to say for certain Virtanen was the guy he wanted to draft? Benning had spent quite a significant amount of time debating on players much lower in the draft with Boston and now all of the sudden he goes from the bottom 10 to the top 10 of the draft and has 5 weeks to make a decision. That doesn't allow a lot of time for Benning to definitively say "this is our guy". Crawford and his scouting department had done their work and the influence to draft Virtanen and McCann was a decision made due to the amount of time invested in scouting from the Canucks organization prior to Benning's arrival. I do not believe this was a 100% Benning call, due to only being with Vancouver for 5 weeks and he was previously working with Boston and working with their scouts on different players around Boston's draft position. Since Benning made changes to that department we have drafted quite well. Boeser, Hughes, Pettersson, Hoglander, Rathbone, Podkolzin etc. Demko was the best draft pick next to Horvat under Crawford's watch. Don't want to believe me? Look at how our drafting has changed for the better since Crawford was removed in 2015 and then look at how Montreal's drafting has been since Crawford joined them in 2016..... YIKES. Staff History Eric Crawford TEAM POSITION DATE SPAN AGE SPAN DURATION Vancouver Canucks Director of Pro Scouting 2008 - 2013 34 - 39 5 Years Vancouver Canucks Director of Player Personnel 2013 - 2015 39 - 41 2 Years Montreal Canadiens Director of Pro Scouting 2016 - Present 42 - 5 Years Just keep in mind, Crawford was also the guy who was feeding Gillis his influence on picks.... Which may explain why Gillis failed to produce anything more than Horvat... and Hutton..... I guess? Now lets look at Boston's 2014 draft and then look the the rest of their drafting after Benning departed, just remember that Benning worked with Boston right up until just prior to the draft in 2014. He would have had a fair amount of influence on these picks leading up to the 2014 draft. 2014 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2014 Entry 25 1 David Pastrnak R Sodertalje SK [Swe-1] 438 200 227 427 195 2014 Entry 56 2 Ryan Donato C Dexter School (Mass H.S.) 180 35 42 77 30 2014 Entry 116 4 Danton Heinen C Surrey Eagles [BCHL] 272 44 77 121 44 2014 Entry 146 5 Anders Bjork L U.S. National Under-18 Team [USHL] 153 19 26 45 32 Boston had a pretty good draft in 2014, I think it's pretty fair to state that Benning had a helping hand in this being that he was employed 5 weeks prior to this draft, with Boston In 2015 Boston went on to draft 3 players in the 1st round and had a total of 10 picks. Of those 10 picks, they landed Jake Debrusk in the 1st round and Brandon Carlo in the 2nd. Neither of the other 2 1st round picks played more than 50 games. From 2015 Onward the only notable players drafted are McAvoy, Carlo and DeBrusk 2020 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2020 Entry 58 2 Mason Lohrei D Green Bay Gamblers [USHL] 2020 Entry 89 3 Trevor Kuntar L Youngstown Phantoms [USHL] 2020 Entry 151 5 Mason Langenbrunner D Eden Prairie (Minn. H.S.) 2020 Entry 182 6 Riley Duran C Lawrence Academy (Mass. H.S.) 2019 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2019 Entry 30 1 John Beecher C U.S. National Development Team [USHL] 2019 Entry 92 3 Quinn Olson L Okotoks Oilers [AJHL] 2019 Entry 154 5 Roman Bychkov D Yaroslavl [Russia Jrs.] 2019 Entry 185 6 Matias Mantykivi F Saipa [Finland Jrs.] 2019 Entry 192 7 Jake Schmaltz F Chicago Steel [USHL] 2018 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2018 Entry 57 2 Axel Andersson D Djurgarden-2 (Sweden Jrs.) 2018 Entry 77 3 Jakub Lauko L Chomutov Pirati [Czech] 2018 Entry 119 4 Curtis Hall C Youngstown Phantoms [USHL] 2018 Entry 181 6 Dustyn McFaul D Pickering Panthers [OJHL] 2018 Entry 212 7 Pavel Shen C Khanty-Mansiysk Yugra [KHL] 2017 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2017 Entry 18 1 Urho Vaakanainen D JyP HT Jyvaskyla [SM-liiga] 16 0 2 2 2 2017 Entry 53 2 Jack Studnicka C Oshawa Generals [OHL] 22 1 3 4 2 2017 Entry 111 4 Jeremy Swayman G Sioux Falls Stampede [USHL] 10 0 0 0 0 2017 Entry 173 6 Cedric Pare C Saint John Sea Dogs [QMJHL] 2017 Entry 195 7 Victor Berglund D MODO [Sweden-Jrs] 2017 Entry 204 7 Daniel Bukac D Brandon Wheat Kings [WHL] 2016 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2016 Entry 14 1 Charlie McAvoy D Boston University [H-East] 235 24 98 122 177 2016 Entry 29 1 Trent Frederic C U.S. National Development Team [USHL] 59 4 1 5 80 2016 Entry 49 2 Ryan Lindgren D U.S. National Development Team [USHL] 116 2 28 30 90 2016 Entry 135 5 Joona Koppanen C Ilves Jrs (Finland) 2016 Entry 136 5 Cameron Clarke D Lone Star Brahmas [NAHL] 2016 Entry 165 6 Oskar Steen C Farjestad Jrs (Sweden) 3 0 0 0 2 2015 Entry Draft Num. Round Player Pos Drafted From GP G A Pts PIM 2015 Entry 13 1 Jakub Zboril D Saint John Sea Dogs [QMJHL] 44 0 9 9 18 2015 Entry 14 1 Jake DeBrusk L Swift Current Broncos [WHL] 244 67 67 134 57 2015 Entry 15 1 Zachary Senyshyn R Soo Greyhounds [OHL] 14 1 2 3 2 2015 Entry 37 2 Brandon Carlo D Tri-City Americans [WHL] 324 15 40 55 196 2015 Entry 45 2 Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson C Omaha Lancers [USHL] 29 3 6 9 2 2015 Entry 52 2 Jeremy Lauzon D Rouyn-Noranda Huskies [QMJHL] 76 3 8 11 71 2015 Entry 75 3 Daniel Vladar G Kladno Jrs. (Czech Rep.) 5 0 0 0 0 2015 Entry 105 4 Jesse Gabrielle L Regina Pats [WHL] 2015 Entry 165 6 Cameron Hughes C U. of Wisconsin [Big-10] 2 0 0 0 0 2015 Entry 195 7 Jack Becker C Mahtomedi (Minn. H.S.) Doesn't look like Boston's future is all that exciting at this point in time. Lets compare Bostons 2014 draft to the entire drafting from 2015 onward. Boston's drafting from 2014-2020 generated 2242GP 418 goals 636 assists 1054 points. Of that, the 2014 draft generated 1043GP (46.5%), 298 goals (71.2%) and 372 assists (58.4%) and the total points 670 (63.5%) Since Benning's departure, Boston's drafting has plummeted heavily. Sure they have been a strong team for many years and they draft a little lower in the draft, but in 2015 and 2016 they drafted in the 1st round 5 times. McAvoy and Debrusk being the only 2 1st rounders to become NHLers. Boston had 3 1st round picks in 2015, Boston had 3 cracks to draft Boeser and they nearly missed out on all 3 picks. They took home DeBrusk while Benning made away like a bandit with Boeser. I think we can all say that our drafting was changed instantaneously after removing Crawford and I think Crawfords time in Montreal just goes to prove that he was a problem here. Sure we matched Boston in games played in that 2014 draft, but our point production was smashed by them. Judd Brackett had a huge part to play in our drafting after that, but I'm sure that the drafting we have done this past 6 years will be enough to not worry about our drafting too much for a couple years. I also have faith in the group of guys in place to keep our drafting a success along the way. We have a great looking core and a lot of exciting prospects in the works, our youth is beginning to take over and the league will be at our mercy in no time at all. I hope this brings forth hope and restores fans excitement for this franchise and the upcoming season(s). You can look around at a lot of other teams from all over the league and see that the position we are in is much, much better. Teams like Toronto, Edmonton and Buffalo who have had exceptionally high drafting and landed these superstars are nowhere further in the league than we are and their future is even scarier for their fan base. Eichel wants out, Matthews is a UFA and may just leave town, McDavid and Matthews may have priced themselves out of town..... Then there are bottom teams like Detroit and a few others that I listed that are drafting high and have almost nothing to show at all for it. GO CANUCKS GO!!
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  7. Bell Let's Not Talk. What a garbage company.
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  8. Looks to me like you are the only one trying to stir controversy no where did it say he was going to be leaving.
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  9. Hoge all day! Hoge all night! Even before this season began, I think it was clear to the millions that Mr Jim Benning was already the land slide draft god of the NHL... but come on... did he really do it again?! Is this real? Are you kidding me?! It wasn't enough that he somehow managed to win the 2017 draft after the "lottery system" slid us down to 5th overall... Fast forward a year... 2018 draft after the "lottery" slid us down to 7th overall this time... Jim said he doesn't care! Slide me down 3 spots I LIKE IT! But to somehow pull 2019 out of the hat too?! It's a little early but I'm confident in what I've seen and Mr Jim Benning's outlook. Hughes Kakko Dach have played more games but none seem to have a higher ceiling to me than Hogz... none are as "electrifying"... Also those guys went 1st 2nd 3rd... the fact that the king drafted Hogz 40th... unreal. For all we know Hogz and Podz could be best two players of this draft. Wouldn't surprise me. Whatever Jim touches turns into gold. I didn't even mention when he stole epitome of character and skill at 23rd overall in 2015... simply put this franchise has never had a bonafide star who gives back as much as Brocky does. He's one of those star athletes that realizes the power he can have in people's lives... such a kind loving guy... the world needs more Brock Boeser's. Anyways... I could go on for days and days about all the positive things that Jim has done during his tenure... but that's not my goal. My goal is to see this fan base unified as one and supporting the team and being grateful for the plethora of young talent we have. This would include stopping all negative thoughts... no one cares that you negotiate better contracts when you play NHL on XBOX... Everyone is allowed mistakes in a job... being OCD and focusing on garbage like that does nothing but harm your own mental well being in the long term. I urge you Canucks nation... watch the games and just be happy. Stop the nonsense, stop bashing our own players, coaches, GM... if someone is to be traded Jim will handle it. You don't have to trash on a player or GM. It does nothing but multiply toxicity in your own life. Disclaimer: I understand this only applies to 10-20% of our fan base which are brainwashed into thinking toxic thoughts - but sadly this 10-20% makes too much noise. If you have friends that are in this category please try and get them to change their tune... we need all hands on deck for unification We were 1 good period away from playing in the West Final last year... this group will take us there again. United we are stronger. BELIEVE Jim's process. He's taking us to the moon! Anyways, I'm off to hoge the rest of the day, and obviously all night! Hoge hoge !
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  10. Megna and Chaput are on waivers on the same day.
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  11. I've been following this forum since 2008 and it's always great to read different perspectives about this team that we all love. Although I've hardly posted over the years, I feel compelled to now because I think we have a team that is unlike any other we've had before; at least within the time frame that I've been following the Canucks (the 02-03 season, the glorious WCE days). The person at the crux of moulding this roster is the ever polarizing Jim Benning. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that his run as GM, from what he inherited to what he is building up, has been unprecedented. The following is my personal perspective on what his run has been like, and why we must be a little more patient and let him see his vision through. The end of the Gillis era was one of the most frustrating times for me as a fan. The team had no clear direction, random trades were made on a whim, the embarrassing goalie "controversy" & how that was handled, on top of the fact that we all knew the Sedins had a few more good years in them that were being completely wasted had all of us pretty exhausted. When Benning came in as GM in 2014, it was clear through interviews with him & Linden that the team was still aiming to compete, and moves made in the subsequent couple of years were a clear indication of that objective. Good or bad, it's pretty accurate to ascertain that ownership believed that the team could still be competitive, and moved steadily in that direction. I see every move made in this era as an attempt at a long shot playoff run, whether it's the Loui signing, the various trades, and all else. But things just did not work out, and finally during the 2017-2018 it became clear that we were undergoing a full fledged rebuild. This is where my assessment of Benning's tenure truly starts. If you guys recall, the 2017-2018 season started off quite strong until injuries decimated us. But Boes & Bo had solid seasons and there was this guy named Pettersson that was tearing it up and breaking records in the SHL. I remember feeling optimistic having 3 legitimate young players on the come up, right as the Sedins played their final season. When was the last time we had something like that? Keep in mind this was just about three years ago, which is not that long of a time span at all. We have witnessed a team that lost its two faces of franchise, was going through misguided hopes of playoff runs, and a guaranteed basement dweller go into its deepest run since 2011 and legitimately in talks of being a long term contender within the span of three years. I think a lot of fans would benefit to broaden their perspective on what is going on here. Everything seems to be evaluated on such black & white terms, whereas we have a team in hand that is so ahead of schedule and the envy of many fan bases around the league (whether they want to admit it or not). I look at Detroit, Colorado, Carolina, Toronto, Arizona, Buffalo, Minnesota, Edmonton, even Calgary & Montreal, and how long it took some of them to become competitive. I can't help but feel that some of us really take our situation for granted. On a few critiques that Benning gets, especially pertaining to this off season: There is no way I would be comfortable in having Marky & Tanev to those contracts long term. The only guy we lost that would make sense to still have is Tofolli, but you can't overlook the flat cap & the shady Lou recapture situation that blind sided us. Regardless, I have immense faith in Hog & it wouldn't surprise me if he ends the season with more points than Tofolli. His overall 200 foot game has so much potential as well. On the topic of the bottom six contracts, I agree they might be a bit overpaid, but look at where we were when we signed those guys, that veteran presence was essential. And there is no way we make a playoff run last summer without the likes of Sutter & Beagle. That's another aspect you cannot look at in black and white terms because the value of these guys is what teams like Edmonton, Buffalo, Arizona, and currently Ottawa have all lacked. It is entirely unreasonable to believe that this season or last would be seasons we'd be competing for the cup; the time frame when these contracts hold their greatest weight on the cap overall. When it's said & done, especially with majority of those contracts coming off the books as soon as this off season, I think our team long term in context of creating a team culture and helping our young players develop, has been better off with those guys being around than without them. I want to close by again underscoring the fact that we are in an unprecedented situation. The WCE era and the Sedin era are the two most prolific times our team has had in the past 20 years. But both eras had a 3-4 year window, as those players peaked a bit later in their careers. With the team we have now, we have already gone further than the WCE ever did, and this is a team that has truly only been assembled and taken direction in the last 3 years. The window here to be legitimate contenders seems to be open for several years to come. Our core is young, and they are coming into their own in a positive and competitive team culture & environment, that many other rebuilding teams lacked. And the man at the helm of this has had his ups & downs but he's done something in the last three years that majority of teams around the league would take in a heart beat. So let's keep our perspective focused on the long term, understand the gray areas that challenged our team, and ultimately enjoy this era. I will openly admit I was wrong if management takes a blatant wrong turn, but with the hand that was dealt turning into what we have now, I am greatly looking forward ahead to being a Canucks fan. Cheers & take care guys
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  12. For those that missed it, Kevin Bieksa was on the Halford & Brough show this morning and gave a very compelling interview. I highly recommend listening to the full thing: https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/halford-brough-morning/kevin-bieksa-edlers-major-media-covering-canucks-return-play/ Fast forward to 7:50 in... - Media in Vancouver is pretty entitled, in reference to not being allowed to look at two practices coming off Covid. - "If you're not gonna get it right, then don't report it" in reference to false reports about Quinn Hughes needing IVs. - Intent media coverage in Vancouver and Canadian markets is definitely a factor and hurts the team's performance. When playing in Anaheim they would talk to reporters once in a blue moon and it was much easier to get out of slumps without being crucified in the media. - Mentions being on a 10 game winning streak and coming home to read the news "Steve Bernier hasn't scored in 15 games" - There were "bully" reporters that players had asked to not be allowed in the room as they would constantly create negative controversies and find one player and pick on them. Just a little food for thought because after spending 25 years of following the Canucks, it almost becomes normalized to constantly hear negative stories about our team. I'll never forget watching the 2011 Finals and seeing our very own Vancouver media taking Luongo's comments about Tim Thomas and turning them into a circus. We're currently in the middle of the weirdest season in memory and Canucks have had the worst schedule out of all 31 NHL teams, but our media has again just been calling for heads to roll all year.
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  14. Fans b*tching about Benning not signing Hughes and Pettersson on Twitter instead of Dickinson. I really hate some of our fan base…
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  17. We lost a heart and soul warrior who will always be remembered as one of the most fearless Canucks. May we all take a moment to remember Rick and support mental health initiatives like Mind Check, Hockey Talks and Let's Talk so that others may reach out and get the help they need. No one should be ripped away from us at this early age. We'll always have you in our hearts, Rick.
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  18. 2021-2022 Season Opener The road to the cup starts here! Countdown to Game TimeCountdown VANCOUVER CANUCKS @ EDMONTON OILERS Where: Rogers Place, Edmonton, AB When: Oct.13th, 2021 @ 7:00pm PT TV: Sportsnet Pacific Radio: SN650 AM Starting Lineups: CANUCKS Pearson - Horvat - Garland Miller - Pettersson - Chiasson Highmore - Dickinson - Höglander Dowling - Lammikko - Podkolzin OEL - Myers Hughes - Poolman Rathbone - Burroughs Demko OILERS Draisaitl - McDavid - Puljujarvi Hyman - RNH - Yamamoto Foegele - Ryan - Sceviour Perlini - McLeod - Turris Nurse - Barrie Keith - Ceci Russel - Bouchard Smith
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  19. I would have been pissed if we paid 5 million!!! But 4.95mil I can live with
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  20. keep in mind he's only 18, lots of room to grow
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  21. Given how challenging the last year has been for all of us, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Canucks ownership group for their commitment to the team and the fans. Having hockey to watch again during the pandemic is a blessing. Estimates are it may be costing our owners a loss of about 40m to have our team play this year. So thank you Francesco and family for your commitment to Vancouver, the Canucks and the fans. It would be a long winter without hockey to watch. Sometimes we forget when somebody does something above and beyond. Ya I get the fact that it is a business blah blah. But it needs to be recognized when people in our community step up like this and put their money on the line to preserve a team we dearly love and provide a reason to cheer or smile (or a reason to complain lol) for all of us 3 or 4 nights a week at time when we all need it. Well done! Fanfor42.
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  22. Also: Because it's Autism Acceptance Night I feel I have to address comments earlier that hinted that having autistic kids is somehow a burden/curse when, in fact, they're a blessing. It's a lot of work and extremely tiring for sure...but autistic children are so gifted. Once you learn their nuances and how to enter their world instead of trying to force them into our world, they're incredible. As the person responsible for the front desk at our school for autistic kids, I got to spend each day supervising them until the bus arrived at dismissal. One was a brilliant pianist and also knew all about car engines. Like he could tell you anything about them. The retention of facts and information was amazing. Twins who were hilarious and had a sense of humour if you got to recognize it. (Those are the two I took to the Kings game). Another loved art and each day he'd draw until the bus arrived...I collected 42 pictures he'd done and put them together in a book for him at the end of the year. He was thrilled with it...shoved it into his backpack and said "I keep it". These were done without copying or tracing. Autistic kids just are so misunderstood....we quickly learned how to care for each of them based on their individual needs. There were challenges at times...but isn't that true with most kids? I won't post all 42 lol. But these were ALL done from memory and quickly too. He ran out of ideas and I'd throw something out there and he'd draw it! We have to view autistic people for what they are....unique individuals who have so much to offer. It can be hard at times (for sure)...they do have tendencies to sometimes bolt and get very agitated (especially if there's too much stimulation). But that doesn't define them...there's so much more under the surface.
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  23. Petersson, Horvat, Miller, Boeser, Garland, Hoglander, Pearson Total salary 33.466 Million Matthews, Marner, Tavares Total Salary 33.543 Million I like the look of that.
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  24. LOL @ Vancouver media and their "sources". I applaud Aquilini for having a backbone. If this season is a write-off, the decisions on management can made after this season. As much as I question Travis' coaching, along with his assistants, I do believe this is the right move to keep things intact. Fans who don't want to watch the Canucks can watch the Sens or Sabres. I honestly think our fanbase is too toxic. We are basically BEGGING the media to make up news to support what fans want to hear. LOL. The result? Journalism without accountability.
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  26. Hoping that Shaw is in charge of the defense now, and that Baumgartner is just the guy who piles the pucks in those cool formations before each game.
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  27. What I'm really blown away by is that there are people out there who would actually pay a subscription to the Athletic to read an article written by Thomas Drance.
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  28. I dedicate this win to my dad who's at the hospice. Canucks beat the Leafs. I love you dad.
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  30. Well, I liked Mark but now I am glad he's gone if he's an anti-masker.
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