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  1. hi hello a cdc yes this is the one yes the ones and the onlys saniel dedin and yes i have no been saying many words lately but yes i have been abused hardly by a mods yes the mods are the angry and i a saniel dedin is said to no longer post but i say yes let me post yes yes yes!!!
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  2. They can have Holtby with 100% salary retained, if I can punch Marchand in the face. Final offer.
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  3. Thanks for posting this, @Bertuzzipunch, here's my takeaways on it: Benning is the most open guy that I think we've ever had as a GM in Vancouver, but BOY is he boring to listen to! #1. They are waiting to see if the police charge Virtanen so that they could just terminate his contract instead of having to pay him anything further through a buyout. #2. Juolevi will be a full time guy next year, provided he regains the weight and conditioning that he had before Covid #3. Sedins will be at our table at the draft (assuming that there is a open floor draft this su
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  4. With the Leafs loss to the Habs, guys like Rick Dhaliwal, Thomas Drance, JD Burke, 650 Sportsnet, and HF Canucks have received VERY huge blows It wasn’t supposed to be this way. “We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs, under “Shanaplan” were rebuilding the correct way and that the Canucks way was absurd. ”We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs model was a model of excellence and that it would only be a matter of time before the Leafs took the torch from the Pens, Hawks, and Kings. ”We” were told by “the pundits” that the Leafs signin
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  5. Many thanks to the Canucks organization for bringing AHL hockey back to both Utica and Syracuse, two former EHL rivals when Slap Shot was real, not just a movie. When the Devils left Utica many years ago it wasn't long after that NJ captured it's first Stanley Cup with former Utica Devil Martin Brodeur anchoring the net. May Thatcher Demko be your Brodeur and lead you to your first cup.
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  6. Bell Let's Not Talk. What a garbage company.
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  7. Looks to me like you are the only one trying to stir controversy no where did it say he was going to be leaving.
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  8. Hoge all day! Hoge all night! Even before this season began, I think it was clear to the millions that Mr Jim Benning was already the land slide draft god of the NHL... but come on... did he really do it again?! Is this real? Are you kidding me?! It wasn't enough that he somehow managed to win the 2017 draft after the "lottery system" slid us down to 5th overall... Fast forward a year... 2018 draft after the "lottery" slid us down to 7th overall this time... Jim said he doesn't care! Slide me down 3 spots I LIKE IT! But to somehow pull 2019 out
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  9. Whenever I come to this site, usually meander over to 'Prospects' section, to soak up the(mostly) good news. When one prospect trends downwards, often seems arguments follow, & a number of told-you-so's with comparative prospects pop up. Feel tired just reading this stuff. Personal feelings & skater-metrics/data from Hell. Do such obsessions compensate for other things that people may desire, regret, etc. in their lives? Makes ya wonder? Here's an idea: (Acceptance #1) Bo, Jake, Brock, OJ, EP How 'bout we accept this as our half-decade of fin
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  10. I find that I'm often looking for a lot of information on Canuck records that takes a bit of work to find, so I thought I'd make a spreadsheet to show a bunch of Canuck records and how they've changed over the history of the Canucks. Personally, I'll be using this for quick access to information for my hockey blog, but I figured some others on here might want to use it or just view it for curiosity's sake. There's far to much information to place in this post, so I've just made the Google Sheet accessible by link if you're interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1czbmdTF
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  11. I've been following this forum since 2008 and it's always great to read different perspectives about this team that we all love. Although I've hardly posted over the years, I feel compelled to now because I think we have a team that is unlike any other we've had before; at least within the time frame that I've been following the Canucks (the 02-03 season, the glorious WCE days). The person at the crux of moulding this roster is the ever polarizing Jim Benning. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that his run as GM, from what he inherited to what he is building up, has been unp
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  12. For those that missed it, Kevin Bieksa was on the Halford & Brough show this morning and gave a very compelling interview. I highly recommend listening to the full thing: https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/halford-brough-morning/kevin-bieksa-edlers-major-media-covering-canucks-return-play/ Fast forward to 7:50 in... - Media in Vancouver is pretty entitled, in reference to not being allowed to look at two practices coming off Covid. - "If you're not gonna get it right, then don't report it" in reference to false reports about Quinn Hughes needing IV
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  15. C | 6'2" | 165 lbs Shoots | Left Born | 1998-11-12 Draft | 2017 Round 1 #5 Overall by Vancouver Canucks Scouting report: Highlights:
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  17. I would have been pissed if we paid 5 million!!! But 4.95mil I can live with
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  18. keep in mind he's only 18, lots of room to grow
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  19. Given how challenging the last year has been for all of us, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Canucks ownership group for their commitment to the team and the fans. Having hockey to watch again during the pandemic is a blessing. Estimates are it may be costing our owners a loss of about 40m to have our team play this year. So thank you Francesco and family for your commitment to Vancouver, the Canucks and the fans. It would be a long winter without hockey to watch. Sometimes we forget when somebody does something above and beyond. Ya I get the fact that
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  20. Also: Because it's Autism Acceptance Night I feel I have to address comments earlier that hinted that having autistic kids is somehow a burden/curse when, in fact, they're a blessing. It's a lot of work and extremely tiring for sure...but autistic children are so gifted. Once you learn their nuances and how to enter their world instead of trying to force them into our world, they're incredible. As the person responsible for the front desk at our school for autistic kids, I got to spend each day supervising them until the bus arrived at dismissal. One was a brilliant pianist and also knew
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  21. LOL @ Vancouver media and their "sources". I applaud Aquilini for having a backbone. If this season is a write-off, the decisions on management can made after this season. As much as I question Travis' coaching, along with his assistants, I do believe this is the right move to keep things intact. Fans who don't want to watch the Canucks can watch the Sens or Sabres. I honestly think our fanbase is too toxic. We are basically BEGGING the media to make up news to support what fans want to hear. LOL. The result? Journalism without accountability.
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  22. Hoping that Shaw is in charge of the defense now, and that Baumgartner is just the guy who piles the pucks in those cool formations before each game.
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  23. What I'm really blown away by is that there are people out there who would actually pay a subscription to the Athletic to read an article written by Thomas Drance.
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  24. I dedicate this win to my dad who's at the hospice. Canucks beat the Leafs. I love you dad.
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  26. Well, I liked Mark but now I am glad he's gone if he's an anti-masker.
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