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    2020 GML CHAMPIONS The Nashville Predators would like to take this opportunity to tip our hat to the Detroit Red Wings and GM @Azzy for the great series we had and what they were able to accomplish this season. As previously mentioned before, you have practically built/been a part of teams that have gone to the finals in back to back seasons. You've been here before, you've won here before and will continue to do so in the future. Your GM work is something we all look up to. Virtual handshakes and butt slaps to you and your players. We will also like to recognize the great battles that our team had to endure prior to the finals. The Stars, Canucks and Jets are all very well built teams with great leadership. Every single round had lineups that had me concerned, regardless of their results. I look forward in keeping up to par with all of your competitive teams, @theminister, @Master Mind and @canuck2xtreme. Thank you to the people who have believed in and reached out to me in regards to what I am trying to build here in Nashville. It really does mean a lot. Special shoutout to @canuck2xtreme once more and to his exec team in running yet another successful season. Even throughout these tough times, they all have been able to keep running this league the way it has always been ran, as the best league in CDC. To be frank, this is something that I did not envision myself writing this season or even in the near future. My team really did take a bigger leap then what I had projected this season, but this only further validates the belief I have had in them since day 1. Like many others here, I have spent years in this league and many hours trying to mold a team that I see fit winning multiple championships. To now also realize that I am in the history books along side the names of @theminister, @Ty Webb, @lethunder, OTIS and other great GMs, it makes all of this still seem sorta surreal. And now officially announcing... your 2020 GML CHAMPIONS, the NASHVILLE PREDATORS (top row) Ondrej Kase, Conor Garland, Denis Malgin, Kurtis MacDermid, Kirby Dach, Patrik Nemeth, Dryden Hunt (middle row) Erik Brannstrom, Brayden Point, Nikita Kucherov, Dmitri Kulikov, Mark Jankowski, Barrett Hayton, Mason Appleton (bottom row) Jason Spezza, Joe Thornton, Travis Hamonic, Alex Barkov, Mikhail Sergachev, Brett Howden, Max Pacioretty, Anthony Duclair, Neal Pionk (front row) James Reimer, Dion Phaneuf, Juuse Saros Not in team photo (TDL acquisitions): Carl Soderberg, Corey Perry Here are a few of them with CDCGML's holy grail
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    Winnipeg Jets Pre Draft Report I have a theory but I'd need mod permission to post it as it would probably get me banned otherwise
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    Perks have officially reset. Teams can request up to 5 Non AHL Stat request updates now. PK has AHL stats. Draft Lottery at 8 PM tonight.
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    The following players are NHL ready and have signed NHL contracts Mario Svirec Heinz Lohmar Janne Sandlin Alexandr Obolskiy Jan Gebre Selassie Alexey Lebedenko Matthias Schwarzler Mattias Westermark Jalil Patricia
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    The voting for the Conn Smythe Trophy was close between Hedman and Point. Victor Hedman - 70 points (9-8-1) Brayden Point - 66 points (8-8-2) Nikita Kucherov - 25 points (1-2-14) Andrei Vasilevskiy - 1 point (0-0-1)
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    Also. One cannot overlook re-signing players in a tax friendly state to lower contracts. Full credit for the win but I really don't like the disparity between teams under a cap. The cap top should be adjusted in tax free states.
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    After thousands of pages across these boards and people still have no idea what is and/or how to differentiate between opinion on a fact and an actual fact. Its absolutely astonishing...
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    He said fact checking can be biased not facts themselves. You (imo) didn't read his statement properly and instead wrote on a different (assumed) topic.
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    I know there was some discussion on this last time around. We will get that all sorted in the future - so let's keep this civil . But for tonight victory let us add the Nashville Predators to the GML Championship Wall of fame! Congrats to both @Sergei Bobrovsky and @Azzy for going up on this wall of fame. Great seasons and playoffs from both of you! It is great to see some of the young talent out West starting to make a rise. Congrats to you and everyone involved in these play-in/playoffs! Sorry to those of you on the outside looking in. I'm sure it's been a boring few months around here. We look forward to a fun and exciting 2020-21 Season whenever that may start! Lets all prepare for what's a head.. ie the GML Entry Draft and Free Agency! GML Championship History (2009-2020) GM GML CHAMPIONS GML FINALISTS GM 2019-20 @Sergei Bobrovsky W NSH vs L DET @Azzy 2019-20 2018-19 @Master Mind @Azzy W VAN vs L FLA @Otis 2018-19 2017-18 @Mike Vanderhoek W NJD vs L ARZ @Squeak 2017-18 2016-17 @Mike Vanderhoek W NJD vs L CBJ @Ty Webb 2016-17 2015-16 @Ty Webb W CBJ vs L OTT @winterhawks 2015-16 2014-15 @Otis W FLA vs L MIN @Caboose 2014-15 2013-14 @Otis W FLA vs L MIN @Caboose 2013-14 2012-13 @theminister W NYI vs L LAK @Ace of Spades 2012-13 2011-12 @Ace of Spades W LAK vs L WSH @da.moose 2011-12 2010-11 @lethunder W BUF vs L WPG @canuck2xtreme 2010-11 2009-10 @lethunder W BUF vs L LAK @Ace of Spades 2009-10 Thanks @canuck2xtreme & @Mike Vanderhoek for making this possible. Along with all the other execs behind the scenes. Look forward to watching @greensman assemble his 2021 Seattle Kraken. You better start prepping your lists! He is coming for you.
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    We have 61 winners who correctly predicted the outcome of this series: @Wash @Brad Marchand @Nuxfanabroad @Petey40 @LOL_dre @Sean Monahan @PetterssonOrPeterson @Toyotasfan @Coconuts @Canucklehead53 @bree2 @Keslerific @Qwags @Sway5454 @internationalhippy @SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME @CanucksCountry @Lionized27 @TNucks1 @Smelling Salts @10pavelbure96 @zapperman @spur1 @Quantum @NaveJoseph @UKNuck96 @The Big D @Ur a Towel @Drakrami @drummerboy @AriGold2.0 @Shift-4 @skategal @aGENT @luckylager @Mbnuckfan @Gäz @Apples @CaptKirk888 @DJSkingz @c00kies @Cali Canuck @Beary Sweet @Penskih @Canucks_89 @EP Phone Home @circuit619 @D-Money @AV's Coin @Duodenum @Western Red @Chicken. @CptCanuck16 @Googlie @Pettersson the goat @AngelicHearts @Cap'N Bo @oldnews @babych @22and33 @spook007 Congrats!
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    Keep in mind that at some point you have to.. you know.... ice a team....
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    Headlines: Pow! Alex Edler turns down 5 year 9.5AAV deal from Western team - wants to stay in the Nations Capital. Rumblings that Alex is about to leave all the money on the table and re-sign with Ottawa on a 1 year deal at a heavily discounted AAV... "I'm going to make the decision that is best for the boys and our club. We've got a special group here and I think we can win it all next year if I take a big discount."
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    The person who couldn’t even win her own state’s delegates in the primaries? I don’t think so.
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    trump also doesn't drink or smoke. it's perfectly plausible that neither candidate has appropriate cognitive facilities to be president, but trump is at least understandable at some times. both just look old and tired. and I'm not excited about either VP candidate either.
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    fellas, gents, lad(ie)s.... let's not weight-shame here. we can discuss trump's badness by itself, his weight shouldn't become an issue in this.
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    When did Germans become a race, and not a nationality?
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    Sure, if you throw it at them hard enough.
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    Boeser is also a goal scoring who looks like he can push for 30 goals; is big and hard to push off the puck; Domi has been wildly inconsistent, is gritty but smaller. Showing up for camp/a season is also worth considering- think about how Virt gets skewered for that here. Again, Domi is coming off a prettty brutal season and playoff, Bergevin said as much, Domi fired his agent, Julien played him on the fourth line with Weise & Weal in the playoffs, he didn't manage a single playoff goal and finished 8th amongst MTL forwards with 3 points. Maybe Montreal wouldn't wanna add to a Domi for Boeser swap, but if I'm Benning I definitely don't pull the trigger on a 1-1 I think Benning would have special interest in Domi cuz of the Horvat connection but I don't see him being as valuable as Boeser at this moment in time
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    Back on topic. Actually, forget it...we'll take a time out on this thread as it's becoming anything but a good discussion.
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    Have you heard Trump? Seen him? It's obvious that one's "fitter" than the other. In every regard. Trump doesn't make a complete sentence...but usually strings together about 30 in a stream of thought that comes out like it was poured right out of the magic bullet. Biden's a mere 3 years older than Trump, in much better physical shape (actually works out...doesn't smoke/drink/etc.). Trump, on the other hand is likely in need of a fitness program to ensure, in his 70's, that his life isn't cut short due to his poor health choices.
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    thats a really good point. A medically obese 74 year old on a fast food diet is at much higher risk of major problems than a fit 77 year old.
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    Great Victory Lap post...and this graphic is awesome, love it.
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    congratulations Nashville!
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    Seems like one of the TRUMPist talking points about mail-in ballots is false. Who could have seen that one coming. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/sep/28/facebook-posts/ballots-california-dumpster-were-actually-old-empt/ Ballots in California dumpster were actually old, empty envelopes from 2018 election
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    hypocrisy/1way road example #1751: there’s evidence of Biden saying this but he’s let off without any questioning. When Trump was allegedly to have said disparaging comments without any evidence in which officials that were there denied it yet it made the rounds of most of the main stream media. lefits tactics 101, same one which liberals use in the DNC. So many people like Joe and myself who lean so far left on majority of policies are suppressed by the own side for just thinking freely which is what liberals were brought up upon. This is what the world has come to. And speaking of Joe, he nails it on the head here as I’ve been saying before...dems pretending Biden is fine and not dying...how viciously the Dems & media would attack Biden if he were Republican...that not voting for Trump doesn’t make you a good person which is what society has programmed people to think. It’s actually so intellectually inept to even believe such a preconceived and ignorant notion.
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    Feedback is always appreciated, Feel free to also request different players
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    2023 RGMG Champion Florida Panthers Jonathan Huberdeau - Tyler Seguin - Valeri Nichushkin Matthew Tkachuk [A] - Aleksander Barkov - Vitali Kravstov James Van Riemsdyk - Erik Haula - Julien Gauthier Adam Mascherin - Chris Tierney - Oskar Lindblom [C] Oliver Wahlstrom Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Torey Krug Hampus Lindholm - Julius Honka Jake Bean - Cody Ceci Danny DeKeyser Carey Price Malcolm Subban [A] @BBC: special advisor & team physician
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    Aquilini when he realized Tom Galardi didnt win a cup before him
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    Right, so Trump says offensive things 24/7 but you go back to 1972 to dig up Biden quote to show equivalence. You stop at a place that is a hotbed for racists and white nationalists from all over the place. When people call it bull$&!#, you go back to this perpetually offended guy that just likes to point out the hypocrisy.
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    I've never been a fan of his attitude. O'Reillys comments a few years back seemed directed at Eichel. He's a great player but one cannot underestimate the mood some of these players impose on locker rooms. EVERY time I even see a picture of Petey I thank the hockey gods he is a Canuck. A superstar star skill set is one thing. A superstar with a healthy, postive, team first, winning attitude is worth more than gold.
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    Pretty much yep. The funny thing is the Koch bros are/were worth way more than Soros (to the tune of 5-10x) but somehow he is the one pulling all the strings around the globe. But hey follow the money I guess.... EDIT: Apparently the CK foundation teamed up with Soros' Open Society to create an anti-war think tank... Now they're working together....We're doomed!!!!!
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    You could simply look at what the fascists did. Sided with big business, crushed the labour unions, and when they got into power, privatized, privatized, privatized. They proclaimed 'one people' without amending class dynamics, so the risks of the business of the rich would be laid on the poor and working class. They are imperialist, and seek to dominate another class, race, or ethnicity based on ethnic or national solidarity. Happened in both Italy and Germany. Makes it pretty easy to determine what's fascist.
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    Correct. That person is probably Elizabeth Warren, but Biden is far superior to Donald Trump.
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    BLM, Climate, COVID, all of that and more dominates every media outlet, even this site‘S banners, and none of that seems to serve a conservative/Right Wing narrative. The owners of the media might have conservative values for themselves and their kind, but promote the opposite for everyone else. I like this montage. If anybody still believes in what they see or hear from this propaganda machine after watching this scripted response to the public waking up to the scam, then maybe it’s time for some Yuri to drive home the message about subversion. There are lots of these videos floating around, but they are being censored and systematically being removed, apparently by Right Wingers, you know the values of free speech, less government and less censorship... sure.
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    Congrats Tampa.... a great team without doubt... And to think they did it without JT, who is now one of the most important players in Vancouver.... Just goes to show, how deep the Bolts really were... also delighted the see Seguin, Pavelski and Perry get zilts....
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    Congratulations @Sergei Bobrovsky. Well deserved. The Caps are once again active after taking a much needed break. Teams looking to add NHL talent are welcomed to contact me as I currently have a surplus. I also have MTL's 4th round pick this season which I am very open to moving to teams that are looking to add draft picks.
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    Well, despite the pause that was still a fun season and playoffs. I've enjoyed running this little contest and plan to be back for the 2020-21 season, whatever that might look like. First off, congrats to @Chickenspear for winning the return-to-play version and to @FijianCanuck for winning the original season. @Chickenspear clinched the victory by picking the series winner and game winner tonight, as well as being the only person to pick Hedman to win the Conn Smythe. Final Return-to-Play leaderboard: Thanks to everyone who participated. Now here's the part where you can make recommendations for next year. A few questions to consider: In the original season I rotated through a bunch of different bonus questions. In return-to-play I stuck with the same bonus question. Which did you prefer? During the original season I increased the points available as the season moved along. Was this good or should I have kept it the same throughout? During the original season I often had bonus questions that were a 50/50 proposition (such as which team takes more shots). Was this a good approach, or too easy to get points? Should there be prizes? Any other thoughts or ideas for next year? Thanks again, it was fun. G13
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    Trump nut huggers are not able to defend him without invoking Obama, Clinton’s or the Democrats. They should change KAGA slogan to KWGA, keep whataboutisms great again.
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    Happy for Hedman. Sad for Miller. Warms me to see Sequin go down, he's a bum. I'm more interested in how we can take advantage of TB's cap situation to the Canucks benefit.
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    Congratulations to @EP40. TML has already been active in the shake up and are very glad with the business so far. We could still look to move an rd prospect or picks to strengthen up even more. Also will help out teams that want to swap a non nhl prospect for one of my nhl ready one..
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    Well, glad that's over. Benn & Seguin deserve squat. Now getting on with that busy off-season...
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    Damn fruits! *looks at username* Oh...
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