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    Hardly the only difference this season. They had key pieces walk, no training camp, a ridiculously condensed schedule, and they had divisional realignment that put them in one of the toughest divisions in the league. Those are the reasons we’re at where we’re at. But those are also just excuses and Green should be judged on his results which speak for themselves. If I believed those factors were the only reason for losing I would give Green a free pass. But all one has to do is watch how he has the team playing and listen to his post game comments to know this is a coach that’s in over his head.
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    pretty sure green and his assistants playing systems are the problem. benning got him hoglander to play with bo and a underperforming dcorp that should be better than they are
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    I have been on Loui’s case as much as anyone however I seriously doubt he’s ’dogging it’. Like all professional athletes, they jump the shark eventually. For some, that happens quickly. Look how Hansen’s game fell off the cliff so rapidly. This is the danger of handing out such a long term big money contract at the age Loui was.
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    Gillis was in charge of 6 drafts. In those 6 drafts he drafted 37 players. Out of those 37 players, only 14 played at least one game in the NHL. 23 players he drafted out of 37 players never played a single game in the NHL. Out of the 14 players he drafted that played in the NHL, only 6 played more than 100 games. in 2010 he drafted 5 players, 4 never played a game in the NHL and one player played in one NHL game. Imagine picking an entire draft class where all the players drafted combine for ONE NHL game. The fact is that Gillis left this team in complete shambles. Only one player remains on the team that was a Gillis draft pick. Those 6 years of pathetic drafting is why it has taken this long to rebuild this team. And to add to that Aquilini made the choice to try and give the Sedins one last shot at a Cup, so the early decisions to trade picks and get high priced veterans came from ownership. The reason we signed Loui was to give the Sedins one last shot at a Cup. It didn't work out so Benning needed to fill other holes to retool on the fly. In came Sutter, Roussel and Beagle. Again, bad decisions looking back now but the idea of the retool on the fly came from ownership. Ultimately, we should have just started a full rebuild the first year Benning took over. But with the Sedins still here earning $6 million it wasn't going to happen. Now we are paying the price. So we need to let the bad contracts run out, play the kids and ride it out from here. Benning needs to hire a coach that can get the most out of this talented group of young players. He will get one more shot to right the ship. Let's see what happens.
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    Sure thing. I have confidence that you can reach some form of clarity from your original comment. I suspect that most folks could provide an answer, and we are all supporting you in this challenge. regards, G.
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    It's okay. If clarity is challenging to you then work it out at your own speed. The rest of us can wait. regards, G.
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    You succeeded Venom52 after he had the Sharks for years 1 and 2.
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    We did have a pretty crap record vs Canada last year. We were 5-10-0 and that was with Marky/Tanev/Stecher. So tough division for us I guess.
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    Well some arguable points there Is this an arguable point though ? In the NHL's Facebook accounts and posts and there are comments from fans that the North Division is the weakest in the NHL. Like comments on how most of the teams in the Central division would destroy the best teams in the North.
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    I liked Pedan too. But unfortunately, as they say, karma's a b****. He got one-punched himself in the A, by Stu Bickell, and never seemed as dominant a fighter after this (https://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/128947) . Too bad, I had high hopes for him as a #6 D here at one point in time.
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    All this talk about OGs and you forgot the guy who holds the GML record for most teams GMed, and most times quit (you have some catching up to do @Crabby). My signature move is to set up a good team and as soon as I leave, all the vets decline instantly leading to years of rebuilding...
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    Listen to Greens post game. The dude has zero answers. Zero ideas for improvement. He just doesn't have the attitude of a winning coach.
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    Green is the complete opposite of other coaches. Demko has his first shutout against the jets, he sits him down for the next game against jets. Joulevi scores his first goal, he sits him down for Chatfield. I mean at some point he needs to realize whats good for this team.
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    There is a huge benefit assuming we get our guy in Gallant gets to evaluate the team, purges our “elite” systems, starts implementing real systems all that allows a much smoother transition next season had we done it earlier we may have been able to go on a run, that window has passed
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    And the guy who signed Lucic is fired, the other who is Treliving and signed Neal is on the hot seat. Do you find any similarities to Benning?
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    What are you smoking? Loui had two 30 goal seasons in his entire career. One of which was in 2009 and the other one was in his last season in Boston before joining the Canucks. Between those two seasons he had quite a few 10G seasons. He was making $4.25 on his previous contract. 1 good season in the previous half dozen warrants a $2m raise in your view? You got any job openings cuz I wanna come work for you.
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    Eriksson was not washed up at the time of his signing. That's revisionist history. Beagle was well respected in Washington - and a fan favourite, fresh off a cup win. Myers was a well-sought after FA. Signed on the first day because he wanted to come home. I get that you want to put some scapegoats in, but they have to make sense though.
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    Benning wasn’t looking for a backup. The sample size on Demko was too small to give him the starter’s net. Benning talked of needing 2 goalies with the compressed schedule. Hotlby was going to mentor Demko and give him time to develop.
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    Green has quit on the team so he just plays Holtby-Demko-Holtby-Demko the rest of the way. Wants to make sure both goalies are fresh for the golf season. You dont want to run the goalie into the ground in a 50 games season.
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    ive liked green and surported him, but his decision making this year has been pretty annyoing.
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    I blame the Aquilinis for backing Green when it was obvious 10 games ago we needed a change.
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    Meh. If a potato chip could handle 12 defensive zone starts (1 ozone) = 7.7% - and come out an even 0 - in a matchup/shutdown role - then I'm ok with that potato chip. Those were Virtanen's (14:40) minutes last game in a shutout vs the Jets (not an easy group to shutdown btw). Some people continue to see that as 'he didn't score' - so it's a 'loss' / he's useless / didn't contribute. But when you have lines that handle those minutes and give up nothing - that is actually a gain / a positive. It not only enables your young top 6 to play minutes more conducive to their success (ie feed them the ozone starts) - but it also takes relative pressure off them to produce when the matchup lines are shutting down the opponent. So - to repeat - Virtanen has the lowest on ice goals on the team at 1.4 on ice goals against per 60. He has the highest on ice sv% of all forwards at .954. He's doing that while getting 37% ozone starts on the season. And these are not 'outlier' outcomes from a small sample this season. He is typically near or at the top in takeaways as well (is 3rd among forwards this season) and hits... If he can regain some of the goal scoring he's produced thus far in his career - 50 goals in 279 games coming into this season = 15 goals per 82 games - and that's again, playing a balance of bottom six type minutes at less than 13 minutes/night.... It's not necessarily a question of Zack vs Jake. I like Virtanen as a fit on either Beagle's line (the Motte Beagle Virtanen combination was very effective - and fun to watch) and I also like him as a fit with Horvat, who likewise likes the transition game (which fits well with his dzone starts)......I'd prefer to move Roussel personally.
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    Jake Virtanen more like Jake Craptanen
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    Jake Virtanen 299 games 51 goals 45 assists Nothing wrong with Isbister's career or Jake's, what is wrong with both careers is what people originally expected of them, and then kept expecting of them. People get way too wrapped up in OMG he isn't a diamond, and forget that other gem stones have worth.
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    that may have not been the type of bear he was referring to
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    Yes, I'm sure Jake spends a ton of time with Nolan Baumgartner... That a pretty rediculous argument in regards to the coaching subject. But at least you got a couple right this time, because I most definitely do not include the bench coaches. I saw a player who had slowly but steadily progressed every year as professional player, before this year. He obviously wasn't the player we had hoped he would be, even last year, but before this year if you deny he was making progress you are aren't watching the games. So we round back to the original content on my original post on the subject. A covid hockey year where Jake isn't the only struggling player on the team could be just as much to blame for his performance as himself. I would rather hold him and see how he does next year in different conditions then dump him at a big loss. We done here?
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    Geez, what happened to being responsible for your own actions?
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    In that case you might as well ban restaurants from serving alcohol, I mean someone has to drive there, why tempt them? Remove parking lots from bars and clubs, because you want 0 tolerance. Have a beer with a friend and get pulled over? 5 year mandatory minimum. Make pot illegal again too, it worked so well before. That was sarcasm. Why do you make it seem like there's some plague of drunk drivers murdering innocent people? Culture of tolerance? .05% is tolerant? Checkstops across cities is tolerant? Police can breathalyze you at your residence within 30 minutes of arrival if someone reported you were driving drunk. Is that tolerant? John having 2 beer and a dozen wings over an hour after work isn't the problem, the problem is the few that stumble to their vehicle after a 70$ tab and drive home. Keep on drinking that Kool Aid though, I'm just glad you're in the vocal, far left minority.
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    Based on this post, I think you picked really good picture for your avatar. Looks like Fiat 500 from way back, your IQ is about as high as Fiat’s HP!
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    I agree with all you have to say except for the last bit as the election was fair and not rigged.. Ignore Dotard and his fallacies..
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    For all the cancellors here who are talking about blanket penalties for DUI, you are too short for the ride. Someone can be .05 in Canada and get a DUI. A .05 person isn't in the same league as an actual sloshed driver. You people who have been advocating for covid lockdowns and bootlicking on every clamp down stage of civic freedom are more of a harm to the general population than however many DUI assholes are driving on the road. Makes sense that you want to strip people of their jobs and assets. Witch hunting midwits the lot of you. It's a race to the bottom at this point. And Bert was right about Biden. Rhetoric guzzling simps actually think it wasn't a stolen result.
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    People make mistakes. Especially teens and younger adults. Doesn't really excuse it at all, and it only takes one mistake to destroy lives. That being said, I do firmly believe people that have multiple DUI's should never be able to drive again. And quite honestly, if you're 46 years old and you still resort to drunk driving, there's no excuse. There's all sorts of awareness around this crap, it's always on the news, young kids losing lives. It's just plain ignorance. Stay within the legal limit and drive responsibly.
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    Most European countries have lower BAC levels, few have 0 BAC. Punishments are much stiffer in Europe and other countries vs. Canada. Muzzo killed 4 people in Ontario back in 2015 and got 8 years and has been granted full parole after serving 4 years. DUI laws in Canada are laughable!
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    That's just not how things are done nowadays. It's judge first, get the facts later.
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    How about we just wait on more info? Bruce Springsteen’s case was dropped after they realized his blood alcohol level was way too low. Poor guy was demonized and a sponsor even dropped him before this was finally realized.
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    At his age, he should know better...I learned my lesson when I was 18.
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    Drunk drivers should never be able to drive again. One of my dearest childhood friend was killed by a drunk driver a couple of years ago. It still hurts me to this day. Just cannot stand people with no regard for human life.
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    well $&!#. Lucky he didn't hurt someone. No sympathy for this though, he needs to not be let off the hook, there's no excuse.
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    Holtby has been one of favorite players this year. He's been ultra competitive even though he's been part of a tire fire to start the year. He hasn't really stolen any games but he's played very solidly and even held the fort during some down right pathetic team efforts. Not to mention he has the wherewithal to call out Miller for playing like crap. That's a vet presence right there.
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    Now for some positivity. This season, Persson has bounced up and down the ranks in Sweden. Persson played three games with the Brynäs senior team, where he failed to record a point. In 16 games with Brynäs’ U20 outfit, Persson scored five goals, nine points, and was a +12 before league officials cancelled the J20 season. Currently, the right-handed defenceman is on loan with Strömsbro IF in Sweden’s third-tier, where he’s been dominant on the scoresheet, scoring one goal and five points in as many games. As per Dobber Prospects’ Cam Robinson, Persson’s smooth transitional game is what gives him so much upside as a late-round pick. With such slick skating, Persson’s first professional goal will look great on his highlight reel. Persson ripped through the neutral zone, weaving through two defenders and putting the other one on skates (no pun intended) as he sniped the puck home from the slot. While Persson’s playing situation has been unstable, he will join the Kamloops Blazers by next season as an import player. It will be exciting to see how his high-octane playstyle stacks up against the tougher WHL competition. https://thecanuckway.com/2021/01/25/canucks-prospect-report-checking-in-on-kunz-malone-and-persson/
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