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    If you're going by points - 31 pts - is 2nd on the Knights blueline lol. The metric is points, and he was #2. Or would you prefer minutes played? Again, #2. Or how about points in the playoffs....#2. Minutes in the playoffs...#1 How about +/-........#2 How about on ice goals for per 60....#2 How about on ice sv%....#2 How about takeaways.....#2 How about defensive zone starts.....#2 How about on ice goals against per 60.....#5....in other words....#2...
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    Former Canuck Gino Odjick is fighting heart disease again The Maniwaki Mauler says he's confident he'll be able to beat amyloidosis again. He first suffered from the heart ailment in 2014. Author of the article: Patrick Johnston Oct 17, 2020 Six years after Gino Odjick was at death’s door, the heart ailment that had doctors telling him he had just a year to live at best has returned. The former Canucks enforcer, nicknamed the Maniwaki Mauler, told Ottawa francophone newspaper Le Droit his doctors determined about a month ago that he was once again dealing with amyloidosis, a rare condition that produces protein deposits in the heart. A bout with the disease in 2014 reduced his heart function to just 25 per cent of its usual power and doctors told him he should prepare for the end. A last-ditch attempt at chemotheraphy at an Ottawa hospital reversed his condition. The hope then was that he wouldn’t have a recurrence of the disease for another 20 years. “It came back about a month ago,” he told Le Droit. “They (his doctors) found it early, so I am very confident that I will be able to get rid of it. It was a shock, but what can you do? … There were several treatment options, but I asked to follow the same one I had in Ottawa as it had worked. I’m on chemo for the next six months.” https://www.google.ca/amp/s/theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/former-canuck-gino-odjick-is-fighting-heart-disease-again/wcm/b07b20bb-c800-4a70-8994-a5d19c780108/amp/ https://twitter.com/jamescybulski/status/1317314051781750784?s=21 Just gutted tonight to learn that Gino’s amyloidosis has returned, and far sooner than anyone expected. Thankfully, it sounds like they caught this early and there’s reason to be optimistic that Gino should respond well to the chemotherapy. Sending all my best wishes and good vibes Gino’s way, as once again, he undergoes treatment for this heart ailment.
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    This is some quotes from the other side of the deal, enjoy .... "WHAT THE F*CK?" "There are no words in the dictionary to express how angry I am and how stupid I think Mcrimmon and Mcphee are" "I just don't understand why you had to trade Schmidt to a division rival for a f***ing 3rd.Just takes away all the excite for signing Petro." "Is there something we're missing here?To me Schmidt was the 2nd best player on your team after Mark Stone and I'm absolutely flabbergasted he was moved ahead of Martinez/Tuch or paying through the teeth to get rid of Fleury. Especially for this return." "That return, and in the division. Insane." "One of the worst trades in the last decade or two.If you were to ask me to make a list of cap casualties, Schmidt wouldn’t have been in the top 5.To not even pick up one of their top prospects like Lind, Woo, Juolevi, etc. is a travesty." "None of those are the Canucks top prospects. Their top prospects are Podkolzin and Hoglander. I can tell you Canuck fans are on cloud nine over this trade. None of us would have blinked if Benning included any of this B level prospects you listed." "On Vancouver board they think this is steal of the century.Hope McPhee and McCrimmon knew something we don't know about Schmidt. On the surface, we got a minor upgrade in Pietrangelo with the risk of getting stuck with a bad contract in years 5-7.Should've moved a forward (Patches, Marcchesault or similar) who could be replaced easier. With Schmidt AND Petro, we'd have top-3 defense, top-10 forwards and top-flight goalie."
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    According to TSN we did the least to improve this offseason. I guess adding Barrie and Turris really tipped the scales for the Oilers. Even though they needed upgrades in net and on the back end. And Winnipeg’s re-acquisition of 34 year old Statsny somehow equals more success next season. Funny how I didn’t see the media hype Markstrom or Tanev much until it looked like they might leave. Now they’re both players we couldnt possibly replace. Go figure.
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    Buyers remorse showing already. Must sting to know they helped make it happen. https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Todd-Cordell/Calgary-Flames-miss-the-boat-on-Nate-Schmidt-trade/202/107893
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    the talking heads wannabeeeez in such abundance in this market don't even know what a "cap dump" means ffs.... not every substantial contract is a cap dump - cap dumps are contracts where the player's performance does not measure up to their cap hit - ie they have negative value. Countless people made fools of themselves referring to JT Miller as a cap dump - and evidently many people did not learn a damn thing. Even in this present context you cannot expect teams to part with asset to move every contract, particularly key roster players - that is absurd and just plain ignorant. the predisposition to attempt to sandbag anything Benning does is embarrassing. It's gotten way beyond absurd - into just plain obstinate.
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    Schmidt is equal to or better than Tanev and Stecher was a 5/6 dman at best which can be replaced by Rafferty, Juolevi, or Chatfield. There’s also nothing to suggest the Canucks are finished. I have no clue how trading a 3rd rounder 2 years from now for an established top 4 (more likely top 2) dman that is signed at a reasonable contract for 5 more years is a desperation move. You make that trade 12 times out of 10. Benning was clear during the afternoon of UFA day that he made an offer to Arizona, which the team wasn’t willing to accept so he moved on. Losing out in Barrie was a blessing in disguise. He also said he would begin to look for trades that would upgrade the team and that’s exactly what he did.
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    There must be some mistake here. He's not a former Canuck.
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    See, in the real world, there's such a thing called the cap ceiling. Vegas was close to it. In order to sign Pietrangelo, they needed cap space. So basically the trade is a 3rd and cap space for Schmidt, not just a 3rd. If you think it's just about the 3rd round pick that Vegas wanted, you need to learn how trades work. Also, how come every post I read of yours sounds more miserable than a funeral. Do you just look for things to complain about?
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    I didn't see this anywhere, and I thought it was pretty neat how Rick's memory lives on in the hockey world Thought I'd share the article, good on Thompson for going through the proper channels https://www.nhl.com/jets/news/jets-announce-number-changes-thompson-to-wear-11-in-honour-of-rypien/c-319475714
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    189lbs of approval. Seems like I’ve been getting my roster-wish of having a physically capable team to cheer for. Thanks JB.
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    especially since he's a right wing lol
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    The NHL community is small. That sends the wrong message out there. Let him earn a spot... If he gets beat out, so be it. That sends the right message all around.
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    Imagine the laughs. Trade proposal: yeah we’ll just toss a 2022 third rounder to Vegas and they’ll trade us (their division rival) Schmidt
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    In before people that have no idea who this to start complaining about this signing
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    March 5 https://imgur.com/a/dQjbT77 March 6 https://imgur.com/a/qFe1s7H March 7 https://imgur.com/a/jLQmtW5 March 8 https://imgur.com/a/VF4oF0d Standings
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    Hawryluk is intriguing. Plays a sandpaper game and looks to be trending upwards. As for Hoffman, no thanks. Even if we could free up the 5-6 mil to sign him I’d rather use that cap to go after cap casualty players like Cernak or Tuch.
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    Could this not have gone into one of the other Virt bashing threads?
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    Good news he is playing well this season so far Vasili Podkolzin, RW, SKA St. Petersburg (Vancouver Canucks) SKA has arguably the most exciting fourth line in the KHL this season and Podkolzin is the driving force behind that. He has picked up where he left off last season, combining high-energy, direct hockey with high-end skill. Podkolzin is also noticeably bigger this season – the KHL website has him listed at 6-foot-3 and 202lbs. He has been a positive impact player on nearly every shift that I have watched so far this year. He has been in the face of defenders as soon as they get the puck, hunting to get it back and start an offensive sequence. His defensive work has been solid as well, including a big shot block right at the end of the first period against Lokomotiv Yaroslavl to preserve a 2-0 lead. Offensively, his directness regularly leads to opportunities on goal. He uses his speed to power past defensemen along the boards and is always looking to drive the net. The tweet below is the perfect summation of Podkolzin so far this season – a good backcheck to win the puck, skill to allow him to evade the opposition, followed by speed to gain the zone and get a shot off. There has been a lot to like about Podkolzin’s start to the 2020-21 season. I’m sure he will be hoping to make a bit more of an impact on the scoresheet and it feels like only a matter of time before he will. A goal and a primary assist in five games while seeing just 11 minutes of ice per game isn’t too shabby. The level of play is there and Canucks fans should be excited.
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    I thought this was a thread about Schmidt not about whether Vancouver is a really good city or a great city.
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    Yeah. Why would you want a heart and soul warrior who lives in front of the net. Pots 30 goals a year and irritates the other teams top players. Nothing there to like at all
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    Thomas Drance on Team 1040 said that this may be a bad deal because instead of giving up a 3rd round pick to Vegas, Vegas should have given Vancouver an asset for cap dump.
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    So many posters who just can't admit they were wrong. Benning had other irons in the fire but even otherwise rational posters panicked and called for him to be fired. The right thing to do at this point is just accept that Benning is a wily GM and that there is a reason why you are not calling the shots and he is.
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    Nah. It's only one more year, and Sutter is a decent player. Ride it out, maybe trade him at the deadline for a pick.
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    it's got nothing to do with learning. The young core is starting to emerge as leaders and don't need the veteran leadership from the bottom 6 as much as they did 2-3 years ago when most of the bottom 6 vets were signed..........they were absolutely needed then
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    April 6 https://imgur.com/a/FWNfqbc FINAL STANDINGS PERK TIERS FOR NEXT SEASON PLAYOFF MATCHUPS https://imgur.com/a/amkEXDn
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    Gino belongs in the Ring of Honour. I say quit dawdling and get him in there.
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    He's fine; it's the girlfriend we'd have to worry about. Wonder if Kesler's hip has healed up enough to help out with that issue.
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    Player of the Month Rookie of the Month Offensive Player of the Month Defensive Player of the Month
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    You forget Luke Bourdon would have been our best drafted D-Man ever, rest in peace
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    Something I absolutely love about Benning is the he absolutely does not care one little bit what all of us think. I think that is an essential trait for a GM in a big market, especially one with such awful sports media as Vancouver.
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    If I read one more comment on how Schmidt's contract is 'bad' or 'concerning'.... Seriously though, on what planet is $5.9m for a UFA aged, #2D a 'bad' or 'concerning'?! Some of you need to look around at what non RFA/ELC D sign for! It's arguably one of the better UFA D contacts in the league! I'm not even going to bother with the managing and weaponizing...good grief
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