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    I'm going to keep on posting this picture until we lose. It may be our good luck charm.
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    We aren’t losing because of goaltending... We take a thousand penalties and has numerous turnovers, failed clears and breakdowns. Our PP is 0% and we can’t generate offense. Holtby and Demko aren’t the issue ffs.
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    Great game. The best players on the team stepped up big with the absence of JT. Nils looks like the real deal but the player I was most impressed and proud of tonight was Juolevi. Played a real steady game and was solid with the puck and his decision making. His only gaff was a forgivable one. I’m really pulling for this kid given all the crap he’s had to endure.
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    The avs lost 4-1, next game walked the blues 8-0. Pens lost two straight and won today. Even the best teams lose. Especially in a short covid season without pre-season games. Alot of people need to stop throwing in the towel after 3 games. Hopefully miller back gives us that spark we need to destroy the flames tmw! 7-2 Canucks!! Go Nucks Go
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    "I tried to pick his brain a little bit today, tried to talk to him about stuff that I saw and he's super receptive and wants to get better...." - Miller talking about Hoglander. Love Miller taking that initiative while he's out to watch a young player closely & make it a point to try to help out. That's leadership, what a teammate. Need to get an 'A' on his jersey ASAP.
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    Markstrom wouldn't have the book on Loui since Loui hasn't had a book in 4 years. Big brain play
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    Note: There won't be a new thread created for the PGT. We've decided to combine the GDTs and PGTs for this season with the condensed schedule.
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    Good to know that that &^@#tard is reffing games south of the 49th, instead of here in Canada.
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    He’s right about that in fact, here’s how much some of them are paid: Tyler Myers - 6M Loui Eriksson - 6M Brandon Sutter - 4.375M Michael Ferland - 3.5M Roberto Luengo 3M Antoinne Roussel - 3M Jay Beagle - 3M Jordie Benn - 2M Sven Bartschi 2.291M Ryan Spooner - 1.033M
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    Man Hughes assist on Brock's first goal... that has to be one of the most intelligent plays I've ever seen..
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    Not enough people are talking about the brilliant play that Hughes made to setup Boeser's first goal. Held the blueline while on his back and still somehow got the brilliant pass off the Boes in front of the net.
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    Damn that feels good. Not just that they won...but how fun they are to watch. It's gonna be a great year guys.
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    31 Thoughts 9 years ago, the Anaheim Ducks selected four times in the top 15, picking players such as Yuri Eremenko, and the hero of their 2024 Stanley Cup playoff run, Kevin Wietzes. But among players they didn’t draft, which included star standout Jeff Caputo, they infamously passed up on Matt Resop, star center of the Tampa Bay Lightning. When the draft came around this time, the Ducks wasted no time in selecting John Maiani, a player scouts say is a carbon-copy of Resop. Its unclear when and how Maiani will improve the team, but his selection is evidence that the Blue Jay 22 has learned from his previous mistakes on the draft floor Are you betting man that likes 4/1 odds? Well you should be when it comes to the Arizona Coyotes Now to clarify, this isn’t their Stanley Cup odds; rather, it is odds that predict GM Zigmund.Palffy will put the Coyotes over the salary cap by the end of the upcoming free-agent period. Let’s see where this ship sails... After many years of basement dwelling, the Boston Bruins finally had their opportunity to hoist the Stanley Cup this season, beating the Nashville Predators. While most teams have called it shameless tanking, GM inane insists that it was all a game of patience. “When you’ve lived through the ice age, the renaissance period, and the pre-cheese network era, you don’t mind waiting an extra few seasons to get yourself back in the playoffs”. Some age old advice we can all learn from. Lukas Ragnick finally signed his entry level deal with the Sabres. When he asked his GM what he could do, his GM replied “lol...idiot Ragnick [12:49 PM]? Prove yourself this upcoming season, come back and crash the net, and don’t suck Alabama blacksnake”. Great advice from GM Bomba. GM MasterMind will look to motivate his team by organizing a Fantrax hockey pool among his players. Great motivation tactic There were rumours that GM BM might have resigned from the Hurricanes in RGMG. When asked about it, he simply put in his headphones, started listening to music, and began wagging his fingers in the air. When asked if RGMG had plans for expansion, GM Patrick Kane simply replied “No”. When asked if Chicago would make moves to improve the team, GM Patrick Kane replied “Chicago is done”. When asked if the cheese network would be expanded to James, Kean, and possibly Brock and Laura, GM Patrick Kane replied “THATS ENOUGH” At the state of the franchise meeting with stakeholders and fans, GM Vrienzy presented a powerpoint presentation that contained only the Colorado Avalanche logo. Talk about a sales pitch. Former agent and current Blue Jackets GM GFY has found himself in a heap of trouble after he tried to elevate and repair the Flyers by sending back Max Domi at a retained salary. His future is now in doubt. GM Kobayashi Maru has been left stranded in Finland after an unsuccessful trip in establishing a crony network. Owners of Detroit are said to be furious with GM Tanev after he allegedly lied to them about the readiness of his players. GM Tanev stated “I didn’t say they were elite rookies, I said they had potential to be elite rookies. If they would have asked me what they were rated, I would have told them their potential” New GM Otis will look to bolster Edmonton in free-agency by offering big deals to Robby Fabbri and Vince Dunn, two of his former cronies. GM TRR has been told to cease the cringe. Failure to do so may result in the sack! After years of failure, the LA Kings are said to be interested in recruiting former Reddit boss Alexis Ohanian as new GM. GM Qwags does not have much wiggle room left in LA. GM BoKnows has been left confused after being unable to scout internally or externally. Seems the PBR merchant has to reacquaint himself with the perks section. GM Alain Vigneault faces termination of his membership in the cheese network after numerous blunders on the agent sheet and questionable comments in BoG meetings. The Nashville Predators will look into buying a second AHL team for all their NHL prospects they refuse to promote. :upside_down: New Jersey defenceman Aidan David was said to be in tears after being told he wasn’t in GM KJ29’s plans. He pleaded to the media “What would you do if you were in my position? I’m left defeated, dejected, and hopeless in light of this news. I asked the GM if he could play me 3rd pairing and call it a day, but he never answered and kept stalling when I asked for an explanation.” When we asked KJ29 about these rumours, he said it was nonsense and asked us to “stop spreading $&!#” What are the goals for the New York Islanders? Well, apart from qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs, the team would also like to dress up more to play board games and engage in more feuds with other teams. GM Time Lord nearly resigned after he faced heavy criticism from Rangers fans after missing out on the post-season. When asked about it by his player Taylor Wotherspoon, he said “Swifty (a reference to Taylor Swift), if you’re wondering why I took it personally, it's because there’s really no other way to take it when half of the fan base gangs up on you”. GM Apollo has explored the possibility of re-signing old crony Bo Horvat in the upcoming free agent window. The Flyers were shellshocked to find out Xavier Parent and Ivan Provorov want out of the organizations. A trade with Montreal has been discussed and GM surface seems keen to get something done. The Pittsburgh Penguins believe that the key to their success (should they comes across it) is through developing more regression models. Is GM Zfetch up to the task? GM KZA has been given a 24M warchest to spend on cheese targets in the upcoming free agency window Welcome back to GM Toews! The veteran hopes to continue his legacy, and that of the Blues, in his new role as GM. There’s rumours that GM donut may have resigned. Or fired? More to come… GM MikeyBoy looks set to trade his 2032 draft picks for an expiring forward in the upcoming season What’s up the Vancouver Canucks? Well, rumours have it that the GM DC may have made a few players uncomfortable after performing a rigorous search of their social media. Rumours have it that GM Baer is still trying to figure out how the comparable system works. And yes, he’s complaining about it. A man of comedy (but not the biggest fan...obviously), GM Monty has told Patch Novak to toughen up and roast wieners. He'll be a Jet for life. There are rumours that Commissioner Nail is developing a new player compensation model that would render the agents useless. Let’s see where this goes...
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    I don't mind him at all. How many languages can Randorf call a game in. Not saying this guy doesn't have room to improve, but considering it's pretty much his first national game in English, I think he did well.
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    Tyler Myers - 6MLoui Eriksson - 6MBrandon Sutter - 4.375MMichael Ferland - 3.5MRoberto Luengo 3MAntoinne Roussel - 3MJay Beagle - 3MJordie Qwogan - 2MSven Bartschi 2.291MRyan Spooner - 1.033M
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    My Wife spoiled me for my Birthday! Going to wear my new Bo jersey for another big win against the Soilers tonight! Go Canucks Go!!!
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    Got sent a text with this YouTube link from a good friend/colleague who played the game many years and is still in the game for business - he knows hockey - and the text was simple "there are maybe five players in today's NHL that can make that pass on purpose with that little time thinking about it, and three of those players are Elias Pettersson. This kid is better than people realize no matter how good they think he is."
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    All the doubters on OJ, his poise, vision, and positioning is fantastic. He's going to be a beauty.
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    Well guys.....that was a super great way to start the season!! We deserve this happiness. Our team does too. May we all enjoy a super exciting hockey season and get through this damn COVID deal intact. Back tomorrow...GO CANUCKS GO!!! Love this team so much. And all y'all too!
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    Hilarious but also mildly unfair imo. Jake did a lot of greasy work that I'm sure the coaches will notice. He actively created a good amount of space for his linemates, had a good chance himself and made no mistakes. The line got their points and the team won and he was still +1.
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    All 31 teams have been inputted and ready to go for the season! Best of luck to all teams in this crazy season! There are still a few issues with rosters on Pickup (highlighted in an earlier post) but I will update these once they are available on Pickup. I have donated to Pickup to give us access to the live stats for this season, enjoy!
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    There’s not a lot out there, when it comes to publicly available KHL advanced stats/microstats. You can access a whole bunch of stuff if you’re willing to shell out money for a paid service, but for free, you’re probably limited to following somebody like Chris Faber on Twitter (@ChrisFaber39), who has been watching Podkolzin’s KHL games all season and manually tracking his stats. Last I heard, Podkolzin was running at a rate somewhere in the low 60’s, when it comes to his CF%, which would be considered to be very good. I believe he’s one of the top players on SKA, when it comes to his possession numbers, as well as one of the better CF% in the KHL. As for the recent WJC, here’s a really good Twitter thread that references a bunch of advanced stats, and Podkolzin often appears in the top-3 for Team Russia: EDIT: If you read between the lines of the stats in the thread above, you get a very accurate picture of what kind of player Podkolzin is. Excellent possession numbers, with some extra value tilted toward defensive side/suppression (very low xGA/60 and strong impact on limiting xGA), but also good value on offensive side. Strong zone entries / controlled entries. Elite passing, both in total passes/60 (how much he’s passing the puck over the entire 200ft) and especially, when it comes to “shot assists” type passes. Podkolzin creates a ton of shot attempts off his passing, and these attempts have a very high xGF rate (his playmaking creates a lot of quality chances where goals are the expected results).
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    Would there be a highlight to just jump into the PGT? Like if page 135 is the first page after the Game is over, will that be highlighted for ease of convenience?
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