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  1. So excited for you, glad the update is positive. I've been checking in daily for an update from you, hoping for the best and holding my breath each time. I can't imagine how relieved you must be.
  2. I know 2 different families now that were infected, both early 50's, young adult kids brought it home. One mom was asthmatic and lots of allergies. Mild cases all round, one mom lost sense of taste and smell for about 9 days but other symptoms were much like a mild cold. Her husband got more flu like symptoms but all recovered quite quickly. Wonder when scientists will figure out what it is that causes the more severe infections and cytokine attacks so they can develop better treatments and reduce the risk. Right now it seems to be a bit like Russian Roulette.
  3. I'm surprised at what people take exception to. I wondered if it might be the idea of the "bingo card" perceived as making light of what is arguably a challenging time and not providing enough actual mental health supports?
  4. @bree So sorry to hear about your loved ones - I know there are no words that help but sending all the positive energy I have your way. Glad that you felt a strong enough connection with us that you shared your story with us. We're here for each other, it's a great community.
  5. I despised him long before he decided to enter politics, certainly nothing he's done since that decision has made me change my mind. I find it hilarious that he has so much disdain for what he views as "low class" people. I can't personally think of too many people I would consider "lower class" than he is. Guess it depends on what one's definition of "class" is.
  6. Favorite moment was this morning when he and his wife boarded the helicopter leaving the Whitehouse for the last time. Now I wait to see him and hopefully his moronic older sons and son in law end up in jail. Thankfully his youngest son has been kept out of the limelight, hopefully he hasn't been tainted by the Trump name but time will tell I suppose. By the time he's an adult, he may choose to change his name and make his own way in the world as the Trump name by then may be akin to Hitler or ????
  7. I think that we will be in a position sooner than September to be able to say that we have more than enough vaccine available in the pipeline to ensure everyone in Canada can get vaccinated. Not saying we will be close to having everyone vaccinated but I'm hopeful that by early summer we can start allocating some committed supply to other countries. Once some of the other manufacturers come online and we understand their production capacity we should be there. Part of our delay is the ability to keep it organized so we target the most vulnerable first then gradually move down the line. Also, right now our capability to administer the vaccine is limited somewhat by the requirements of storage etc. If we can improve that, we can increase who can give the shots, then speed up how fast we can roll it out. I'm proud of the fact that we over ordered specifically to be able to redirect supply to poorer countries. So very Canadian!
  8. In terms of donating excess vaccine to other countries, I think when we're at the point where product exceeds demand, we can then allocate the excess to other countries. We may not have completed our own vaccinations by that time, but as an example, if we have orders for 10M doses and we only require 5M to vaccinate our remaining population, then rather than wait for that 5 M to be administered, use the excess 5M for some other country, ideally one that aligns with our values. I expect with the volume that we have ordered and the numbers of manufacturers that we have ordered from we will be in the position sooner than later.
  9. Surprised to see this thread - holy crap, goaltending can only take us so far. If we take undisciplined penalties, PK that can't clear the puck, can't capitalize on PP, can't score 5v5 and can't keep the play in the offensive zone, I'm not sure what goalie is going to look good night after night. It's a team game, and our goalies are not sieves. They can only do so much. The rest of the team needs to get their act together in front of them. It will come, it's early in the season.
  10. LOL! Took the words right out of my mouth. NHL hockey is primarily white guys, some of whom go into broadcasting when they are done. So yeh, I think my comment stands. Sorry if I offended you, it's not meant to, but for women, people of colour it's tough to break into an industry when the history is caucasian males. That's why it was a cause for celebration when Hanamaryan Singh called his first game in english last week.
  11. To each their own I guess, I enjoy Campbell - like her analysis of the game and the plays as she identifies things that a lot of fans may not recognize in watching unless they have played the game at a very high level. Plus, she's a woman so I guess I'm cheering for her in this male dominated industry and recognizing how much harder her road is than the average white guy.
  12. Only caught the 3rd period, loved the announcers, lots of fun to listen to. Always liked Debrusk and the new guy, what a great thing for the South Asian community. He reminds me a bit of soccer excited. Makes it fun. Understand Hughson will not travel so might only be doing Canucks home games? Probably the HNIC Saturday night ones? I didn't know he still lived in Van but saw that on Twitter this AM. I am guessing that John and John will still get some games but probably with the condensed schedule maybe only the weekday ones, and not sure about their travel either? This season is so weird.
  13. But shouldn't Dr. Henry be out in the street dragging people to testing centers? /s
  14. I don't see this as a lot different than any other business being open. They are being careful to not put the general public at risk, probably moreso than most retail/restaurant environments. They are providing employment for suppliers, sports broadcasters, providing entertainment for millions of fans across North America and beyond. I can think of other things that are open that probably provide a greater risk to the public.