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  1. I kind of like the idea of putting the kids a bit lower down in the lineup to start - takes some of the pressure off as they may be better matched against the opposition 3rd and 4th lines so mistakes aren't magnified and players like Drai and McDavid don't take advantage of them. No need to crush their confidence in the first game, let them go out and play, make some mistakes that might not hurt us as badly with lesser opposition talent on the ice.
  2. WRT OJ laying on the ice, when I played hockey there was an unwritten code that you never stayed down on the ice after being hit unless you couldn't get up. It was a matter of pride that you crawled up even if you needed help to get to the bench. While I'm sure the bag skate was brutal, I doubt anyone on the ice liked the fact he was laying there. The only space I'd give him is if he was still impacted by COVID a la Sutter and long haul symptoms. Given that he had to clear a medical I doubt that's the case. In terms of management - are they incompetent - No. Could they be better - Maybe. They know more about hockey than I ever will so not sure I can criticize their decisions as I don't know all the factors involved in how/why they decide what they do.
  3. Glad that whatever the issue is he has recognized that he needs help and that help is available. I wish him well, his life is so much bigger than playing hockey, he has a family as well that is impacted by his health and wellness. Is it required that entrance into the program be made public or is that a player/team decision? I hope he takes whatever time he needs to address / be treated for whatever the issue is.
  4. Given his tweets earlier about Jailing Fauci, his stance on COVID being a "plandemic", ZFG on his health issues now. Chickens, roost and all that. Consequences for one's decisions play out all the time. Opens up a spot in the lineup for someone else.
  5. I haven't seen anything official that states his reasons for not being at camp are due to NHL requirements for vaccinations so not willing to speculate. I'm sure whatever his reasons are it's a difficult decision to make. I wish him and his family well, we should know by Friday if he is going to elect to opt out of the 2021-22 season. Not sure what deadline he has in the event he is in fact pondering retirement? I would think the Canucks could establish a deadline that would allow contract termination in the event he fails to report by the deadline? Most business' won't tolerate an extended absence without approval by any employee.
  6. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/in+a+coon's+age Jumping into the sub discussion of meanings of terms - I checked this as it's a term I use and always understood it to reference a raccoon's life span. It does in fact, but as others have indicated, it's also a slang term that is racist so I'll remove it from my vocabulary, along with some of the others referenced in this discussion. Totem poles, restless natives, my vocabulary needs to improve. Thanks all for the thoughtful discussion and perspectives.
  7. I fully support the decision she made to put her mental health first. I find it disheartening that there is so much "media" about taking care of one's mental health blah blah blah but when someone who is struggling actually tries to do that, the organization that should be front and centre in supporting that person (tennis federations) slams the person and calls them out for their actions. I'm sad that I haven't seen any of her peers visibly supporting her choices. I'm sure that many of them have felt similarly and if they banded together real change might occur. There was a Seahawk a few years ago that basically refused to take part in media interviews, his answer to every question was something like "I'm only here because I have to be". We've all watched endless examples of media interviews where the questions border on stupidity, could be considered bullying or hurtful and yet players are expected to subject themselves to that. At least in team sports the team has some control over how/who gets subjected to those interviews. In an individual sport it's the player against the world, not sure how much assistance an agent can provide. It is a shame to see a talent like her withdraw from competition to avoid the media circus. It would be a huge loss to the sport as she is such a strong player and an individual that is bringing some much needed attention to the sport.
  8. Wasn't a huge fan of Gaudette this season, seemed a bit like he was believing his own press clippings too much. I know athletes need to be confident, he seemed overly so to me with some of the SM stuff he posted. I can only imagine that it would be really hard to walk into the dressing room after you brought COVID to the whole team and coaching staff. Regardless of whether you did everything right or not, it would still be hard. We'll never know whether that factored into the trade issue or not. I do believe Benning when he says that the management thought they would seem him take a step forward this year and didn't believe they saw that. Was it because of his health issues? Was it because he thought he should be playing in the top 6? I didn't see him as a top 6 this year, but I'm not the best evaluator of talent. Looking forward to seeing what we have in Highmore, maybe he's a fit on our team, or he's a fit in Utica and one of our other youngsters gets more ice time. Makes some room for someone in the lineup, if not this season then next.
  9. Yikes, sounds like multiple players are now in COVID protocol. Jeesh, hoping the best for everyone and their families. No blame about who contracted it. how it was contracted just genuine best wishes for a healthy recovery for everyone. Hockey is just a game, this virus can affect lives.
  10. How sad is it that instead of being joyful that the kid was found safe, people jump immediately (with no evidence) to target blame to the family and make assertions about poor parenting. I thought this was such a great news story in amongst all the negativity about COVID we've had lately. I'm not a parent, but I know how fast kids can disappear. I've seen parents frantic in malls looking for kids, I can't imagine a more terrifying feeling. So glad it turned out well in this instance. For those of you rushing to blame - maybe find something else to focus your negativity on.
  11. There was a new health order issued on March 12 - reinforcing all the conditions around group settings. Changed how our golf leagues operate, pro shop can't organize anything for us. All they can do is provide a block of tee times, we have to put the draw together and then manage any cancellations.
  12. Where are your Grandma and GF's Grandma? Appointments seem to be available in Fraser Health for people in their 80's, my friend booked her Mom for 7:30 tonight (wanted to wait til after the Canuck game LOL). Her mom is early 80's. I hope your loved ones get their jab soon. I can understand why Pr Rupert is getting a community immunization, just as I can understand why Costco employees and the glass company employees are all getting vaccinated. It's an attempt to manage community spread.
  13. So excited for you, glad the update is positive. I've been checking in daily for an update from you, hoping for the best and holding my breath each time. I can't imagine how relieved you must be.
  14. I know 2 different families now that were infected, both early 50's, young adult kids brought it home. One mom was asthmatic and lots of allergies. Mild cases all round, one mom lost sense of taste and smell for about 9 days but other symptoms were much like a mild cold. Her husband got more flu like symptoms but all recovered quite quickly. Wonder when scientists will figure out what it is that causes the more severe infections and cytokine attacks so they can develop better treatments and reduce the risk. Right now it seems to be a bit like Russian Roulette.
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