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  1. Tough call for hamonic, because he will def want more than his 1.5million or whatever he got this year
  2. Didnt Gillis trade our whole farm system did gillis get ballard for us? what a resume, cant believe some people want him back to be gm
  3. Trade virtanen if possible do not resign pearson sutter benn hamonic only resign Edler for low cap hit keep motte unless you get a nice offer and let the other contracts expire themselves next year i just did jim’s job in a couple minutes lol
  4. Good because all these nhl trades and waiver pick ups dont bring attention to the nhl . what if crosby wanted to team up with ovechkin to win a cup . Makes great headlines for sure
  5. Schmidt Tryamkin rights virtanen ekblad lets trade florida
  6. Free is always good. Time to get Rous outta here
  7. To be fair, They signed Sutter, Beagle, Rous before knowing what Petterson and Hughes were going to be. we all would of make the some mistake, i didnt hear anyone cry at the time of the signings or trades
  8. Virtanen for mcmichael sheary would you be mad if they did it?
  9. Funny how you mention those names, other teams are probably saying they dont want them
  10. you think silverberg virtanen 50% loui erikkson good or bad deal
  11. Lets just stay away from ufas they almost never pay off
  12. Its funny because out of that list, Loui is prob the best of the bunch LOL, if not 2nd. what a free agent class it was
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