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  1. Actually Holtby was needed, until we found out Demko can carry the mail last year
  2. Clearing cap space for someone that doesnt want to be here. works for me, we get cap space for others who WANT to be here
  3. Erikkson is lets just keep Loui for 1 more year and keep the assets, we waited this long already. loui on the top line in abby LOL
  4. Nice pick up for cheap. Now time to move onto a scoring winger or dman
  5. How do you not put up points with those minutes? ask jeff skinner
  6. I would honestly just re sign edler only at a team friendly deal. We can find another cheaper hamonic
  7. Edler would benefit if he only plays around 15min but that is greens call on this
  8. Larkin for 9th , lind, beagle, next years 1st risky but worth it?
  9. If Edm did not sign Nuge, their lineup would be crippled + no Larssen possibly
  10. Matt tkachuk sean monahan 1st pick 2022 for eichel
  11. Finally someone on the same page. IF we are 2 years away like Benning says, why dont we let our contracts expire and go for the big fish in 2 years? oh wait , the fans want benning fired , now in the back of his mind, he is rushing to make us better now, but with no cap
  12. Jones is not worth the price. Keep our assets and move on from this
  13. Classic moment in canucks history The fiddler fiddled with AV
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