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  1. Step one hire a hacker to edit Louie E’s stats step 2 tell Buff it’s a good trade step 3 get Reinhard!
  2. Ok cowboy you must love the flames method spend the big cash on guys and miss the playoffs by a mile ..text book cow lover
  3. Ok...are we saying it will just give us the warm fuzzies to have a another guy who can put a few goals in or is it better to address the real problem not enough good defensemen and complete in a proper way instead of getting shelled and hoping for the PP to steal....I think we could dress six toffolis and not come close to the big playoff dogs
  4. Thats true but I think there was some kind of thought that they weren't really competing with Vegas and playoff teams but getting saved by the keeper....it might be a scenario of ownership saying they don't want anymore Erickson stuff happening...(a guess) and dumped tanev too...I did notice abit that tofolli seems to be abit hands off for playoff style hockey at times and they had that stretch where they won playoff games without Toff ..just my thoughts.....maybe its time to fire Fracescos! jk
  5. I personally thing that we just need guys that play the right way big boy Gaudette wasn't much help in the playoffs last year....we can keep talking about Tofolli but Ill take Brock for number one RW...toffoli and Brock do the same thing only prob would be tofolli we be older when this team gets rolling in afew years....iam curious how Lind and Pod work out honestly...so poo poo on "Gaud" for now...
  6. Losing Adam Gaudette=Dixon Ward early 90's talented yes....but not end of the world ...maybe "Gaud" will change his game like Ward did...then he won't be outta league...
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