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  1. The last few games the Canucks and flames will play is like when your crappy Rec sports team misses the playoffs and has to play the consolation round.
  2. The production of the elder Schmidt pairing would seem to indicate they aren’t driving much offence which given the number minutes they play is concerning. I’m still of the opinion of some deployment issues on our backend being a source of our issues. I think eagle is done as a top 4 guy still playing with lots of intensity but maybe lost a half a step.
  3. I think the big thing with Hughes is deployment and playing him to his strengths. At this point in his career he shouldn’t be getting more minutes at 5 on 5 than the other d pairings. I’m sure there will be some roster shakeup on the back end but from a deployment standpoint if I were running the bench the Myers pairing would get the oppositions 1st line the Schmidt pairing the 2nd line and the Hughes pairing matched up against the 3rd and 4th lines. Choose your own adventure on who you pair up with each lead guy on these pairings. A big part of success is putting yourself in a position to
  4. I wonder if Tonya Harding is available tonight. Get Wilson while doing pregame stretches.
  5. The play on buchnevich was disgusting and incredibly dangerous and it prompts just a $5000 fine? The league made a big mistake here. Someone may just choose to lay the lumber on Wilson as their are few in the league that can compete with him in a fight. Players will take it into their own hands to protect themselves. Embarrassing NHL.
  6. We have had a significant amount of adversity this year and the team is playing with a lot of heart. Are we a cup contender not yet. If we were playing in our normal division would we be in the playoffs i think so. Look at the wild who have feasted largely on our pacific division also rans and tough to argue that we wouldn’t have had an easier time under a normal structure. We need to improve and will but need to put season in perspective.
  7. Fried green tomato is overrated but horvat 2 subsequent playoff edition debuts in a few weeks.
  8. Listen wheat are all in this together. Pop a top and enjoy the ride.
  9. I played basketball with a guy that broke his femur on an awkward fall and remember how sick I felt after hearing the bone snap and obviously the empathy for a teammate. Weather ligament or bone Ekblads was a bad one hoping for a full recovery for him.
  10. We had a poor start after an excellent post season run. The team had a short training camp which was followed by a compressed schedule with minimal practice time to right the ship. It’s not apathy it’s reality and having expectations that sometimes in team sports you will have volatility of result. Playing within the pacific division next season we are a playoff team even with status quo roster. Our best players haven’t peaked yet best days yet to come.
  11. We are trending in the right direction. Like we could be Buffalo how does that sound? The players that matter most will be here for years to come and we will be in a great position to build around them. Top 15 pick this year to add to the depth will only help.
  12. As bad as it’s been the team is still in the conversation for playoffs. Bee are far enough along you don’t sell off before the trade deadline. Considering guys we would sell off would net 2-4 rounders it normally takes 5 years for those players to sniff the show if at all
  13. Team needs more puck support to deal with Hans for check. One more good pass coming out of our zone and their should be some 2 on 1’s
  14. To think they didn’t sell the player on it to be a win-win you are being naive. TB has full buy in from their players to win and stay together. That part is admirable and something hopefully our younger players are paying attention to.
  15. Last nights problem was commitment to winning puck battles and that Montreal bought hard into their system of sending 2-3 guys to our puck carriers so we never really had possession of the puck. Totally dominated at 5 on 5. We have played the Habs enough times that we know what’s coming and it’s on the coaching to make adjustments. Are the Habs grossly more talented than the Canucks? Probably a case could be made that our top6 is better than theirs but their team play is so far ahead of us it’s laughable.
  16. Based on the timeline and the skating on his own my guess was a mild concussion
  17. This.... tryamkin is the kind of guy who will play the last minute of a playoff game defending a lead. Terrorize the skilled players in the regular season. Mcdavid will need to respect him coming in on the rush.
  18. So the first year in office we made the playoffs. The rebuild didn’t start then. If anything the plan was to build on that given our franchise players weren’t going anywhere. We were also needing to begin rebuilding a prospect pipeline which was completely bare. Unfortunately but maybe not surprising the Sedins decline kicked in. The Erickson signing was a bust and history will tell us even if we had gone with a different winger that summer the result would have been about the same. If on day 1 of the benning era the Canucks had sold vets the only ones that might have brought an A pr
  19. Is the goal to make the playoffs or win a Stanley cup. I’m sure Benning when he says competitive he means challenging for a cup. Have you watched the leafs the last few years? They were stuck in 1st gear for a few years as their young stars matured and then as those players are now entering their prime they have surrounded them with depth and as much as I hate to admit it look like a good bet for a long playoff run. We are at a stage where petey and Hughes haven’t peaked and have some work to do over the next couple years to fill in depth. Want a short cut? That would be trading all of
  20. As rough as the seasons bin if we perform well in our remaining games against the flames and the habs we are back in the mix. Our schedule is more favourable from a rest and practice standpoint. Demko plays well and we can make a push. And if we don’t we sell the expiring contracts.
  21. This will be interesting. They are going to try go full lockdown defense and win games 2-1 or 1-0. I think the flames just aren’t good enough. Still think 4th place in North will be a dog fight with any of the current bottom 4 winning the turtle race. Best case scenario jets and leafs stay hot and beat up the competition.
  22. Simple answer is we need to start allowing fewer than 3 goals a game. The team plays well with a lead but hasn’t won when failing to score first. We have seen a big drop off in goal scoring from Virtanen, gaudette, Pearson and really even amongst the 4th line guys. It’s impacting our ability to come back when we fall behind and also our ability to front run. Maybe it’s just the teams in the north are that good? Often teams will give a shift or two to some of the depth guys with the top dogs to get them going. Team has been playing better lately hopefully they can right the ship in the se
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