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  1. Yup, not too many spots available back then. Then came expansion. Why did they put all the expansion teams in one division? St. Louis went to the finals their first 3 seasons only to be dominated by an original six team.
  2. Of course you do, he was your GM when you played for us.
  3. Charlie got the Golden Ticket. It’s all chocolate from here on out!
  4. Game changer. Great hockey player and great personality. I have loved this kid since he was drafted. Genuine person who’s character has shown on and off the ice. He’s a keeper, please no more trade proposals people! Lol.
  5. I watched the Twightlight Zone when was a youngster. Always freaked me out, but loved it. I remember the last man on earth episode and the episode about the child who could kill with his thoughts.
  6. Well that was unexpected. I believe that moment is far from Daniel’s mind based on how he presented himself as a true professional on the ice one off. It’s a game, moments happen. We as fans were all shocked and disappointed by that play. It should have been a catalyst for the Canucks to overcome, but that did not happen.
  7. Actually it does. I checked you profile. Joined in 2010, so I knew you were 24ish haha. Age doesn’t matter anyway, you are a hockey fan and your opinion is just relevant as my mine regardless of age.
  8. Be kind to yourself young man. Every post is worthy good or bad,
  9. Tanti was an amazing Canuck that people tend to forget as the nicks sucked in the mid 80s. He had 5 seasons at 40 or almost (39 two of those seasons). Loved that guy.
  10. I’m old enough to remember Lever in his prime lol
  11. I tend to disagree. Bo was amazingly offensive minded in the St. Louis series. His Slhootout goal last night was so skilled also. I don’t think that offence is coached out. I think he is just so responsible in all other aspects of the game that he holds back.
  12. Oh, ok. I never commented on that subject. But I agree. I don’t think Dank even thinks about that. It was a great hockey play and hit by Myers. I guess it’s more the fans here that remember the past digressions by DK.
  13. You are correct it was Stan. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/wayne-gretzky-vancouver-canucks-new-york-rangers-toronto-maple-leafs-pat-quinn/
  14. Was the hockey guy even old enough to recall that time, that was 25 years ago.
  15. The Gretzky fiasco was all on Bob McCammon. I don’t know if the Griffin family influenced his poor decision.
  16. It states in the video He has been suspended 3 times previously in his 11 year career...
  17. I agree that Pettersson has been very good vs McD for playoff performance thus far. A full team effort is how a team advances tho, the oilers are a one line team. For the youngsters who may have not been around for the 94 run, Linden was the driving force and a true warrior/captain. 12-13-25 in 24 playoff games, scored both goals in game 7 of the finals playing with broken ribs. Yes Bure was awesome as the pure scorer 16-15-31 in 24 games, but Linden was the heart and soul of that team. What a great leader. I see Bo in that role with Petey as the high scorer. Time will tell. GCG.
  18. As an older fan who was there at the time, and attended games, no fellow hockey fan I knew complained about Quinn as a manager. He pulled off some of the best trades in his era. Even at the end of his tenure I don’t remember anyone wishing he was gone.
  19. Who were the tough guys for the Penguins 2 consecutive cups in 2016 & 2017?
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