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  1. canucks finally did something good in the draft.
  2. gillis is a reall piece of work.. seriously lets have a guy fly back to vancouver and say where still working on the process... just get it over with and hire the guy.... get it done... why wait.....

  3. if we sign torts... that would be a great thing.... i mean it already has people taling and getting interested.... torts has won a cup and had a offensive team in tampabay. if the core players push for him than thats a very good thing... i am excited if it happens... contract has to get done.

    1. gunner107


      Torterella may be good somewhere but Van -- naw.Thaat guy needs a young team not a vet team,I'll bet he has the dressing room from hell.

  4. lets get these finals over i am looking forward to the off season.....

    1. c00kies


      Then we get to see the big deals that the Oilers have done :P

  5. av is horrible at motivation and teaching of younger players... he needs to go... to many guys have become complacent with him....
  6. ya thanks for no motivation and the same old no show in the play offs and oh ya thanks for the 4-0loss of game 7 stanley cup finals.... thanks but happy to see you go av... next up....
  7. if you where gillis would you trade edler....

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    2. Durl Dixsun
    3. Patrick Kane

      Patrick Kane

      hell ya. get some reliable d-men like oduya and hjalmarsson

    4. Zoolander


      Yea, we need more scoring threats and reliable, big defenceman

  8. maybe the leafs should of traded for luongo after all...

  9. so how are the canucks going to retool with subtracting something signifigant from the core.... gillis has to know that trades aren't so easy to make these days.... Gillis will still have trouble trying to do something with lu.

    1. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      It was certainly a convoluted interview. I'd laugh pretty hard at whatever his presentation to the Aquilini's is going to be.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      he will do the best he can to improve this team..i wish him good luck..

  10. garrison was picked up for his shot and to score goals. he has 8 in a shortened season already... i give him an A+. can't expect him just to show magic on a new team with new players and a new system... takes time to mold.....i actually am more impressed with the likes of tanev. the canucks miss him badly right now....
  11. ya but you didn't get any brownie pts for saying anything! just look at those rep points...
  12. why you diss burrows... unlike ala ansan carter, he does a hell of a more then just stand in front of the net and ya we do really need him...
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