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  1. I'm betting he scores about 25 goals this season and scores his first by game 4
  2. I think WD said Wednesday will be the most likely the first game Tryampkin plays
  3. He was the second star in that game too!
  4. How would that even work? would we just not have a draft for 2 years?
  5. Virtanen has looked like a more skilled version of Ferland the way everyone is looking out for him.
  6. What happened to Higgins, Hansen and Vey?
  7. It also said does not possess a big shot by any means.
  8. agile skater with leadership qualities and a good pass but a weak shot and lacking physical play. Frustrating. Wish we could have traded down and picked up Dunn.
  9. Dang he's fun to watch! Stoked to see what he can do with the big club!
  10. obviously it would. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here boys
  11. Holy **** Virtanen looked PISSED. Attaboy Jake!
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