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  1. That's ridiculous. Hockey is a sport where opposition matters as well as your teammates. In your diving board analogy the water/board isn't actively going against his flips.
  2. I'm betting he scores about 25 goals this season and scores his first by game 4
  3. 1. McCann wasn't the same year as Kylington. Also, Bonino for Sutter hasn't shown what Sutter can do, but Bonino has a nice new Stanley cup ring that he was instrumental in. Not all of JB's moves have been gems
  4. I like how for the whole season everyone talks about how almost no #1 d-man is drafted in the first round and now everyone is calling him a #1 right away.
  5. I've got a strong feeling Benning moves Subban.
  6. Really good insight. These kind of facts have helped me with my fear of Demko splitting. Solid post, Jazz!
  7. As a pessimist I would fear it would also mean he was choosing to go as an UFA the following summer. I don't have the trust some of y'all do.
  8. I think WD said Wednesday will be the most likely the first game Tryampkin plays
  9. Another note, he actually never played a regular season game under Torts. Last year he was given a pretty good shot, and he proved himself, but then he stopped trying to hit anything that moved and became less effective. I don't blame management for not giving him much of a shot with Grenier and Gaunce as an option. That said, I hope he finds his game somewhere.
  10. Wow screw me for asking a question, right?
  11. Can someone explain to me why Canucks fans shouldn't be worried? Thatcher looks to be a very high quality goalie and should he continue in his college career, becomes available for every team in the NHL. He could sign with the team that drafted him, and be part of a rebuild or he could go somewhere that is in a winning phase. Is loyalty to the drafting club that strong? Should we be worried? I've followed him since we've drafted him and he seems like a total stud, and high character, but is that enough to keep him with the Nucks?
  12. I really hope he does end up in Utica next year, he's so fun to watch and being there it would be easy to see him play.
  13. He was the second star in that game too!
  14. Where are you getting this idea? He said in his interview with the Canucks media that he lacked consistency and work ethic with his previous teams. Suddenly he has an extreme work ethic?
  15. He's having an awesome rookie year and putting up good points. Like you said, the goals will come
  16. It's been a rough few decades. But thank you! It was an unreal moment to see one of my teams win it all! Can't wait till Canucks take home Lord Stanley! Go Royals, Go Canucks Go!
  17. Their pitching scares me, but I believe in our boys Last year was like 1994, nobody expected us to even make the playoffs, this year is like 2011, everyone in KC is expecting them to win it all. Good luck to the Jays next season, should be a threat for a while!
  18. Helluva season Jays. I was so anxious in that last inning.
  19. How would that even work? would we just not have a draft for 2 years?
  20. Alf just stop posting. Your trolling attempts are too obvious.
  21. Virtanen has looked like a more skilled version of Ferland the way everyone is looking out for him.
  22. I'm so excited to see Goneze tonight playing with Mickanne and Fawkes. Should be an interesting mix!
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