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  1. That is a remarkable video. Along the same line, I've been listening to the CBC podcast series "A Death In Cryptoland": https://www.cbc.ca/listen/cbc-podcasts/904-a-death-in-cryptoland It concerns the life and (supposed) death of Canadian Gerald Cotten, one of the founders of a bitcoin exchange called Quadriga. When he died in 2018 on his honeymoon in India he seemingly took the code that accessed about $250 million dollars worth of bitcoin accounts with him. While I'm not invested in cryptocurrency I find the subject very interesting. But, man
  2. Close, but it's UKNuck96 that's been doing those posts in this thread.
  3. Another game, another loss. This time 1-3 to RSL. Disappointing in that I thought the Caps deserved a draw. RSL scored two goals in extra time. Caps goal scored by newcomer Brian White. An entertaining game - especially the second half. Caps are the only MLS team who haven't scored a goal in the first half. Next up, the Galaxy on Wednesday.
  4. They're easy to overlook at the best of times let alone during Euro 2021 but the Whitecaps are playing tonight against Real Salt Lake 7pm TSN 1.
  5. The Green Party of Canada seems to be imploding: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/annamie-paul-emergency-meeting-reaction-1.6068280
  6. We've had speculation in this thread (including some of my own) about the possibility that the Covid-19 virus escaped from a Wuhan Lab. It's only fair to hear the other side of the story. The director of the lab, a woman named Shi Zhengli, gave a short interview which is reported on in the NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/14/world/asia/china-covid-wuhan-lab-leak.html?campaign_id=2&emc=edit_th_20210615&instance_id=33017&nl=todaysheadlines&regi_id=56405277&segment_id=60696&user_id=dc88543b79693b0f05322365a827e237 While "Shut y
  7. Gotta feel bad for the Haiti goaltender especially since he shouldn't even have been playing. Haiti was unable to play three or four of their starters, including their captain and main goaltender, due to some sort of visa problems. I was glad Canada scored two more goals so this goal wasn't that important. That being said, Canada won the game 3-0, 4-0 on aggregate and are in the final qualifying round for the World Cup! Granted, playing against Mexico and the US will be different than playing Haiti and Suriname. But this team has potential. Canada is in the final rou
  8. Canada beats Haiti 1-0 in the first leg of their two game total goal series. Canada plays the next game on Tuesday at 5:30 at home. In Chicago. Should Canada win the series they will be in the final qualifying round for the World Cup for the first time since 1998.
  9. Instead of new taxes (or, perhaps, in addition to new taxes) maybe what they need to do is close the tax loopholes on existing taxes. "$70-$100 billion is the estimated tax revenue lost each year due to loopholes. " https://www.topaccountingdegrees.org/taxes/
  10. Let's hope the whole competition doesn't get riddled with cases like this.
  11. Easy. Everyone's heard of their goaltender Stole Dimitrievski, so that doesn't even count. So how about the Macedonian Midfield Magician Boban Nikolov? Or forward Ivan Trickovski? As if I would have to cheat.
  12. From the BCLC website: North Macedonia at 501-1 is looking pretty tempting!
  13. Canada was less than brilliant in the first 15 minutes. But they got it together and Alphonso scored a goal in the first half. The second half was dominated by Canada and Jonathon David with a hat trick (with two assists from Alphonso). On to Haiti where, according to the announcers, it's been pouring rain for the last little while and should continue on Saturday, there's health concerns and political unrest. I wonder if it might be best if the Canadian team simply stays in Miami and flies in for the game on Saturday.
  14. Game is available on a streaming service called One Soccer (which I had never heard of). https://onesoccer.ca/ They have one day subscriptions for 5.99 +taxes as well as other plans.
  15. I watched the first part of "The Kings" tonight. It's a four part documentary on the 80's era careers of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns. I thought it was really good. I liked the way they intertwined the fights and the politics of the day. If the next three episodes are as good as the first it should be well worth watching. Showing on Crave on Sundays at 7pm.
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