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  1. Dear God I hope we don't get rolled against the Avs. I feel like a big loss is coming though.:picard:

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    2. NUCKER67


      We'll get to see where this team is really at. Avs are on the road, so we've got the advantage, right? ;)


    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i think we’ll be lucky to win 2 of the next 7 games. this is going to be a tough stretch of games. i wish the team well. i hope we can get some injured bodies back. just being realistic here. 

    4. Type R

      Type R

      I don't know guys, this team did a great job last year getting up to play against a the healthy avs team and we have improved since then, and they are short a few bodies.  Have some faith :towel:

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