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  1. I have a feeling this guy is going to slip through the cracks and stay in the KHL...
  2. Bit dramatic? Who cares about a 'list' they mean nothing lol Grow up mate
  3. Yeah I'm not writing him off. I want him to be good. But it seemed like people are expecting alot more than what he is capable of at this time. The good thing with him is his size, guy is huge. Getting a contract ext is a little odd though... maybe he wants to stay in the KHL...? Hope not... Man we need some more Dman prospects....
  4. Are you guys even watching him play? He isn't very good and him making the NHL is a long shot. He is average defensively in the KHL level and has nothing on offense. Saying that, I hope he develops and become awesome..But he isn't even close atm
  5. 1g 2assists in his 9 games would be excellent.
  6. He will have every opportunity to make the team. Only Jake has the answer
  7. https://streamable.com/g1g5 Steamable of his goal
  8. !?!? I was just pointing it out because I found it funny. I never said it bothered me Jesus Christ guys.
  9. Anyone see that tweet (Deleted now) Saying the only thing he hates more than Canadians is the Canucks.... "Grew up a Bruins fan, hard not to hate a rival team growing up!! #peoplearemean #GoCanucks" Think he is saying this to cover himself now...
  10. Zuongo

    Cole Cassels | C

    Cole Cassels = C = Captain = Stanley Cup
  11. LW...........!?!?!!!!! Replacing chris higgins I see
  12. Zuongo


  13. Virtanen - Horvat - Kassian. Daaayum
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