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  1. With Podkolzin and Rathbone on the NHL roster and Juolevi traded, McDonough honestly might be our top prospect. At the very least he's in the conversation with DiPietro and Klimovich (with Woo and Lockwood not too far behind).
  2. Personally I would definitely make the claim for him. I will be surprised if he makes it through.
  3. F Feels like the team is not prepared for the season. Too much time auditioning guys for the 4th line and not enough time building chemistry. I also think Demko needed at least one more start. Hopefully they can start to gel over the next few days and don't struggle out of the gate.
  4. Personally I still believe OJ can become a decent NHLer but with the emergence of Rathbone he is now a potentially expendable trade chip.
  5. If Hamonic decides to opt out of the season or retire. To Vancouver Cal Foote To Tampa Bay Olli Juolevi The idea behind this trade is to trade Juolevi for a RD of similar profile and development to fill Hamonic's hole on the roster. Would you do this trade? Would Tampa? Does anything need to be added?
  6. Could COVID protocol violations be grounds to terminate his contract? I'm sure San Jose would love an out, this dude is a never-ending distraction.
  7. I get the feeling that Pettersson's contract is virtually done and has been for a while now (why else would he stop in Vancouver and not go straight to Michigan to join Hughes?) but they are still negotiating Hughes'. The agency (Barry and Brisson) probably refuses to finalize Petey's deal until Quinn's can be announced at the same time. Obviously speculation on my end, but just the feeling I get.
  8. It's baseless speculation. There was one article, published in 2 places, about training camp and had a quote from Halak along the lines of "the only player I know from before is Hamonic but he isn't in Vancouver yet." The author of the article then added their own insight saying they had a source that said Hamonic's absence was COVID-19 related. People with poor reading comprehension interpreted this as Halak saying that Hamonic wasn't at camp due to COVID protocols and started to spread a rumor that Hamonic wasn't vaccinated. Given Hamonic's history (sitting out of the bubble due to concerns over the virus and his daughter's health) it is very unlikely that he is anti-vaxx and much more likely that he's sitting out until the entire team is fully vaccinated plus 2 weeks (or for some completely unrelated reaaon).
  9. If I remember correctly, after he got snubbed by Team Canada for the World Juniors people started to question if the reason he was good in junior was because he physically developed early and that his upside might not be that high. Also, he got overshadowed by his two competitors for top defenseman in the draft. Sergachev was named most outstanding defenseman in the OHL and Juolevi dominated the World Juniors where he was named to the WJC All-Star Team.
  10. With the Canucks starting to get tight to the cap I would look at doing bridge deals for both Hughes and EP now. Hughes 3 × 5.8333 AAV 5.0M, 5.25M, 7.5M This is basically the Boeser contract Pettersson 3 × 7 AAV 6.5M, 6.5M, 8M This is similar to Barzal's current contract who I think is a good comparable for EP Both of these offers would slightly lowball them in the early years but has a promise for big pay when the cap is supposed to start going up again. Gives them high qualifying offers for their next contracts.
  11. Do I think Jake was rushed into the NHL before he was ready? Yes. Do I think that's why he didn't succeed? No. Ultimately, despite his natural talents he has clearly never had the commitment to be an NHL player. He never showed up to training camp in shape. Not a single one. It doesn't take long before coaches don't want to give you opportunities when you consistently fail to meet minimum expectations. His demise is his own doing.
  12. Best defenseman of his era to never win a Norris in my opinion. It will be sad if he's unable to play another game as he clearly still has the passion and even injured is a heck of a player.
  13. The jersey itself I quite like. But there's something off looking about the logo on it (too small maybe?). Personally also just not a huge fan of the Johnny Canuck logo but I guess a lot of other people are.
  14. While maybe not the best trade in the world, the more I think about it the more this trade makes sense for Edmonton. Keith fills a gaping hole in Edmonton, that of a veteran leadership presence that can still play the game. He may not be a Norris contender anymore but his approach to the game and experience could be vital in bringing their core to the next level. That being said, the Oilers still have some massive holes in their lineup and I'm kind of hoping they fail miserably next season.
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