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  1. I didn't notice Stamkos was missing until you pointed it out. The only reason I can think of for him being left off the list is concern over whether or not he's healthy. There's no question when healthy he's a top 50 player in the NHL and I don't think it would be a reach to say he's in the top 20. He finished 11th in PPG last year and has also scored at over a point per game in each of the three prior seasons.
  2. I definitely agree with this sentiment. My concern with the defense corp is not really one when healthy but what happens when a top 4 gets injured. I think this is where the loss of Stecher could be felt. When fully healthy I don't think the Canucks are any weaker than last year but the value of Stecher was more in his ability to play spot duty in the top 4. I am absolutely for trying to get Hamonic if just for the peace of mind knowing there is someone capable of spot duty. Also, since he's been on the market for so long now he can probably be signed for 1-2 years at <2M AAV. As an additional note, I also think he would be a much better mentor than Benn for Juolevi.
  3. Honestly I think Pettersson is a little too high. I don't think he's quite a top 10 player in the league yet, close but not quite there. However, after this year I can see him cracking that group. Really glad to see Makar and Hughes right next to each other as I think they are incredibly comparable at this point in time and some lists were saying otherwise. Add in Theodore being next to them and that's one heck of a young d group to watch going forward.
  4. Looking at both teams schedules it doesn't look like it unless they meet in Frozen Four play (or possibly in some other tournament I'm unaware of).
  5. Shiny new toy syndrome. I love DiPietro's compete level. His experience at the WC this year, getting to practice with players of that caliber, I'm sure will drive him to get even better. I'd say he's definitely the frontrunner for the #1 goalie at next years WJC and if he does earn it this thread will probably explode.