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  1. Lu was traded during the 2014 season, Virt was bought out in the offseason. Hence the lack of urgency removing his banner. But I guess when news is slow you try to generate clicks however you can, and the outrage machine does that job well.
  2. You mean renegade provinces like AB/SK vs the mainstream provinces that currently dictate elections like Ontario and Quebec?
  3. Popular vote: Liberals: 33.2% Conservatives: 34.3% This is why Trudeau wouldn’t consider proportional representation for his electoral reform promise
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49814927 looks like they reached the tipping point and are finally launching an impeachment inquiry.
  5. Such hypocrisy from all parties on this. He dressed up as a character from a Disney cartoon. Big deal. The only part of this I can enjoy is that Trudeau can be on the receiving end of some of this PC nonsense.
  6. Anyone still playing this? I need a new friend for a task. 0371 1944 9513 is my trainer code
  7. Oval toilet bowls and round plungers. Who’s the wise guy that decided on that combo?
  8. I sent a friend request to anyone who posted their code. Mine is 0371 1944 9513
  9. I’ve never played any of the God of War games. If I jumped in with the newest one would I feel lost? With the uncharted series, I liked the 2nd best for the single player and the 3rd for multiplayer. I thought uncharted 4 was a step back... still good but not as good. I still can’t understand why they got rid of grenade throwback, that was a pretty key addition in U3.
  10. I’ve given in and picked up a copy of No Man’s Sky. Pretty fun game overall if you’re in to slow-paced explore and collect type games. I’m caught in a bit of a glitch right now that’s preventing me from getting out if my first system (no anti-matter or anti-matter blueprint for those of you who know how the game works). I’m trying to decide whether to start a new game or keep grinding for the necessary stuff to get on to other planets.
  11. Fun little trilogy. The next two books are solid and they're pretty light reading, I'd suggest getting through them before delving into George RR Martin's unfinished behemoth.
  12. Had anyone read the Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisin? It intrigues me, the first two books won awards and the third book was released this month. I'm a sucker for good Sci-fi
  13. I proofread, correct, re-word and re-proofread every email I send at work. I know I put way too much time into it , but it still bugs me every time I get a typo-ridden run-on sentence back as a reply. Confession #2: I proofread, corrected, and re-worded this post and I will proofread it again before I post it.
  14. I would love to see Nintendo pull a Sega-esque move and quit making consoles and stick to games. I would gladly buy Zelda, Donkey King, Mario, Super Smash bros etc for my PS4, but I won't buy a Nintendo console at this point
  15. Would you guys prefer Artem Anisimov or Corey Perry? Points in my league are simple; goals are 3, assists are 2, power play points add 1 and short handed adds 2. No other stats considered for forwards. Perry is averaging 1.9 fantasy points and Anisimov 2.0 per game. Thoughts?
  16. Buddy up with one of your karp and go for a quick 239 km walk. Simple
  17. I live in a land devoid of mountains, where the "lakes" are glorified puddles. The Magikarp are scarce here
  18. Now the big dilemma: walk a Pidgey for quick and easy evolves to gain xp, or grind it out with Magikarp to eventually evolve a Gyarados
  19. I caught a Seaking a couple days ago, and I haven't even seen a Goldeen nearby. At 962 cp it's the burliest Pokemon that I've caught (not counting the ones I evolved)
  20. I've recently gotten into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Book 5 begins tonight. I'm honestly a little ashamed that I haven't delved into this series before now, it is something of a standard in the fantasy genre. So far I've really enjoyed it; possibly a little over-hyped, but still a really solid read. Out of curiosity, has anyone read anything by Brent Weeks other than the Night Angel trilogy? That was the last series of books I read that I couldn't put down, I'm wondering if he has anything else out that compares.
  21. I can't even connect to the server right now. This is going to make it much harder to catch 'em all.
  22. Duds


    I go with Nabob for pre-ground and Melitta for beans. If it's one or two people drinking it I use my French press, more than two I use my Tim Hortons machine. If I'm in a rush I use my Tassimo. My sisters are into this rubbish they call bullet-proof coffee... Butter & coconut oil & coffee thrown into a blender. I think it's an effective way of ruining coffee, they love it. Anyone else had this before?
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