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  1. it’s actually pretty crazy that even after these past  three games they haven’t fired the coach lol nothings going to change as long as that bozo green is around 

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    2. Coconuts


      I don't mind Benning, in fact Iiked his offseason moves, but I'm beginning to lean towards his moving on. Surely another GM could draft well too. 


      If Green doesn't go and we miss I could see that being it. This is his last fire the coach card, he needs to use it.

    3. Drakrami



      Torts complain his teams are stale whenever his results go downhill, he said something similar before leaving CBJ lol. 


      Anyone with a top 10 pick can draft well, nonetheless multiple top 10 picks - it is not rocket science. Being able to find gems in the lower rounds. Like Fox in round 3, Aho in round 2, Point in round 3 now that's a different story. 

    4. Dazzle


      McTavish and Boudreau are available, among many candidates. There was no reason to extend Green.

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