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  1. it’s actually pretty crazy that even after these past  three games they haven’t fired the coach lol nothings going to change as long as that bozo green is around 

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    2. Coconuts
    3. Dazzle


      The preseason performances and poor preparation leading up to the season were, in hindsight, SUPER obvious signs that Green had to go.


      I was supportive of Green up until last season. I felt that it was time for him to go, even if it wasn't his fault. This was the perfect opportunity to move on with a new established coach. IF by chance he did bad, then by all means blow up the team.


      Torts was the wrong choice for the team, but he exposed the team for what it was - a mishmash of stale players.

    4. King Heffy

      King Heffy


      There's hope.  If Green's allowed to set foot in Rogers Arena on Wednesday, Benning has to go too.  Allowing this clown to continue to destroy the franchise with his gross incompetence is simply not acceptable.

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