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  1. Every win counts towards his resume for future job reference, can't blame him.
  2. but then Green just keeps putting him in the lineup, so it is actually Green's fault. He already knows what Jake is all about.
  3. If Holtby keeps playing like this, there will be no discussion needed, he gets the net. He just has that swagger in him like a champ..
  4. There isn't any controversy here, Holtby is a proven winner at the highest level.
  5. Virtanen is what he is, Green is the one to blame for putting him in the lineup.
  6. Thought we played pretty well tonight, didn't give them much 5 on 5, it is a good team over there.
  7. So true. A guy who the other team doesn't want is one of our top forwards..that's how bad we are really...
  8. I bet you Green thinks we played a good game tonight, especially 5 on 5. Don't forget, it is a good team over there. :p
  9. Honestly, our bottom 6 guys like Roussel and Virtanen are probably the most useless guys in the NHL. Any guy who came out of retirement may be playing better than Roussel.
  10. Such a big news all day that Horvat can play...what a difference he is making!!!!! lol.....His decision making on the PK is worse than a rookie.
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