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  1. Thought we played pretty well tonight, didn't give them much 5 on 5, it is a good team over there.
  2. So true. A guy who the other team doesn't want is one of our top forwards..that's how bad we are really...
  3. I bet you Green thinks we played a good game tonight, especially 5 on 5. Don't forget, it is a good team over there. :p
  4. Honestly, our bottom 6 guys like Roussel and Virtanen are probably the most useless guys in the NHL. Any guy who came out of retirement may be playing better than Roussel.
  5. Such a big news all day that Horvat can play...what a difference he is making!!!!! lol.....His decision making on the PK is worse than a rookie.
  6. I just don't get it, why didn't Myers skate to the bench when Hamonic had the puck if he is that tired? How stupid can he be? wow....he literally just stood his a.s.s there and doing what???
  7. Coach Green has absolutely no answer for big and heavy teams like the Jets...lol
  8. Green actually thinks his team played a good game...lol. Green is the champion of moral victory! Inability to generate shots, no scoring chances, sure they played a good game under your lead coach.
  9. The way Hughes is playing defense makes me wonder if his offense is enough to off set his defensive liability in his career.
  10. We look like a pretty easy team to play against if you ask me. I guess all the teams are thinking like me except for the Sens maybe.
  11. Not lack of effort, just not good enough to generate enough shots or scoring chances game after game, does matter whether it'd be on the road or at home. You can tell the boys are trying though. Watching a washed up player like Roussel is quite painful, he is skating hard, but absolutely useless out there.
  12. It is sad to see Virtanen losing board battles so often given his size and strength....power forward my butt.....
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