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  1. Can’t wait till the Canucks kiss him good bye maybe not with that much passion but you know oh heck just say goodbye
  2. Please fire Green after tonight I can’t stand to see his face anymore
  3. Fire Green and Baumgartner and promote Smith to head coach and bring up Cull and one of his assistants or if Smith don’t want it bring in either or these guys Marc Crawford or Ted Nolan
  4. Winning percentage trajectory to becoming a playoff team and being one of the better teams in the league.
  5. I doubt any of these lightweights would even look sideways at any of our guys with Gadj or Mac in our lineup!!!
  6. If Green wanted to destroy the teams depth on his way out he did a pretty good job
  7. We need players that give our youngsters a safe work environment it’s sad that the Puke Travis the trickster Green don’t like tough hockey.
  8. Zack Mac plays his first game tonight to bad we kept this guy over a player that we could use right now.
  9. It has gone stale they need a new voice Travis was good for what we were now we need an experienced coach to get us to the next level.
  10. Travis the trickster Green been taking advantage of Benning’s kind heart from the beginning it’s sad he had to have this fraud talking in his ear for his tenure.
  11. I think you should go find something you like instead of suffering yourself having to put up with people you hate.
  12. Just a tiny bit of the PQ and MC era style hockey please we need some truculence with our hockey the Canuck fan base are not a fan base that excepts being pushed around we mostly know about beating you up in an alley
  13. I’m seeing Green becoming a big distraction real quick the fans already are tired of his bs I can’t see him surviving a slow start.
  14. He really seems to be doing quite the troll job every time we get excited for a player he either benches them or have them placed on waivers.
  15. Guess Green don’t remember this and no we don’t have anyone who could step up to this goon.
  16. I love coaches who think that if you take my eye I’m gonna take both of yours none of this turn the other cheek bs.
  17. After that fight I think we all don’t feel so vulnerable to the bullies of the league hate the result but s#*t happens.
  18. They’re the worst fan base out there and they still try and put us down bunch of racist lunatics!
  19. We will never see a tough lineup with him at the helm Green don’t like fighting it’s obvious when he benches guys after fights.
  20. This has Greens stink all over it I hate him with a passion the guy does not like toughness!
  21. I would love to see him play with a reckless abandonment like each shift is his last I bet the guy would do some damage.
  22. You know the real bad things that happen in this world I mean the things that make you kinda sick to your stomach those were bad souls dying over and over again as punishment for being evil and greedy.
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