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  1. Van40

    NFL thread

    Packers/Bengals game is absolutely nuts
  2. JG was a 2nd round pick. My point is that far too many professional leagues just bury their prospects in the minors or overseas. Give these guys some opportunities to play in the big leagues. Sink or swim.
  3. Whats the point of drafting these guys if they're never given a chance? Another high pick wasted smh
  4. Boston up 1-0, bottom of the 8th. Nats have 2 on base with one out
  5. Van40

    NFL thread

    Bengals blowing this game was so predictable. Let's go T-Law! I guess not lol
  6. Should of pulled Ray after the 3rd homer. Manager blew it
  7. Van40

    NFL thread

    Having the best kicker in nfl history is great. What a win!
  8. Van40

    NFL thread

    Can't play from behind though
  9. Van40

    NFL thread

  10. Van40

    NFL thread

    How do u tell Lawrence that he can't start cause the OL sucks and that he has to back up CJ Beathard lol
  11. Van40

    NFL thread

    Great college qbs like TLaw, Burrow, Tua are struggling with nfl defenses cause of their poor OLs
  12. Van40

    NFL thread

    We have a solid young backup in Tyler Huntley who won't have a circus around him. Cam is done in this league as a full time starter. Not the same athlete anymore and his throwing was always erratic.
  13. Van40

    NFL thread

    Rbs are replaceable but losing Dobbins before the season even started just sucks
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