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  1. 57 minutes ago, oldnews said:

    I think if you substitute an upgrade in the mix for Hamonic, maybe it makes an entirely different impression.  Poolman, Schenn, Keeper - I'm quite happy with = quality depth imo - while still having Woo (and Bowey) in our system. 

    Hamonic, we need to be considerably better - which is a possibility - he's had some very good seasons in his career, as recently as his second last season in Calgary.    But the guy Calgary acquired from the NYI (who threw 200 hits back in the day), we're unlikely to see again imo.



    Fair enough, I’ll admit I don’t know much about most of these guys but Schenn Hamonic better not be significant pieces to our team, otherwise we aren’t any better especially losing Edler for what was a reasonable contract.  The love for Schenn and Hamonic is bizarre, both didn’t impress me at all, they filled holes, and often had too many holes themselves.  I hope it works out and these new guys are an upgrade

  2. 4 hours ago, tas said:


    I believe there have only been 4 total, 2 in the 7 years prior to this week.

    My point is, we’ve had 22 million in penalties with buyouts, inherited cap recapture penalties and burying players in the minors on bad contracts.  One remains in Luongo that goes away next year, then we just go and load up again.  Freedom was so close.  It’s like going right back into debt when you finally see the light in the tunnel.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Lazurus said:


    We are paying on average 1.30 cents a liter, in Toronto they are under 0.98 cents, Alberta is cheaper and even in Washington state with the exchange they are 0.96 cents a liter Canadian funds. That is over $40 dollars a tank for 100 a litre fill up.


    Does the BC government need more revenue so they are letting the gas companies gouge us again?


    Is it because we are distracted by the Corona virus news, why is this gouging not news worthy?

    Don't blame the gas companies, they are making the same profit no matter where they sell it.  Thank the government and their inability to run anything, including refining and taxation.  The government wants control, they suck at everything, and people keep asking them to get bigger and more involved. We are all doomed.

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