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  1. Yes NCAA players don’t have to follow chl rules and can go straight to thevAHL
  2. Not paying attention likely causes many more accidents then speed, unless there are many others on the road and you are weaving in and out
  3. Clearly the answer is Linden
  4. Leivo again on the PP1 but can barely make the 3rd line. Ferland again throwing 0 hits. Will be a long season if this trend continues
  5. When its your money you have every right to
  6. LOL, Leivo on the 1st PP yet he can barely make the 3rd line and IMO should be on the 4th with Beagle
  7. So goes all those stories about Laine holding out for 11 million
  8. Move Sutter to the wing where he looks better anyways
  9. I doubt it, they had a hard time selling out that game, tickets were available one week ago
  10. He is sure starting it out right in Group C
  11. What are you talking about Laine is 55.6 Virtanen is 50.8. Maybe I’m just seeing it wrong. https://www.hockey-reference.com/players/v/virtaja01-advanced.html https://www.hockey-reference.com/players/l/lainepa01-advanced.html Even if you go to even strength they aren’t your numbers, they are pretty much the same and better than your numbers
  12. Yea facts don’t care about feelings. I cant believe people here are saying they’d rather have Jake and Laine. #HomerVision
  13. You assume he wants 10 million, can’t pick numbers out of thin air
  14. I agree, except the potential value of 1st rounders are way over inflated, hence why so many teams over value their first rounders and therefore Virtanen wouldn’t be traded for one. He’d be traded for another young player instead of a draft pick. I would t trade him for a 2nd rounder as you said, he’s worth more than a 2nd as most never turn into anything
  15. Except corsi stats favor Laine over Virtanen
  16. And Laine easily by far plays better offensively. Which would you rather have?
  17. Especially when he hits and hurts himself
  18. I agree, they should keep him because he’s worth nothing. Worth more to keep him then to give him away for nothing. He’s worth more to us than a 2nd round pick or another young forward needing a change
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