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  1. Hence the crippling student loans like the majority of college students.
  2. You do realize he isn't expelled from UND right? He can continue to get a college education there. Now he just have to do it like everyone else and get a crippling student loan and actually get a useful degree.
  3. Well the plan was always to elect him and oppose him from day 1.
  4. Were we ever not? As a species we suck at long term planning and responding to non visual threats.
  5. Well technically speaking he did win. You can thank SCOTUS for that.
  6. You know what, even with a neutered postal service, USPS is still faster than Canada post.
  7. Well to be fair, even Elections Canada don't count ballots received after election day.
  8. The whole 'you'll have to search for it' tells me that whatever you are talking about won't affect anything in the next 8 days barring a sudden cardiac arrest.
  9. You got me. We make the best 'clocks' for your computers and and phones from the essential material of potato starch.
  10. Then the national debt of every country will suddenly begin to matter a lot. The whole system is propped up by the notion that the US dollar is the reserve currency and they can pretty much print as much money as needed through quantitative easing. US going into civil war will destroy the US dollar not to mention Russia, EU, and China meddling on both side of the conflict. It ain't going to end well especially with the amount of nukes US have.
  11. Well I went to college and grad school in Illinois. Work in the semiconductor industry and live in Idaho. I think you can connect the dots from there.
  12. Back then GOP actually has morals and ethics. Remember the good time when Republicans themselves told Nixon to go pound sand?
  13. The sh*thole state of Idaho. Good thing for me it is a simple drive north.
  14. You forgot the comrade. "Welcome comrade to the Socialist Dominion of Canada"