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  1. You won't ever get confirmation until like a decade later. All we can do is work off of the best information out there. There have been way too much smoke and signals going on here that make the probably of being true being way more likely than not. If this wasn't true at all, Schmidt is free to do what Miller did and just shoot it down himself.
  2. As I said, if I were the GM, I won't give flying f**k about asset management in this situation. If I can't trade a player due to NTC especially one I didn't hand out, then I have no problem putting the player on waivers and let whatever team take the player or bury them in the minors to make their life miserable. Sometimes one have to hold the line to dissuades others from trying the same crap.
  3. Yeah, if he didn't request a trade, then good for him for using his NTC. But too much smoke here.
  4. I am willing to have dead cap space and bury him in the minors. Don't want to be in the minors? Mutually terminate the contract. That is always an option. If I were the GM, I rather have the reputation of: 'If you want out, don't b*tch where you end up.'
  5. I don't care. He wants out, he get out one way or another. If he wants out, why should the team accommodate his wishes. Can't trade him, waive him.
  6. He wants out! I have zero issues circumventing NTC in this situation. Beggars can't be choosers.
  7. Well he is being a b*tch about it. I'll eat the cost and gave him the humiliation of being waived and getting stuck in Buffalo or Arizona.
  8. Cause he picked an underwhelming team with bunch of D and cap space and had so far done nothing with it.
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