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  1. Wait what? Why? His team can't field a forward?
  2. I mean if we lose out and does not win the lottery where we are picking like 4th or 5th before NJ, Luke may be the bpa, in that case sure. We could really use Clarke though to play with Hughes, a nice big RHD.
  3. Either way for me, Seattle is gonna be the 'home' team due to proximity (Boise). I'm planning for Seattle to be the hot girl I cheat with my Canucks fandom. Way easier to get to Seattle with a 45min flight than do the whole layover to Van. Can't wait to grab some tickets against the Canucks there next season.
  4. Did not know he was exempt. I was more thinking of having him be able to satisfy requirement so we can use him as a trade chip for a team that need someone who meets requirement or give us flexibility with trades. But not the case then if he is exempt.
  5. K I admit then that I had no idea what they are doing starting May 11. Only knew his last call up was on emergency basis.
  6. Once again Lind was called up on emergency basis and need to go back when someone gets healthy. They don't have another regular recall left to move Lind back without someone getting injured and if someone did, think it is better spend on Gadj as he is on the same boat. Get mad if Lind, Bone, OJ, Gadj, Lookwood don't play on Tuesday/Wednesday.
  7. I may be wrong but Lind was called up woth emergency recall and once Machellis was cleared to play, Lind has to be send to the taxi squad unless someone else get injured. Man are we getting a lesson with regard to the CBA and cap this season.
  8. Aqua needs to hire a CEO for Canucks Sports and Entertainment and then stay the hell away from all his sports franchise. This is the only way to restore confidence in the teams (yes plural) amd ownership.
  9. Dafaq, don't we own Utica. Must have been in the deal that Aqua signed with the Blues. Aqua strikes again. We need new owners. I am so done with them. #AquaOut
  10. They need to call them up early so they can quarantine for the week and be ready to go should someone get hurt. From the sound of it, they are good to go too once Utica is done on Sunday. So they will get two games up here. Covid is to blame in this.
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