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  1. Well this forum lived to see the greatest melt down of the Canucks in the 20s.
  2. My suspicion is Canucks have a yearly license that don't run out till 2024.
  3. No man, just post it on Sept 30th at 23:59.59 and see which ones have lightning speed internet.
  4. Not gonna lie, my Canucks fandom since 2013 was fueled by this forum. Without it, I might genuinely fall out of this toxic relationship.
  5. This really sucks as cdc is my go-to place to get not only Canucks news but also general nhl news in a timely manner. Well at least my boss is gonna be happy with one less distraction for me at work.
  6. Sound like a great time to migrate everyone to discord.
  7. Miller the proud Papa. Petey I don't want to be here look. Demko, the annoyed older brother seeing his younger brother surpass him.
  8. Actually might be funnier if they did have him on the pic but just so small you need to magnify in to see him.
  9. Dude adding levels below existing structure is not easy to do. You are literally digging below the foundation. You are looking at closing down Rogers for like 3 seasons which is not feasible.
  10. The problem with going to UBC or 8 rinks when needed is that the team itself does not own any dressing room or storage space in it resulting it players having to warm up and dress at Rogers and bussing to the rink and the equipment people having to pack and lag around everything they might need from Rogers and back. In essence they lack the ability to store anything and have the state of the art medical and training facilities at UBC or 8 rinks. They would also have to schedule around other people as the Canucks are not the primary resident if the rink while ideally they want others to schedule around them to give the team the most flexibility. Any new practice facility would have 2 sheets of ice with one that will always be available to the team while the other can be used by the community or college teams.
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