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  1. Look at the bright side people, this team desperately need a top tier blue chip D prospect so getting a top 5 pick in this draft full of them at the top ain't a bad thing at all. Just wish we can fast forward to the draft to save us some pain or alcahol.
  2. Look at the bright side. We at least kept up with the tank race. Could you imagine how much damage the tank would have sustained had we won!
  3. Nah, This is only a small pot hole in the glorious parade of the almighty TANK!!!
  4. No to Smyl being President. Don't want to run him out of the organization once thing inevitably turns for the worse.
  5. Forgot to reply to the last part. Going with Linden's plan, we will be exactly where we are right now with the window most likely opening in 2022. Guess we will not have Miller but that is beside the point as whomever we would have pick is gonna be like Miller either way. Crying over Linden is just crying over spoiled milk, at the end nothing would have been different with or without him.
  6. If this go on, we might actually for once in a long time finish dead freaking last in the league!
  7. The only sucky thing is we can't barely scout them
  8. As much I love to have Bieska back, he is a freaking superstar on SN and birn to do media. Don't think he want to get into coaching, at least not until his kids are out of the house.
  9. They kinda have to thanks to Covid. Smyl: Interim head coach until the new guy's quarantine is done. Higgens: Special teams assistant Ryan Biech: Interim D assistant coach?
  10. Sadly I think it will take another rebuild. Kinda lines up with this teams tendency to make the finals every 20 or so years.
  11. I just can't understand why the media are in such a love fest with Green. Does he have compromising picture of the head of sportsnet? He clearly ain't the solution and needs to go. Mostly because of his loyalty to the two dimb dumbs beside him. JB is a fault for the bloated contracts but when every player he brings in regress significantly, there is a way deeper issue than his player movements.