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  1. At this point, nothing will be done unless it start hurting the owners bottom line. We can hate Bettman all we want but he gets paid to take the heat. We need to start criticizing and hate on the owners instead. Time to boycott the nhl or fans should make coordinated chants across nhl games to get this story into mainstream media. I for one am looking into how to cancel my espn+ subscription. This league does not deserve my money at this point.
  2. The difference is that those states also actively reduce access to get ID in colored or poor neighborhoods and just plain reduce the number of sites and operation time to prevent those without IDs from voting. Also these laws are requiring photo IDs so it isn't like you just waltz with your birth certificate and utility Bill's/insurance card to vote like in Canada. Would not really be an issue if state or national photo IDs can be issued at your local post office instead of just the dmv where you wait till oblivion.
  3. With the complete lack of accountability by everyone, haters included, involved and inaction by the league, every nhl fanbase should chant "Justice for Beach" at the start of every nhl game and "Fire Q" and "Fire Chev" at every Panthers and Jets game respectively. Same with boos toward Keith, Toews, and Kane in every game they play. Do I have to go to HF to organize? Really don't wanna go there.
  4. This guy seriously missing some grey stuff between his ears. Read the room buddy, you are just digging yourself a bigger hole. Toews should be permeantly illegible for the hockey hall of fame. He does not deserve it with all those comments.
  5. It is not cause of the presser. More to do with how Q is not suspended for tonight's game.
  6. At this point Bill Zito should be considered complacent to this whole situation. Now not calling for his job or anything but it definitely shows his moral failing and should be a black mark on his resume.
  7. So pretty much everyone on there. And with the addition of Kyle Beach name at the bare minimum. Glad we agree.
  8. Oh come on Chicago, you get free PR that you desperately need by donating another $2M to charities that deal with sexual assault. Freaking layup there.
  9. At this point that is the bare minimum. Not something to be praised. Better idea, replace that whole panel with Kyle Beach's name.
  10. They're gonna do that either way. Might as well catch them in the act and ban them for life from attending nhl games.
  11. Also rescinding the title also take away those players legacy which is important.
  12. I agree that fine them $50M ain't really all that useful. Real punishment is purging the 2010 title from the records and forfeiture of first round and 2nd round draft picks for a couple of years or make that a $2M penalty on the cap for a few.
  13. Read the room. Hawks deserves to lose by 100 goals while getting shut out.
  14. It's Florida what did you expect Some of their fans already attributed this to snowflake millennial liberals.
  15. Really starting to think the only reason Bowman is out is cause he was about to get fired anyways due to how poorly the Hawks started the season.
  16. Think we need a general boycott of the league at this point. This league is spineless.
  17. I am losing lots of respect for the Panthers for not suspending Queenville for tonight's game and the Jets for not suspending Chevelledayoff right now.
  18. What else is he going to say? We need another investigation with regards to the players this time.
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