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  1. Dedalus

    Tokyo Olympics

    where are you guys watching the medal ceremony?
  2. Dedalus

    Tokyo Olympics

    those shootouts were insane
  3. gotta love oleksiak sporting the missing tooth look
  4. i have a feeling that if that happens, a lot of people from the interior are going to be kraken fans, which is what happened in los angeles with their sports teams
  5. seriously. what's with all the fish? are we going to be two teams trying to out-fish one another? BRING OUT THE SALMON! WE ARE THE FISHIEST!
  6. did you guys notice the nucks are last? they're really going to hype that rivalry, aren't they?
  7. ya, the kraken jersey is pretty cool, i have to admit
  8. haha, these tampa goofballs don't know if they should do the #1 sign, the peace sign, or put three fingers up
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