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  1. Facial expression analysis or it didn't happen lol
  2. You lost me at "hfboards."
  3. Thought he played a strong game last night. AHL is probably where he should be to start the season but sucks to see him leave camp.
  4. So - looking forward to my first Canucks game with my son this fall.  Got on to the early single-game tickets list.  Went on half hour after it opened and the only seats available for Bruins (Saturday game as we have to travel) were for over $600...Suggestions?

    1. Vicky


      It'll be my first game as well

  5. Suck it, Leafs.

  6. Merry Draftmas!

  7. At least we didn't throw in a fourth?...

  8. How is it possible that our PP has been this bad for almost five-years?

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    2. Vicky
    3. SedinMadness


      no salo and no erhoff! lol weber will not cut it. all we have is edler as a qb power play specialist...do the math on that one.

    4. SedinMadness


      we badly need a number one power play qb specialist. can't be by committee.every ear we made the cup finals lol twice we had someone who could be that guy... 2011 two players. brown, salo, and erhoff.

  9. Happy New Year all

  10. Ass deep in Rye and eggnog.  And beer.  And there might have been some wine.  Merry Christmas all!

  11. Sweet merciful crap!

  12. Welcome back, Ronny.  Go out and hit something, will ya?

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