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  1. Unbelievable how sloppy we have been for long stretches. Hot slop. Its all because we dont get in that practice time... oh wait... Demko and Myers to the 1st team in the NHL: Heres 2 goals for you guys!!!
  2. NICE WIN BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDLER ALMOST COST US 2 GOALS!!!!!! But still NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Honestly the officiating in the NHL is the worst in all pro sports. I cannot remember the game but a few weeks ago a penalty was called and a quick goal was scored, the penalty was reviewed and found not to be a penalty but the goal was not reversed. LOL! I want to see MLB levels of accountability, you can literally watch call by call on pitches to see if the ump is in the right. IDK why but its almost considered taboo to do the same to NHL refs. They should be fined when they make calls that cost a team a game. I mean look at Hoglander getting 2 hand checked to the ribs 3 times!!! No calls by the refs! YOU HAVE 1 JOB!!! Ugh I could go on and on. They lack the ability to be impartial as well big emotional games they will make absurd calls based on the emotions in the game/building. We need to replace them with drones.
  4. 20 less goals against say hi.
  5. Hey now that this game is over what are people doing for the rest of the night?
  6. Speaking of time out WTF is Green to call a timeout after 3 goals? Its like hes the biggest passenger on the team. They never show his hands because one hand is jammed into his pocket with his fingers crossed and the other is putting a thumb up his azz. He. Does. Nothing.
  7. Uhhh no Travis your team got up 2 goals and then went to sleep. Call it like it is.
  8. Anyone ready for the post game press conference bullshyt bingo?? Heres the key words. - Tip your hat - Good effort - Played well just didnt get rewarded - Close game happy with the teams effort. - Keep playing like that good things will happen - Trending in the right direction (uhhhh the losing direction??) - Just one of those games - Good team over there. I must say we are fabulous at losing, were getting really really good at being a giant bunch of losing losers. Nice to see the losing ways are settling in so that all hopes for this season are dead. RIP this season.