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  1. Its getting harder and harder to notice his size. He plays so big like all of the time you start to forget about his height. That man has white hot fury inside his soul I wish he could share that with the rest of the team. THIS is what we mean when we say "plays with a lot of heart". Love. This. Guy.
  2. Hirsch was awesome, he needs time to get used to things for sure but I thought he was fine. But if im honest I want Hughson in somehow someway. He retired but did he tho?
  3. How do you not love the vibe that the team has been able to generate? How do you not look at something like that and NOT want that for the Canucks. It doesn't just come from one guy its everybody look at that dugout whenever the team or individuals do well how do we learn from that? Look at this interview with Ross Atkins and when I hear him talking about the positivity with the jays, especially after they missed the playoffs and I see that as a high benchmark for this team, that positive gelled atmosphere. I especially like his talk of having a balanced approach to building the team, and how you need guys that do different things, not just a team of power hitters. I wonder if our own GM has this much wisdom and I really think he does.
  4. New? He looks better than last year already. Hes way more active really notice him every shift hes on the ice.
  5. I know... and some people like to pretend that history doesn't matter and act like lack of toughness on the Canucks has never ever been a factor like ever. And do. not. hit me with the league is changing etc... BS. I have yet to see the rules change to a point that toughness is no longer factor. The team Seattle is building and the last few winners of the stanley cup beg to differ with you. Calling ppl Dinosaurs you absolute latchkey upstarts I would swat you with my pleather loafer if you were present.
  6. Jim Benning has silently whisked away almost all the tough factor we had on this team. We now have a fycking giant soft belly completely open for anyone to bash the living shyt out of. With zero response. Soft teams never ever win cups. Traitor Jim.
  7. We are a soft team with him on the team and without him? Imagine the oilers sign him and we have Kassian AND Zach Mac beating the shyt out of Boeser and Petey. Who would stop them? Myers? The fanbase is so awful to Myers I would never hit another player ever if I were Myers... like ever, the way people shyt on him. We will be exposed at some point for our choices to be a soft skilled team. It has been the ire of Canucks fans since forever and looks like it will continue to be.
  8. You would not have said that back in the day when Tampa was just developing into a playoff caliber team. We need to see what we have in guys like Demko and Miller and Petey etc. before we start making any comparisons between us and Tampa bay. It could be more than close.
  9. This is in poor taste right before the season starts. I usually like to wait 10 games before I get toxic.
  10. Wow what a game! Zach Mac THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  11. IDK if you have been watching lately but after our regulars there is a SIGNIFICANT drop off. Theres like nobody. Gadjovich was a bright spot why in gods name did we not test him against actual NHL'rs? Makes no sense how do we know what we have in him? Reminds me of Archibald, played his ass off, hit, scored goals but never gets a fair shot.. guess they dont know the secret illuminati handshake.
  12. Right?? Wtf are these clowns even doing to not give that guy another look? You literally have 1 job right now and thats to evaluate the talent... smh I cannot even right now with this decision.
  13. Referring to it that way does us no favors. THEY showed alot of maturity and foresight signing these deals. WE didnt go and hold them at gunpoint and force them to sign.
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