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  1. If Reaves does not get suspended the AVs have zero counter for this man. Nothing. It will amount to Vegas getting an edge later on as he wears them down. However IF Reaves gets suspended then it will actually fire up the Avs and they may sweep Vegas.

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    2. bree2


      Reaves is a piece of garbage! he should get multiple games

    3. Pears


      Reaves shouldn’t be anywhere near professional hockey anyway but that crap he pulled last night proved he’s just a massive hypocrite and if the NHL had any decency they’d suspend him indefinitely. 

    4. #Canucks


      I would not mind having Reeves in our bottom six. However he's garbage to play against.

  2. Cringing hard every time they score gotta be honest. Sorry but i want nothing less then tanking rn.
  3. Its really hard for us peons to quantify something like coaching as we dont see alot of coaching on our best day tbh. Most "coaching" takes place off the ice I think. But based on what little we have to work with I would give him a 8/10. He very rarely throws the team under the bus, he is a postive person. He is good at knowing when our attack is too predictable. He CAN make changes on the fly he does it all the time with our lines. I think he is good with the players on a personal level. I dont question his passion, he grew up in BC and you ca
  4. LOL hate everything about this sorry. Jim Benning is actually building us a team unlike anything i have ever seen before. She can go pound sand.
  5. Tryamkin has actually had an Excellent year in the K. He was amazing when I watched him play back in the WD days i cannot fathom how much better hell be now considering he has lost weight and is by all measure a better Dman statistically then he was 4 years ago. You and Button WILL eat your words. I cannot wait.
  6. I would love to see this guy on the ice again. He was one of the sole reasons I watched the Canucks in the WD era. This guy will have HUGE impact wherever he ends up please god let it be the Canucks.
  7. Where is Horvat? Why isnt Horvat the one speaking up? smh....
  8. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! Where are the big fancy nerdy doctors instead of the players???? WHERE????? This is an embarrassment to either the NHL or our medical staff or both! Probably both!
  9. Honestly 100% agree with Miller. Bigger question? Why are we not hearing from the medical staff instead of the players? Surely in cannot be as bad as Miller is portraying here? If it were then why the he77 arent the medical staff for the Canucks speaking out and refusing to let the players play? Makes no sense.

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    2. hammertime


      Medical staff are busy injecting toridol in the IV's 

    3. Shirotashi


      Lol IDK where im losing people here. Its not

      a hard concept to understand. It seemed like the issue was something better left in the hands 

      of the medical staff than on one player. If 

      the players needed more time because 

      of worries for their and their families health 

      then the medical staff should have intervened 

      on behalf of the players and made that call. 


      Where do I lose people???

    4. Bob.Loblaw


      This isn't politics.  Doctors don't come out and make statements.  Hockey is notorious for players continuing to play while injured.  The only sport worse than this would probably be mixed martial arts.

  10. How can you say that? I think the team loved Gaudette. I know I did, loved his energy he had a knack for scoring well timed goals. What wasnt to love about Gaudette?
  11. AG WANTED out of VAN thats the bottom line. I dont care who tells me what, he likely asked for this trade period. IDK if it was his in ability to see that the people commenting on the COVID stuff were not representative of the whole fan base. OR he saw the writing on the wall in terms of his spot on the team and used the COVID bullshyt to leverage himself out of VAN. A small part of me thinks there is a minor insurrection occurring on the Canucks that might have roots that go back to the firing of Mark Donnelly, IF we had or have ANY anti m
  12. I think you could add the QH and EP wanted a deal like this because they buy into the idea that a: Both players need to show a little more. Both have room to grow. You only give 13million to PROVEN NHLer's. Year after grinding year guys that produce consistently especially in the playoffs. and b: They know that if both of them were to ask for 10million plus it would hinder the team overall as we would not be able to spread the money over 4 lines the way we could if they signed for cheaper. Toronto has 40 million on 4 players and the cap
  13. I like Travis Green, but I also understand why people want him fired. Its increasingly difficult to defend a person who after losing 5-1 thinks that his team had a good game just a few things didnt go our way. I cannot get my head around the logic. No Travis you didnt play well. We had 1 good period. 1. How the fyck are we supposed to improve and turn the corner if you think theres nothing to improve on, just things arent going our way. If you look at his answers tonight its a fycking carbon copy of the games we lost 5-0 in the BEGGINING of the season. I agree w
  14. IDK can you win a game when you cant sustain more than 15seconds of offence in the opposing teams zone? I dont think so... Ima keep the game audio open on a tab while I play diablo 2.
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