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  1. We miss you in the bluejays thread

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    2. Cerridwen


      Me, too, RNT :(

    3. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      I've been thinking about it for a while actually. To be so active at CDC and then to not sign in since February 18th... I hope I am worried for nothing. 

    4. Salmonberries


      I've been wondering about it for a couple of months now too @Roger Neilson's TowelI have tried alerting him a couple of times already. He went from being a rather prolific contributor here to completely inactive seemingly overnight which is what worries me. Typically when someone tires of it at happens gradually over at least short period of time. I'm hoping for the best here.


      On that note it's good to see @chon derry back!

  2. what...no coupons for dessert?
  3. I hope its just a tweak...but these injuries tend to hang around and nag a player..JD had one last year...not a good way to start..there is no way its as bad as Saunders injury..he blew his knee out completely...this sounds at worst a muscle tear...on another note...things not so rosy in the Yankees cam... Yankees president fuels tension with Dellin Betances after winning arbitration hearing https://ca.yahoo.com/sports/news/yankees-president-fuels-tension-with-dellin-betances-after-arbitration-hearing-173542017.html
  4. if Pedan isnt fighting...he will never make it in the NHL..its mostly his bread and butter...I kept checking the stats and didnt see any fights...strange.
  5. I totally agree..I think we will lose him this time around
  6. Pedan already beat the hell out of McIllrath..he should of stepped up.....
  7. I felt like this once in a crumbling relationship...it was hell.
  8. I was a huge George fan...I always liked this one...
  9. I think Tkachuk is having a killer 1st year...but I really cant stand the guy already..he is an annoying pos...now if he was on the Canucks my opinion just might change...but he is going to be bugging our arse for years to come...
  10. what about moving Bats to first on occasion...Im sure he can handle it..he was a 3rd baseman...that frees up Pearce for the OF and limits Smoaks ABs.....just a thought..
  11. ShakyWalton


    she actually seems to like this dude..who knew you could score a babe like Genie by tweeting s&&t. I read that he gave Genie some Tiffany ear rings on the date....they look good together.
  12. arguments aside..the kid had a hell of a game last night..I was impressed...he is going to be our top D soon.
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