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  1. I was hoping they could keep it under 5M on a shorter term , this deal probably makes Garland worth the 9oa on his own!
  2. 6-2, 202lbs, Plays with violent energy. Sounds like Jim stole another one!
  3. Michael Ferland is the top 9 forward that needs to be replaced asap, with him in the lineup this team would be over .500 imo. I would trade Pearson to Ottawa to get Gudbranson back at this point, the team played alot bigger when he was here. *Guddy is ufa at the end of this season.
  4. Thats crazy, I wouldn't trade either of those guys for Bennett at this point and certainly not to Calgary. Brandon Sutter fits the role they are trying to fit Bennett into there a lot better than Sam does so I would offer him for Bennett and Leivo with Vancouver picking up the remaining difference in salary.
  5. They looked like a team that quit on their coach last night to me too but I don't think thats it. The only player left from the back end from 2yrs ago is Edler, and that includes the goalies. Adding quality veterans like Hamonic and Schmidt to a young core is a chemistry experiment that hasn't worked itself out yet imo.
  6. If they let him travel will he be allowed to play in the playoffs? Hogz, Podz and Gaudz would be a great combination! ( And bring Tryamkin with him) :-)
  7. This season is going to be broken up into a couple dozen 2-4 game series against the six other Canadian teams, so essentially a series of playoff series. For this reason I think Vancouver and Montreal will finish at the top of the division and the over-rated teams who never get it done in the spring will finish behind . ( Toronto Calgary Edmonton) Winnipeg and Ottawa are teams I'm not sure what to expect from yet. Bo Horvat continues to improve JT Miller plays exactly as he did last year, but won't lead the team in scoring Petey breaks out , big time Quinn Hughes is
  8. We need some Nuke-ita Tree-amkin in the lineup right now ! * Or 19 1/2 hrs from now , whatever.
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