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  1. This makes me sad. I was praying Vancouver would get him!
  2. I’m hoping montreal wins! Every time I open the damn paper here there’s legit 4 full pages of maple leafs and how well dumbass built this team to be a cup contender ... so sick of it.... old man rant over. Now I need a nap
  3. EA sports is trash! It’s at a point now where the tweak a game a tad and leave it the way it is knowing they will sell millions of copies. why overhaul something that’s a pure cash cow
  4. Love to try it, unfortunately, I’m in Toronto. Maybe an lcbo has it here?
  5. Hmm never tried this.... have to give it a go. on a side note, I found this bad boy in my crawl space. Completely forgot I had it! Glenfidich Snow Phoenix (pic is not my bottle, just to give an idea)
  6. You are right with these points, however, Cardano is mitigating all the problems that ETH is going through now.....When you build a plane you don’t want it to fly with all kinda fundamental problems cuz ur $&!# will crash (which ETH is going through now)- instead they took the slower and more methodical approach to build a solid ecosystem which was meticulously timed to roll out the same time the bull market peaks....Greyscale trust, Africa deal, ERC-20 converter, over 70% of ADA being staked in Yoroi and Daedalus wallets goes to show that they have the backing of institutions and retail
  7. He’s too slow. It’s like watching a slower version of Dave Andrechuck
  8. Ah come on no more AHL coaches! Please for the love of the gods!!! Let’s just get a nice healthy nhl experienced coach, maybe his name could be gallant.
  9. Lolll I feel you. Some dipsh!!t puts in money in doge cause they love dogs, and now they are in 6 figure territory with little to no knowledge on how things actually work. Ughhhh
  10. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful. I believe you meant Doge coin. In which I completely agree. Doge is pure meme and has zero value ! look into cardano, it’s an incredible project.
  11. I agree. Brock as number 1 RW, but how awesome would it have it been to have toffoli as a number 2 RW. And then podz at 3 and Lind at 4
  12. 3.5 Overall coaching staff including brown and baumgartner = 1.3
  13. Back in 2014!!! Has it been that long???? And he still can’t score on a consistent basis??
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