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  1. That’s like… $7mill per year edit: it’s more like $5.3 or something
  2. I just don’t understand why scratch podz. He had been playing weep, showed hustle. They are killing his confidence now. When he is slotted to play, maybe his play is off and he gets scratched again. And so on.
  3. Seems like every Vancouver win extends green and baumer employment by another 2 weeks.
  4. Just tuning in, is podz hurt? Why he no play . and why Miller a third line center lol
  5. I don’t know. Getting paid $70k a year to play hockey sounds pretty good to me. If you have a fam it may be hard but you’re playing hockey.
  6. Our top 6 is actually really good. Our team isn’t bad on paper. So yes. I 100% blame the coaches. It’s a country club lifestyle in that locker room. Guys are playing for a pay check. someone needs to lunch a middle up some of these boys arses!!!
  7. In a way, I’m hoping Canucks loose every time for the only reason of green and co. All get fired!! at the same time, at what point do guys like miler have enough of this crap and demand a trade.
  8. I once had a tshirt (when I was a kid) use to read: Toronto Make Beleafs
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