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  1. Getting so tired of the trade talks with this guy. Trading him will become a major mistake! then we will create a 50 page thread on hindsight and how stupid benning was to trading him. Our D is finally filling up and everyone wants him gone!
  2. If we sign him, typical Indians will all claim to be related to him some shape or form Honestly, im indian and I’m not sold on him. As a player he doesn’t bring much to the table other than a few bumps and hits. If we are signing him to just be an a Ambassador to the community, then it’s a waste and we are in trouble. Feel the roster spot could be given to a youngling.
  3. Don’t care when he was signed. Because he was signed we didn’t have the funds to sign toffoli
  4. I remember he made a solid solid hit. It was clean in my opinion, however, it injured said player. He was suspended for a few games. Since then, he was a shell of his former self. He was scared to hit, scared to finish his checks.
  5. Glad we invested a new contract in this bieber loving fool instead of tofu!
  6. Schmidt will do well next year! He had a hard time transitioning to the country style defensive system we had! Now that a new defence coach is here, I’m sure things will make sense for him. letting him go makes as much sense as letting tofu go.
  7. This interview will be about someone internally getting fired. Or a change of some sort. This won’t be player related.
  8. Damn, looks like Larsson is off to Seattle. I was really hoping Canucks would land him! And for $4 Mill per season.
  9. I really hope Quebec gets a team. I highly doubt bettman approves a Canadian team though.
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