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  1. He was a bust! I called it from day 1 and I got severely flamed for it. Vancouver passed on a lot of talent that have all made significant impact on their respective teams, I feel this was Vancouver way of just keeping up appearances and saving themselves from the wrath of press and fans. Every year was a “this is the year for Jake” truth is, the guy does not belong on any line, he is a legit ahl player. 317 games was for hope that he turns into the next cam Neely. He reminded me of a Kyle wellwood is instead.
  2. I don’t think that means anything. If he was on any other team he would’ve been dumped and stuck in the ahl. The only reason he last as long as he did was because van drafted him and didn’t want to show fans the pick was a bust! Imo of course
  3. If he gets fused, he will never be the same player again. Wont his neck have restriction now?
  4. Did his wife bang other players or something? Why are they saying “tell Kelly I said hi”
  5. Lol I honestly didn’t know about mccammon involvement
  6. Ahhh got it. Good to know!! I read somewhere that Quinn kept calling Gretzky and demanding him to sign that moment when Gretzky said he will sign at x time. his jersey was made as well.
  7. And they were the reason Gretzky never came to Vancouver!
  8. lmao vessel, the player that was touted to be the next best… holding out not wanting to play for thr team that drafted him. This kid is a fringe nhl player.
  9. Real question is/was: why on earth was his banner up there to begin with!??? He never earned it. IMO
  10. Not to mention lefluer and all the other greats in that the era had to the worst diets possible. Lefluer smoked between periods, Gretzky pregame meal was hotdogs. imagine if these guys were training like how today’s players trained!
  11. Oh crap! This one is extremely difficult. Can’t we pick two.? Lol All these players were absolute beasts in their prime!
  12. I once put a girl in the freezer. I was about 7 and we had those long rectangular freezers. I opened it and told my friends sister to jump in, she was 4. I shut it for 20 seconds or so. Her brother said please open it, and I did she was balling her eyes out. her father came to talk to my mom. My mom took me down to the freezer and told me to get in. She shut it on me, and honestly was the most terrifying thing ever. I couldn’t breathe/no air. I started crying after 5 seconds. that was the last time I truly harmed a female. Never did it again.
  13. Seriously doubt bettman gives Canada another team. he’ll end up sending this team to Houston, or Delaware before it goes north. i would LOVE a Quebec team! Imagine going to a game there. The atmosphere would be electrifying
  14. Finally, someone who actually decided to discuss my question with some intellect. Thank you! All I was asking was people’s opinion. and yes forgot to mention, many workplaces are forcing their employees to get it as well.
  15. it is being forced. So , shall we let our children stay home as well? Because they cannot go to school without it. For the record, I have had my 2 shots. I feel you guys are flaming me because I give off the perspective that I’m against vaccination. so, your kids cannot fo to school. Non essential. Got it. Thanks. Before you reply “but they have the option to go online”. It’s not the same. Kids need to be in a school environment, interacting… developing their social skills.
  16. Do you seriously find the smallest things to argue with people. You cannot go to movie theatres, you cannot go to restaurants, you cannot go to the gym, you cannot go to any large public event. Yes that is being forced. It’s a simple question. Some people need the gym, are you prepared never go out again? Or go to a restaurant with fam or friends ever again??
  17. Do you guys agree with being forced to take the shot? In Ontario, more specifically Toronto area, if you are not double vaccinated, you will not be able to go to gyms, restaurants, movie theatres, schools. Minus elementary kids.
  18. Tavares was and always will be a me first type of player. Always chasing stats and only in reg season.
  19. I’ve read all the replies in that thread. Vegas fans are a special kind of stupid. Only 1 person understood that what vegas can and can’t do. Everyone else just said “he’s worth it, we should sign him”.
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