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  1. The players I was looking for this game were Mostly, Hoglander, Virtanen, Gaudette, and Juolevi. If those 4 end up being impact players, then this team is DEEP. Pettersson, Boeser, Miller, Horvat, Pearson, Hoglander, Virtanen, and Gaudette???? Thats 8 legit impact forwards. If Juolevi plays even just pretty well, that's not a bad 3 D Pairings. Combine that with Demko and Holtby? Yeah this team can make a run.
  2. I'm all for this idea. My only thing is I feel if we did rid him now, we can capitalize on this year with Petterson and Hughes on Rookie deals and actually make a an impact the playoffs next year. But I think we are in agreement. I would rather lose out on a couple prospects and keep this team together than break it up because of what might be. This forward group is legit. If it came down to it, we could afford to lose someone like a Rathbone, a Lind, or both to keep this team together easily if you ask me.
  3. Agreed! But it seems like we are in the minority as people just love the idea of prospects. It appears that a first round pick is the going price to rid about 6 mill of your cap in a trade with a dead weight player. I would say if someone like an Ottawa would take a beagle on top that would mean giving up 2 of our super seven to sweeten the deal. If our Super Seven are (Podkolzin, Hoglander, Lind, Rathbone, Tryamkin, Rafferty and Dipietro) would you be willing to give up say two of these guys to get it done? To me it's a no brainer.
  4. Honestly, I would pony up as Toronto did, and pay the price to rid ourselves of the Eriksson contact, and maybe the Beagle contact if possible. I know the price is steep, but that forward group, with the added 9 mill from those two, you can put together a solid defence and resign Markstrom. If we get a free amnesty buyout, great. If not, well just pony up and trade him.
  5. Right now this could would make 3LW if you ask me. That means if we resign toffoli..... and maybe somehow rid ourselves of Eriksson you got Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Hoglander - Gaudette - Virtanen Roussel - Sutter - Beagle/McEwen That is one hell of an opening night roster.
  6. Anthony DeAngelo could actually be real nice on this team. I'd consider it at least.
  7. With Boeser out, Toffoli still helps make a legitimate top 6. Miller - Pettersson - Virtanen Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli I am 100 percent comfortable riding with that going forward.
  8. I have to say... looking at that graphic... Yes the leafs have been abysmal since 1970... But our history needs some accolades too... Just being honest here... (Also... Arent Conference championships and Stanley Cup appearances the same thing?..)
  9. Ok. I'm not expecting him to be a lock next year, but if he's good enough that he has solid top 4 potential as a true defensive presence with upside, that's a win. You see him being a partner to Quinn Hughes in the future? I think Juolevi and Soderstrom could be a good pairing. Can Woo be good for Hughes?
  10. How good is Jett Woo? This year admittedly I have had much less time to keep up with our prospects, this year. Is Woo good enough to be a lock on the NHL level yet? Does he project top 4? Third pairing?
  11. I think Soderstrom is going to be a great pick for us. Hughes, Juolevi, and Soderstrom is not a bad defensive core going forward.
  12. Good post. I think people a lot of times get lost in the result and forget about the context. Hindsight is always 20/20. Your point about if we didn't sign anyone people would have called for JBs head is 100 percent accurate. And it turns out, all those free agents weren't so good. I remember I was a Virtanen over Ehlers and Nylander guy. I can admit that both those 2 are better players, but, Jake brings something to this young core that we need. Size and speed. He'll never be the offensive players they are, but I like Jakes game, and i can see him becoming a solid winger for Horvat or Gaudette whose extremely hard to play against and can pot a good number of goals. Virtanen's problem isn't his game, it's where he was drafted. If Virtanen was drafted 23rd overall and Boeser at 6, things would be a lot more in line, so I give JB a pass for that. Boeser pick cancels out Virtanen pick.
  13. Soderstrom or Seider. ... Or somehow manage to snag another first and take both?... Hughes - Seider Juolevi - Soderstrom. Damn...
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