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  1. The players I was looking for this game were Mostly, Hoglander, Virtanen, Gaudette, and Juolevi. If those 4 end up being impact players, then this team is DEEP. Pettersson, Boeser, Miller, Horvat, Pearson, Hoglander, Virtanen, and Gaudette???? Thats 8 legit impact forwards. If Juolevi plays even just pretty well, that's not a bad 3 D Pairings. Combine that with Demko and Holtby? Yeah this team can make a run.
  2. I'm all for this idea. My only thing is I feel if we did rid him now, we can capitalize on this year with Petterson and Hughes on Rookie deals and actually make a an impact the playoffs next year. But I think we are in agreement. I would rather lose out on a couple prospects and keep this team together than break it up because of what might be. This forward group is legit. If it came down to it, we could afford to lose someone like a Rathbone, a Lind, or both to keep this team together easily if you ask me.
  3. Agreed! But it seems like we are in the minority as people just love the idea of prospects. It appears that a first round pick is the going price to rid about 6 mill of your cap in a trade with a dead weight player. I would say if someone like an Ottawa would take a beagle on top that would mean giving up 2 of our super seven to sweeten the deal. If our Super Seven are (Podkolzin, Hoglander, Lind, Rathbone, Tryamkin, Rafferty and Dipietro) would you be willing to give up say two of these guys to get it done? To me it's a no brainer.
  4. Honestly, I would pony up as Toronto did, and pay the price to rid ourselves of the Eriksson contact, and maybe the Beagle contact if possible. I know the price is steep, but that forward group, with the added 9 mill from those two, you can put together a solid defence and resign Markstrom. If we get a free amnesty buyout, great. If not, well just pony up and trade him.
  5. Right now this could would make 3LW if you ask me. That means if we resign toffoli..... and maybe somehow rid ourselves of Eriksson you got Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Hoglander - Gaudette - Virtanen Roussel - Sutter - Beagle/McEwen That is one hell of an opening night roster.
  6. After seeing what people are willing to pay for forwards, and especially centers, I'm so lad we have ours drafted already.


    1C - Petterson

    2C - Horvat

    3C - Gaudette

  7. Man, I want Jack Hughes on our team so bad. If we are somehow able to land him, as well as add a good RHD prospect, I think this teams future will be secure.

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    2. SabreFan1


      @48MPHSlapShotIf there's a team that deserves a #1 pick, it's the Canucks.  The worst cumulative record in the league over the last 3 seasons coupled with never ever having had a #1 pick.


      The funny thing is though if the Sabres were to win the lottery again next year, I'd want to trade the pick away for a king's ransom.  It would be cap crippling to have Eichel, Dahlin, and Hughes on the same team.  Especially if Mittelstadt overachieves and ends up being one of the league's best 2C's by the time his ELC is up.  He's going to command a fortune himself in that case.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      This draft is loaded with high-end C prospects.  Krebs, Turcotte, or Newhook would all be just fine.

    4. Coconuts


      It'd be nice if we finally got some draft luck. We've drafted well but we've been shafted as long as we've been bottom feeders. Unless we get hit by the usual injury bug I don't see us being able to compete with Ottawa/Montreal for last place.

  8. *Long status opinion post...*


    Maybe it's because I was born in Toronto, and their my second team... However, Looking at that roster, they NEED to make a trade for Tanev. I would give up a hefty package to get Tanev, and have VAN retain half the salary to make it more cap feasible, as long as I don't give up anything on the current roster. If they can then add one more good right handed dman, I don't see a team that can beat them barring injuries this year.


    For Tanev, I would give Liljegren and a 1st, for Tanev and a 2nd or 3rd, then go after Justin Faulk strong. A d core of Reilly - Tanev and Gardiner - Faulk, for the next 2 years, with the forward group they have? 


    Yeah, Id go to Vegas and bet on the Leafs IMMEDIATELY. 

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    2. Baer.


      @luckylager yes I would. Not for Tanev+2nd. Maybe for Tanev+5th instead.

    3. luckylager


      There's a reason Liljegren fell to Toronto in that draft.


      I'm totally not sold on him.

    4. Mr.53


      @luckylager In the same token, you can say, "there's a reason Liljegren was a first round pick." Tanev is not going to bring back a top superstar blue chip defensive prospect. But he can bring in a solid 1st round calibre prospect, and a pick on top. Liljegren was like 17th overall. It's not like he fell to the third round.


      Liljegren is going to be a good NHL player. Maybe not a superstar first paring guy, but at least a top 4 defensman one day. Which I think Juolevi - Liljegren can be an excellent combo as a second pairing, with Hughes and a solid partner on the first pairing.

  9. Man... He could have been awesome for us.... I miss the tree
  10. All of a sudden, Boeser for Calder doesn't seem that far fetched anymore...

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      there's so many things that go into the point totals and votes I'm just happy we have a guy in the top 5. If he's tied with Keller they probably give it to him since he stands out so much on that AZ team.  

  11. Honestly though... Think about how much better our team would be with Tryamkin. With Edler injured, he would have surely gotten more minutes like he wanted. He gave up on the team too soon. Big mistake.

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      actually the shots against is quite good - we're #4 at 29.5 per game, and there was a good analysis out last week showing that actual scoring chances are way down, thats why we are tied for #2 in the league for fewest goals against. So they are pushing guys to the outside and some weak shots are all they can manage most of the time. I don't know if Tram improves on that. 


      I was pretty stung when he left. It made no sense, he gave up millions. 

    3. Mr.53


      Really? I would not have guessed that by some of the games I've seen, but numbers don't lie. Like last night, it looked like they were getting way more shots than us, but to be fair, that's how averages work.


      Either way, the team is playing great, and our prospects are playing great. It's a new day in VanCity and the future looks bright.

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @Mr.53 yah the Pits game was actually an outlier for us. I was surprised too at the NHL.com stats but there they are. 

  12. The only rookie with more points than Brock's 13 in 10 games is Clayton Keller with 16 in 15 games...


    Brock is really showing massive potential here. If he adds a little speed and acceleration as Bo did, he will be an all-star sooner rather than later.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      It's too bad Keller will probably win the Calder. He's doing what he's doing on a worse team, Bettman's pet project team, and is younger than Boeser. Brock needs to have a notably higher PPG than Keller to win.


      Though Panarin won as a 24 year old on a very good Hawks team, as a beneficiary of Kane.

    2. Mr.53


      Agreed. Either that, or if Brock plays a mjor part in our success. Like say if we actually somehow sneak into the playoffs, say off the backs of this Baertschi - Bo - Boeser line or something, than I agree with you. Keller also has the benefit have coming in day one, all eyes on him and then performing. Boeser is finally starting to turn heads around the league. 


      But hey, even if he doesn't. At this pace, he's showing potential to at least be a top 3 nominee, which is pretty damn good for a 23rd overall pick.

  13. Vancouver Canucks: The State of the Roster (If I were the GM and Coach. / These are my predictions and opinions.) ***I will tell you up front. I love Jim Benning and what he has done here. Through smart trading, signings, and great drafting, he has rebuilt this franchise. I think we are in a much better spot than most around the league think. And I attribute that to MR JB. He filled so many different holes that this franchise had and now we are finally in a good shape feilding an NHL roster that can actually compete, as well as sporting a list of prospects that take note. We d
  14. In a perfect world, I would love for Benning to make a Liljegren - Tanev type trade with Toronto. He could be the perfect partner for Juolevi, like Petterson and Dahlen, and Tanev is perfect for Morgan Reilly and the Leafs.


    Here's to hoping they get off to a slow start and panic.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      We are weak on RHD prospects. Maybe Tanev doesn't have the appeal that folks want him to, and there's the salary cap too.

  15. I'm pumped for Travis Green. I think he is a perfect fit and fantastic candidate. He would have been taken by someone else eventually. He'll do well for our team.

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    2. HerrDrFunk


      For the record, I was never all that high on Green but now that he's here, I'm not going to write the guy off before he coaches a single Canucks game.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Another rookie. We'll see what he's capable of. People harp on his ability with young players, but Utica wasn't exactly pushing out NHL caliber players either. 

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      After all these years my name must have been fore shadowing ;)


      I was skeptical as I didn't really see a huge difference between himself and WD. Now that he's here I'm all in. Show us what you got Green.



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