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  1. I thought this place was shutting down. Why the f**k is it still up?
  2. Welp, this is going to kill the entire site and fragment the fandom. Good job, execs
  3. Because Quinn is here, Jack likely wouldn't be wanting out. Petey seems to want out, so I'd probably go with Jack at this point. He's also a bit younger. Petey is the better player at this point, but that wasn't the question.
  4. Seems like we're always a "team to watch" on the trade front and, aside from the Horvat trade, it almost never happens. How many times have Miller, Boeser, Garland and even Demko been "on the trade block"?
  5. Hughes has my vote. I feel that both Miller and Petey are a bit too moody. Don't get me wrong, some emotion can be good, but I really do feel there are pretty recent instances of both Petey and JT letting their emotions get the best of them in one way or another. I distinctly remember how dejected Petey looked and how bad his body language was back when he was really struggling a couple years ago. By contrast, even when he's struggled, Hughes has never hit me as someone that let his emotions get the best of him in a negative way. He's steady.
  6. He seemed to somewhat find his game towards the second half of the season. Hopefully he can build on that stronger second half and sustain it for a full season.
  7. The team has yet another bad start and never quite gets it together. Pettersson expresses to management that he wants out and is traded for a massive package of futures during next year's offseason.
  8. Apparently he died from a heart attack after Covid aggravated an existing heart problem earlier in the year.
  9. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1375774/bray-wyatt-dead-wwe-star-third-generation-wrestler-unexpectedly-dies-age-36/ It's been a difficult couple of days for the wrestling community. RIP Windham/Bray.
  10. At this point I can't imagine why Pettersson would even want to remain here. This franchise has been horribly mismanaged ever since he was drafted, and has only managed to put together one playoff team during his tenure so far
  11. Seems like you both believe the allegations. Considering how serious the allegations are, one has to question why you're still here supporting this franchise. I certainly wouldn't be if I were convinced the franchise I were a fan of had just given a contract to a child rapist and groomer.
  12. Studnicka. Dude's a stud. It's right there in his name.
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