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  1. We have to keep in mind Miller's age and contract status too. He's likely going to be looking for one of those retirement contracts that will take him into his mid-late 30's, and as we know, those contracts don't age well.
  2. I think it's a little different when talking about player salaries vs coaches. The Canucks are going to spend to the cap no matter what, it's just a matter of how the money is allocated. Regardless of whether or not we made the OEL trade, that money was going to be spent. Coach salaries are extra money spent by the owner. If we spend less on our coaching staff, that's more money in Aqua's pockets.
  3. It's a good sign that they managed to pull it together enough to steer it home in regulation. Far from perfect, but it's something to build on.
  4. Can't outscore your problems if your top players can't score either.
  5. Is high even level hockey getting your asses kicked by an Eichel-less Buffalo Sabres team? If so, then you're bang on.
  6. Not going to throw MacEwan into the discussion as he was a disposable player. Someone of his caliber can be claimed off the waiver wire no problem if need be. What I can't forgive Benning for is failing to assemble a solid NHL defense. In 7 years on the job he's only managed to draft one bonafide NHL defenseman that currently plays for us (2 if you include Rathbone, who's still a work in progress at this point). Other than that our blueline is comprised of free agents we've had to overpay for (Myers, Poolman), journeymen (Schenn, Hunt, Burrows...I know Burrows isnt spelled that way but I cant remember how to spell it so oh well ), and OEL, who cost us a top ten pick to acquire and is on a bad contract. As far as Green goes, the evidence of his failures as a coach was on the ice yesterday. So yeah, I think we're in dire need of some new blood in both the GM and coaching positions. Edit: And yes, the lack of size and grit on the team is a problem. And sprinkling in disposable "tough guys" on the 4th line once in a while isnt the answer.
  7. Nope. I just hope too much time doesn't go by before the plug is pulled on Green and Baumer.
  8. 4-2 Hawks Kane with the game winner Canucks lead in shots (since we'll be playing catch up most of the game)
  9. Yeah, the kid is smart, but he really needs to figure out different ways to generate offense. He's starting to feel a bit one dimensional as a player.
  10. You're going to get a lot of hate for this thread, but it honestly had to be said. I feel like a lot of the fanbase are still blinded by his first 20 or so games before the rest of the league figured him out. Don't get me wrong, he's still a good player, and it's nice that he isn't piss poor defensively, but he's a peripheral player. He's not strong on the puck because he simply doesn't have the frame for it, which is why I don't think he's going to become any more than he is. He's a great complimentary player, but if he's the guy you're building your whole lineup around, you're not going to go very far.
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