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  1. OP isn't wrong. He's still a serviceable player that can play in the top 6 in a pinch, but he just doesn't seem to have the ability to think the game at a high enough level to contribute consistently enough to stick.
  2. I think you're underestimating just how good Edler still is. 33 points in 59 games, +13, averaged 22.37 TOI. blocked 162 shots and threw 108 hits. That's top 4 on pretty much any team in the league.
  3. The "equivalent"? I'm not in love with what's happened this overall offseason, but Schmidt has been a .5 PPG Dman over his last 3 seasons, including playoffs. How is that "equivalent" to Tanev?
  4. I'm not gonna claim I know much about him either, but with just a quick look at his stats I'm seeing a .5 PPG Dman with a fantastic +/- that logs over 20 minutes of ice time a night and plays both sides. How is that not impressive?
  5. He had 4 points in the 7 games he did play, and 3 of those came in one game. Let's not go nuts.
  6. So for those of you that know more about Schmidt, would you say he's our 2nd best Dman now?
  7. So Schmidt played on the right side in Vegas? I imagine the other teams interested wanted Vegas to retain salary, which is why we ended up scoring him for a bargain. How do we afford this though?
  8. Nice. Doesn't this put us over the cap though, assuming Virt and Gaud are resigned?
  9. Teams around us continue to get better. Not saying they won't regret that contract in the future, but in the short term........yeah
  10. Time for a vote refresh? Has someone's platform changed?