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  1. I mean, in their one playoff performance so far they won two rounds and took a Vegas team that was, on paper, far superior, to 7 games. So in that regard, the only answer one can give to any questions surrounding our "small" stars is "so far, so good".
  2. I don't think I'm too comfortable with Sutter or Dickinson on a power play. I imagine the way you have it written up is more likely, but I feel it does take some talent and hand eye to be that net front guy. Horvat is quite good at it. I'd also like to have OEL on the first unit. He has a deceptively good shot. What I might actually do is move Garland up to the first unit and Brock down to the second. Despite his size, Garland seems to be pretty good in front of the net. A lot of his goals are of the garbageman variety. And having both Boes and Petey on the first unit might be a bi
  3. I appreciate the optimism. I certainly have my doubts, but in leaning about some of Poolman's strengths, weaknesses, deep stats, etc etc etc..., I could see him being a decent fit with Hughes on the second pairing. Hughes won't get hard first pairing matchup minutes, so Poolman wouldn't have to either, and having a steady blueliner that can skate alongside Hughes could help insulate Hughes while he goes off one of his excellent adventures with the puck.
  4. Lol wut. Like, even if you're somebody that hates that we took on the OEL contract, Edmonton signed Hyman to that hilariously awful deal that takes him to 37 years old. And considering they lost arguably their best defenseman and replaced him with an ancient Keith.... Lol. Whatever.
  5. Forward lines TJ Miller/Fan of these things/ L'Oreal for men Highlander/Bo Knows/Thank god I'm out of Arizona Danny Tanner/Meat and two vegison/9 Feet tall Energizer Bunny/FOUNDATIONAL/Dude...I just...I need you to tell me I can leave this room-more Defensive pairs Thank god I'm out of Arizona part 2- Electric Boogaloo/Nic with ham on his head Bear that hugs/The pool cleaner Boner of wrath/2 minutes for holding Goaltenders Cory Schneider part 2: Electric Boogaloo/ Rememb
  6. A lot has been made of OEL's decline in play over the past couple of seasons, and while it is worrisome, there's pretty recent precedence that shows us that a good defenseman can rebound and find their game again. People forget that for quite a few years Edler was seen as a shell of his former self. From around 2013 to around 2017 he was basically the team whipping boy. Then a couple years ago he seemed to figure it out again, and up until this last season when his age finally started to catch up with him he was solidly our number one defenseman. So for anyone thinking
  7. Honestly, I wouldn't mind. I'm pretty nervous that Dickinson centering the third line is going to limit our ability to roll 3 lines effectively. Not that I don't think he's a good player, but even going back to his days in junior he has never produced much in terms of points. I'm worried Podkolzin and one of Pearson/Hoglander may be offensively stifled with Dickinson in the middle. But the roster is crowded as is, and if we need to we can use Miller as a 3C. I dunno.
  8. I'm of the mindset that Rathbone has a more NHL ready game as of this moment. Both players have been given sheltered minutes to start, but I feel Juolevi may face some challenges as he's expected to play more against tougher opponents. If both players were to reach their respective ceilings, Juolevi may very well end up the more important player, as he would be playing some significant shutdown minutes. That said, I think Juolevi has less chance of reaching his ceiling than Rathbone, whereas not only do I feel Rathbone has a better chance, but that he's closer to hitting that ceil
  9. So, theoretically, if Halak meets his performance clauses, won't that just eat up the Ferland cap that we can't use right now anyways? Honestly, I have no idea how it works xD
  10. Green has generally been pretty consistent in assigning players roles on the team based on overall merit. If he feels Rathbone has beaten out Juolevi for the spot in training camp, Rathbone will get the spot and Juolevi will be kept up as a spare, regardless of how CDC feels about it.
  11. I do wonder if Dickinson will be able to contribute offensively enough for us to successfully roll 3 lines with the potential to score. Whether it's Pearson or Hoglander on Dick's left wing (hopefully Pearson), we know they have the ability to produce, and Podkolzin has some offensive ability, but the center position is so important in terms of driving a line. As a 3C Sutter was as defensively sound as they come, and he himself could score goals, but his playmaking ability was nonexistent, and as a result we could never rely on anything resembling some form of consistent offense fr
  12. At the end of the day the decision between Olli and Jack should be based on merit. Personally, if we're judging based purely on performance, I'd have Rathbone ahead of Juolevi, but we shall see.
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