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  1. F. I know that the actual preseason record doesn't mean much, but between Petey and Hughes not being available for most of it, losing Gadj on waivers for nothing, the injuries, the Hamonic thing, and Green fiddling around with plugs for so long that the lineup wasn't even close to being set by the time the last preseason game had ended, I honestly don't see how it could have been worse. My outlook for the season has taken a drastic hit because of this cluster&^@# of a preseason. I no longer think the Canucks are a playoff team.
  2. I'm through trying to understand why Green does what he does. If we're under .500 by 20 games in I hope Benning has the balls to can Travis. If we have yet another subpar season under Benning I hope Aqua has the balls the can Benning.
  3. More annoyed about losing Gadj. Mac was a fringe NHLer at best and didnt do himself any favors in camp.
  4. Meh, Big Mac kinda sucked anyways. I'm all for adding tougher players, since this team is indeed a team of kittens, but make sure they don't suck.
  5. A "true fan" certainly isn't someone that toxifys a prediction thread by $&!#ting on everyone that isn't as optimistic as you are, that's for damn sure.
  6. Some pretty optimistic people here. I'm gonna say 70-75 points, assuming he stays healthy, and that might be generous. He's coming off an injury that could affect his shot and he's missed all of training camp and most of the preseason. I see absolutely no reason why his PPG average would drastically improve.
  7. 5-1 Oilers Horvat with the single Canucks goal Yamamoto with the game winner
  8. While I'm not in total disagreement over our asset management, you have to consider the players we were able to bring in via free agency and trade that we wouldn't have been able to if those guys were still on our cap. Losing Lind shouldn't enter the equation, as we were going to lose someone regardless.
  9. I really don't mind the trade at all. We move Juolevi for an equivalent that plays the right side and a solid penalty killer that can play all three forward positions on the fourth line. I'll take that deal any day. But if Benning isn't able to pull a rabbit out of his hat and somehow land us a top 4 defensive RHD before to long, all of the investment into doing well this year may be for not. A bad training camp didn't help matters. Between the injuries, Hamonic, Petey and Hughes' contracts and Green just spending way too much time fiddling around with waiver wire bait, we're woefully unprepared for the start of the season. Christ, we're done with preseason and I still can't tell you what the lineup is going to look like opening night. But yeah, OEL looks good at least. I imagine Garland will pick up his game in due time.
  10. The Hamonic situation really screwed us in that regard. Having Poolman and Hamonic to play alongside Hughes and Rathbone could have balanced our pairings quite nicely. As it stands we're in desperate need of someone with a D first game to play alongside Rathbone, ideally someone that can play both sides so we can send out decent PK pairings.
  11. So can someone smarter than me tell me what our cap situation looks like right now, assuming Lamb Chops starts with the big club and Juju starts in Abby?
  12. Sounds like the type of guy that would make a spectacle out of himself by taking a nap on the ice after a bag skate.
  13. For all we know it could very well be indicative of a greater issue that only those behind the scenes are aware of. Regardless, it's not just about the bag skate itself. It's about how a player responds to physical stress and adversity. He didn't need to make the spectacle out of it that he did.
  14. Now you're just making $&!# up. His defensive game is a work in progress, but he threw his weight around earlier in preseason. Your bias is showing worse than Green's. Regardless, there's potential there that just wasn't there with Juolevi. Rathbone has top 4 potential. Juolevi doesn't. He was never going to be anything more than he was, and moving on from him while addressing organizational needs for RHD depth and bottom 6 depth was a good move. Accept it, dude.
  15. I don't disagree with letting Baumer and Green walk, but Juolevi didn't have the mobility to be anything more than he was. Tracking his development, his stock seemed to take hits year after year, regardless of whether or not the Canucks staff were involved. If not for the injuries he may have been able to carve out a career as something more, but as of now I just don't see him being anything more than a 6/7.
  16. At the end of the day the team still needs a really good RHD that can kill penalties and just generally defend really well. If we somehow land that player our pairings should be pretty balanced. We can always play someone on their off side for the PK.
  17. If he has 4th line upside then he's already ahead of the grab bag of guys we have competing for 4th line spots.
  18. I said in the other thread that if we could move Juolevi for an equivalent player/prospect I'd be all over it. Seems like we did just that, with a decent 4th line option to help that situation a bit. I like the trade. It's nothing spectacular, but it addresses a couple of depth organizational needs.
  19. Never gonna happen with his lack of mobility. He's a decent bottom pairing option, but that's all he'll ever be.
  20. Decent trade. Gives us more depth on the right side and a solid 4th line option. Nothing to write home about.
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