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  1. Definitely turn into a werewolf with the added bonus of boosted immunity to COVID (unless either vaccine has silver in it, then you're screwed).
  2. JT Miller cracked the top 100 in all-time Canuck scoring with his assist tonight. 97. Rosaire Paiement RW 147 44 47 91 98. J.T. Miller LW 89 31 60 91 99. Steve Bozek LW 191 46 44 90 100. Radim Vrbata RW 142 44 46 90 101. Loui Eriksson RW 250 38 52 90
  3. Whenever Sutter is the highest mover up the all-time Canuck scoring list it's kinda like kissing your cousin. Not as exciting as someone else, but you know there's probably a few people that are intrigued. Sutter into 91st with his goal tonight. 90. Per-Olov Brasar LW 181 37 63 100 91. Brandon Sutter C 254 51 47 98 92. Gino Odjick LW 444 46 52 98 93. Lars Molin LW 172 33 65 98
  4. Honestly, I would've been happy with the extra two. It boggles my mind that the refs decided to make it 4 on 4 after that. Sure, Hoglander glanced him with a hit to the head. Forbort got his crosschecks back. Even Steven right there. Then with 40 seconds left, Forbort takes a minor penalty, then decides to get an extra shot on Hoglander. Of course a scrum ensues, but enough of a scrum to cancel out two penalties? I guess so in the eyes of the refs. Just another example of the refs neutering any aggression in the Canucks game.
  5. No, but you can always use more.
  6. It's not price gouging, it's ensuring resources get allocated to where they are needed most. Right? Okay, I'll stop now CBC Radio Ideas put out a 2 part series on Ayn Rand. She puts me in a cynical mood.
  7. It's great. The wealth stays in Texas and this gas company will now be able to expand their company with new projects hiring new workers in Texas, letting the wealth trickle down to all. Right?
  8. What a joke. Winnipeg gets the original penatly....an extra shot on Hoglander...and it's even up? What a joke
  9. I'm wondering if they'll swap Silovs and DiPietro between the Moose and the Taxi squad to get DiPietro some games. Wouldn't have to quarantine that way (I think)
  10. Pettersson's assist moves him into 58th in all-time Canuck scoring tonight 57. Dave Babych D 409 23 131 154 58. Elias Pettersson C 159 60 86 146 59. Gary Lupul LW 293 70 75 145
  11. Got another shipment today, with it was Trevor Letowski which completes the next 5 pages. Pat Quinn leads off page 21 (one of my favourite cards in the binder. I think the Garrison card is the only card with the Millionaires jersey. Tanner Pearson is moving up this page fast. Page 22 is a constant reminder of never knowing what happened to @ShakyWalton Don Tannahill rocking some interesting 70s hair. Page seems to be filled with skill guys or stone hands guys. Huggy Bear features on page 24 for now. Along with a handful of goalies, a future league shill, and a Del Zaster. Page 25 features a really cheesy card for a cheesy guy, a hockey playing hobo, Frank Caprice rockin' some 80s hair and JT Miller (for now). I wonder if the Canucks could still expose Leif Rohlin in the expansion draft? It was what he did best. Waiting on a couple of COMC orders (man, they take awhile). The first one should have a Tim Schaller card to complete page 26.