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  1. Olli Jokinen is his head coach which is something he has going for him. At least Jurmo should play top 6 minutes with Jukurit of Liiga.
  2. Motte is the one that has to get exposed. Seattle isn’t going to be drooling over Canada’s worst teams 4th liner. Holtby is the shiniest gem since that Toronto save and if he goes to the World Championships. It could appear he’s playing with trash rather than he himself being trash.
  3. And you have to play like that in the playoffs. The regular season games is where you build the chemistry, clean up mistakes so you can master the playing style when you have to play in a 7 game series. It's a process obviously, you can't flick a switch and become a great team. It'll take a disappointing season, some learning experiences (like Edler), but the team should talk about how they plan on reacting after physical altercations.
  4. We're not losing games because of penalties. We're losing games because we are playing like trash. They play soft too, look at the goals against. It's because of weak, soft defensive plays. Or it's a breakdown in the system because it's a bunch of new players in the line-up. You are paranoid about the league, that's your problem.
  5. And? It depends if you want to see the same culture as the post-Bertuzzi era or a new culture that resembles a hockey team. A penalty in a single regular season game is not a big deal, it's not like we won the game anyways against Toronto. We lost and got beat up. At least the Sedins punished teams on the PP sometimes.
  6. We need that Utica's response to defending teammates in Vancouver.
  7. Motte's a 4th liner. That line isn't generating enough offence to be a 2nd line. Keep Motte on the 4th line, we need Gadjovich/Lind/UFA/Draft to step into the top 9 Flank Miller with Lind and Gadjovich. We still have Virtanen laying around.
  8. Weisbrod had a lot of good things to say about Jonah Gadjovich. Makes the work environment safer, "hard" player.
  9. Washington-Boston is an old school rivalry. They're going to hate each other for a while, Wilson, Hathaway vs Ritchie, Tinordi, and Wagner.
  10. Those are just 2 young prospects trying to make an impression. Lockwood with the hit, showing intensity and Lauko with the scrap to show honor for his teammates. The AHL is basically full of young players now, teams maybe carry 2-3 veteran tough guys incase they are required. I guess that's better for the skill/speed of the game.
  11. If this game is not competitive, you can basically guarantee that Gary will never let us see another Stanley Cup Finals, nevermind a Cup.
  12. There's hardly any news, only journalists taking turns spreading rumours. Media picks Virtanen as the trade chip because fans are attached to the hometown kid. He is most definitely not the worst forward we have out there, there's plenty of worse cap dumps people can complain about.
  13. This guy will feast on Jordie Benn and Olli Juolevi. Montreal, Edmonton are probably the top 2 Canadian teams for me.
  14. Agree on Stecher. I like him on the 3rd pairing, killing penalties and used against 2nd-4th lines. I consider Tanev #1 and Myers #2. Stecher may be too rich for the 3rd pairing depending on his next contract so it could make sense to look to trade him this year. I have no complains if we re-sign Tanev. A 3rd pairing RD should not be expensive nor hard to find, so we can wait on Woo to be a strong 3rd pairing NHLer on his ELC hopefully.
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