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  1. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    LOL. A pop of 1.4 billion, they can easily find the rare extremes of human variation that will excel at a certain event. They have the political will and money invested in atheletics. You ever wonder why poor and small countries don't win Olympic medals often? Why does US always win ton of medals every time? Better doping or more money and investment? Maybe both. Lance Armstrong was pretty good at it. China win a lot of men's event too. Then you have guys saying they are all doping. Whatever.
  2. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    I think we can all agree that a human being, labeled as gender female, from MN, USA, won the gold in individual all around artistic gymnastics. All the categorizations can go on and on. But since it is the Olympics, a gold for US it is. Hopefully no doping or Marijuana disqualifications.
  3. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    Yeah, that was quite a race. Though beaten by three teams that all broke the world record at the same race is nothing to be ashamed of. Canada set an all time Canadian record too. Something in those waters....
  4. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    US women team is deep. Even when the favorite drops out, they win Gold. Congrats. Her story is neat too. Dad recently fell and is now wheelchair bound.
  5. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    Didn't know that is her brother. He is now a Kracken. We will see a lot of him vs Nux. 6'7 255 lbs.
  6. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    Yes. He got you to the final and he isn't pretending he can play well enough to win in the biggest game. If a player knows it, then respect it. No different if it's a lower body injury. If he can play through it, give it a shot. If not, get the backup in. You have a backup that can give the team a better chance. That is what she did, she tried and got the worst vault score of the games, jeopardizing US of a medal chance. If she wanted to continue anyway, no one will say no to her. If she kept that poor performance, the team will drop out of medal contention. That would be selfish. Peopl
  7. Jaimito

    Tokyo Olympics

    The alternate did get her chance. No one was robbed. The team got into finals because of Biles. Biles judged that they would lose a medal if she kept going in the final. That's a team player.
  8. Not worried at all. Too much media coverage on this. They freed up cap space for them. It will get done. The cornerstone of the franchise for years to come. Think Sedins, Toews/Kane, Crosby/malkin etc.
  9. Need a solid training camp, get the guys to gel as a team. Several guys need to improve like QH, Demko, Hog, and hope OEL can be the top D that they are hoping for. Podz can be another rookie surprise, he was already playing with men in Russia, if I'm not mistaken. More depth now for a full season at all positions. The season is going to be exciting. JB did everything he could. Not everything will work out, but you can't fault him for not trying. AQ opened his wallet and allowed this rebuild.
  10. Sportsnet 650 guest from Winnipeg Jets broadcast said Poolman is a very good skater.
  11. Y, with loss of revenue last year and past blunders, he is willing to spend and fix what is needed. I don't doubt he wants to win badly.
  12. Looking forward to his 100th goal vs Nux, likely on Demko
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