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  1. Looking good for BC. Flattern that curve and get vaccinated.
  2. Safety data on mix AZ/Pfizer or Pfizer/AZ is out. 50+ people, 4 weeks apart. Bottomline, it is safe but slightly more reported reactogenicity symptoms. There is a 12 wk study too, not yet released. The most interesting thing I want to know is the immune response. That data is not yet published, but soon. It may show no change, worse, or better. We will see. At least dont worry about no able to get a second dose, or if you want a different second dose. The immunogenicity data (antibody response, T cell response etc) may help people make a more informed choice in thei
  3. Good vaccination #. BC moving up. Meanwhile in the good old US of A.... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/12/us/ohio-lottery-coronavirus-vaccine.html
  4. They are bascially taking NACI recommendation, assessing the risk vs benefit in the context of of their epidemiology. The increase in reported cases is what changed, in the background of decreasing cases in ON (about 2000 now in ON). The risk for VITT is higher in Norway and Denmark but lower in UK. Canada is in between. We don't know what the risk factors are. It could be genetic background or prior infections, don't know. But they are not pausing AZ in India, with 4000+ deaths and 400,000+ cases daily. Benefit vs risk. I have family member and friends who took it, all withou
  5. You need the second dose for that ability
  6. 665,000 AZ expected in coming weeks. Another 1 million by end of Jun. JT: One dose summer, two dose fall. Target is 75% fully vaccinated by fall. This mother's day my parents were able to have a backyard BBQ with my siblings. All adults had their first dose. It is helping to get back more towards normal. Still need to get community spread down further and get to that 75% min. UK is seeing significant decrease in cases, hospitalization and deaths. They are reopening bars, theaters etc.
  7. Tough job, I wouldn't want to do it. Her counterpart in AB is getting death threats.
  8. The supply has ramped up in May as expected. 2 million per week in Canada of Pfizer in May, and total of 2 million Moderna in May. Watching from abroad, I'm hopeful for Canada with so many people enthusiastic to get the vaccine. At the end of the year, I think Canda will be more vaccinated than US. Then I can fly back to BC and visit my family, and maybe catch a Canucks game in person.
  9. Meanwhile, a real rocket threat. Depends on where you live obviously. Maldives vs Gaza. Anyone won the lottery last weekend?
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